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  • Get the Look: Stylish Outdoor Lighting


    Stylish Outdoor Lighting

    With the arrival of Summer everyone is enjoying more days and nights outdoors. As the weather grows warmer, we’ll be spending the majority of our nights outdoors for casual dinners at home, cocktails parties on the deck or summertime soirees surrounded by friends and family.

    When designing outdoor spaces don’t forget the detail of outdoor lighting. This can extend your time into the evening hours. You wouldn’t want the party to end because you can’t see the person across the table from you.

    I’ve put together a round up of my favorites outdoor lanterns that can work in almost any home.

    Outdoor Lanterns

    1. Franklin Iron Works Iron 17-Inch-H Outdoor Hanging Light 2. Milo Brass 15 1/2-Inch-H Robert Abbey Outdoor Pendant 3. Casa Mirada 19 3/4-Inch-H Franklin Iron Works Outdoor Light 4. Milo Patina Nickel 20-Inch-H Robert Abbey Outdoor Wall Light 5. Hickory Point 17 3/4" High Hanging Outdoor LED Light 6. Oasis Bronze 20 1/2-inch-H Quoizel Hanging Outdoor Light

    Images: Domino Magazine, Brabourne FarmStyle Me Pretty, Stephanie Hogue

  • Design Spotlight: August 2013


    Design Spotlight

    Design Spotlight is our regular monthly post covering modern design + lifestyle topics from around the globe. You'll find everything from design icon biographies to modern art, photography and architectural surprises. And of course modern design!

    +We really can't think of a better way to spend a long weekend than to stay home and avoid freeways. Even better than just staying home is having an awesome BBQ with friends and family. Design Love Fest has the perfect weekend project, a cool picnic blanket. Super easy!

    +Check this out! The rugged and electronicless Vaavud Wind Meter turns your smartphone into a high-tech meteorological tool.

    +Want some cool architecture?... The Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame is a new museum that is configured to interpret athletics as a component of cultural history.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Image: Design Love Fest

  • Work Hard, Rest Easy



    This Labor Day we salute the hard worker in all of us. So relax, have fun, and remember... no wearing white after today.

    Image: Ephemera Assemblyman

  • Minimal Design in Modern Office Spaces


    Minimal Design

    One space that we spend most of our time in, besides our bedroom, is our office space. Whether you work from home or in an actual office, you are spending a minimum of 6 hours in there. That’s a long time to be in one space! For some, the right ambiance isn’t a huge need. But for the rest, it plays a big factor with how one works and functions.

    I know for me, less is more in my office. If it’s filled with clutter, I can’t think or work effectively. That is what inspired me when writing this post. We see in the above image that the owners do not require a lot of stuff. They have a simple desk, office chair, a few chairs for visitors, file cabinet, lighting and of course those giant, amazing windows. That’s all they need in life and I’m pretty sure that’s all I would need if I worked in that space!

    Modern Office Design

    Erin from Apartment 34 has created a light and airy office space with pops of gold and red. This space doesn’t feel abrasive. It seems like it would be an easy task to work hard and get things accomplished in this office.

    Black and White Decor

    Here is another white washed office with accents of wood and metals. I think we are seeing a major trend here with all of the white. It’s like you are working in a blank slate to create and work.

    Chalk Wall

    In this office, we see simple white boxes used for storage. The boxes seamlessly disappear in this neutral, white space. I also love the idea of using a chalkboard to write down list and to do’s, instead of having lots of paper lying around.

    What is your opinion on this minimalist look for an office? Do you dig it?

    Images: Trendenser, Apartment 34, Lotta Agaton, A Merry Mishap

  • PreFab: Montana Ranch Style


    Pre-fab home

    Pre-fab is often thought of as modern and in modern locations such as Malibu, but not often associated with great Western landscapes, ranch-style. Well, this family did it with the help of some great designers and architects.

    Jeanne and Paul Moseley’s pre-fab house opens wide to the great Western landscape of Ruby Valley and five surrounding mountain ranges in Montana. Like any ranch-dwelling family, they camp and fish on a regular basis. 

    “We love this valley and wanted a place that would be playful, with great flow, but in no way fancy,” says Jeanne.

    Modern Deck Design

    The home boasts almost 2,400 square feet of deck, which is obviously used for things like bathing and no doubt lots of entertaining. They added industrial wheels to everything, from sofas to the steel bathtub.

    Modern Kitchen

    The living room’s “sun visor” is not fixed but dynamic. Its slatted wood screen was fitted with a system of exposed tractor parts and hydraulic cylinders from a Caterpillar excavator, which lets it be raised from a vertical mode to a horizontal canopy to temper the sun’s rays.

    Because of the property’s remoteness, transporting construction crews and materials to the site day after day would have taken a heavy financial, not to mention environmental, toll. So the Moseleys chose this awesome prefab approach. We think they did a pretty awesome job!

    Where's your dream home location??

    Images: Sunset

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