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  • Design Ideas for the Contemporary Home Office


    Contemporary home office with lots of storage

    In recent years  it's become more important to create a place in your home that you can devote to a home office. With advances in technology, like Skype and the Cloud for example, it's now easier than ever to telecommute, and more and more people are choosing to work from home.

    Apartment hallway converted into a home office

    If you don't have an entire room you can devote to an office, create a workspace in a corner of a room, like the family or living room.  A corner of a bedroom will work too.  Or turn a transitional space like a hallway into an office as in the photo above.

    Sawhorse desk with adjustable desk lamp

    Task lighting is very important , whether you're in a traditional office environment or at home.  You can find stylish adjustable desk lamps that are both pretty to look at and functional.

    Home office with pink easy chair and brass and glass coffee table

    Add comfortable seating or an additional work surface for when you have meetings.  A banquette, sofa or cozy chair can be a nice break from staring at a computer screen.

    Think out-of-the-box when it comes to lighting in your home office design. Pendant lighting has become very popular in home offices and can be used as both ambient and task lighting.

    Home office with gallery wall and mismatched chairs

    Don't limit yourself to using the traditional idea of a desk chair in your home office.  Try using dining chairs or even some occasional chairs work really well.  Mismatch the chairs to add a dash of personality to a space.

    Keep in mind the fact that you are likely to be spending a lot of time in the space, so our advice is to put a lot of time and thought into the design of your home office so you'll look forward to going to work in the morning, even if it is in your pajamas!

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  • Modern Landscape Lighting Style


    an Eichler with modern landscape lighting

    Eichler with modern landscape lighting.

    This Silicon Valley home designed by architect Joseph Eichler has been dressed up outside by landscape designer Bernard Trainor.

    Between the greenery, concrete stepping stones and  stylish modern outdoor lighting, this home is impressive before you even walk in the door.

    the landscape design features large concrete pavers and modern landscape lighting

    Get this lighting look with modern LED lighting.

    The uniformity of both the ground and the modern outdoor lighting keeps the modern home looking organized and clean. Meanwhile the trees add a whimsical and relaxed vibe.

    You can get this look with modern energy-efficient LED outdoor lighting. Just map out where you want to install the landscape lighting so you can achieve this seamless design.

    two women enjoy the home's outdoor space with the family dog

    Modern exterior design is perfect for a modern family.

    This beautifully designed exterior also makes the home more inhabitable, allowing space for a family to enjoy the outdoors as much as the TV room.

    All images from Dwell

  • Happy July 4th!!


    Patriotic Style Home Decor

    Modern home decor with patriotic colors.

    Everyone here at Euro Style Lighting would like to wish you all a Happy Independence Day a little early, since we don't publish on Saturdays! 

    We enjoy showing our patriotism with colorful wall art, how do you share yours...?

    Have a wonderful and safe long weekend everyone!

  • Elegant and Simple Arc Lamps


    an arc lamp in a living room is simple and elegant

    Floor lamps are both functional and stylish and one style particularly stands out and that is the arc lamp.  It's a classic go-to piece for the modern living room and as been a staple of modern design for over five decades.

    An arc lamp is an easy way to enhance a room's interior design.  It can become a focal point, drawing attention to an area you want to highlight.

    a reading corner with metallic accents and an arc lamp with a shade

    An elegant and simple arched floor lamp is more than just a pretty face; it can provide light where a table lamp can't, and is a great option when a chandelier or pendant light isn't a possibility.

    While chandeliers and pendant lights are more for ambient lighting, arc lamps are especially good for task lighting as you can see in the picture above of a reading corner decked out in metallics.

    They can also act as a space saver when there isn't enough room for a side table with a lamp, and their bases are small enough that they can hide behind large furniture or be backed into a corner.

    an elegant arc lamp over a dining table with a live edge

    Arc lamps aren't just for living rooms - they are also a great way to illuminate a dining area.  We love the combination of the sleek contemporary lamp and modern chairs with the more rustic live-edge dining table.

    a restaurant with pink banquettes and gold arc lamps over each table

    We had to include this groovy 70s restaurant by Warren Platner for its inventive use of arc lamps.  The arc lamps preclude the need for chandeliers, which would have ruined the effect of that show-stopping ceiling.

    The finish on these lamps isn't limited to the chrome in which it was originally designed.  There are versions with shades, multiple lights and different finishes like brass or bronze, which makes them very flexible and easy to incorporate into just about any interior design style. 

    Arc lamps also come in a range of prices so there is no need to break the bank in order to get one into your room.

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  • A Patriotic Color Palette For Your Modern Home


    a soft patriotic color palette for your home

    A soft patriotic color palette for your home

    Happy July 1st everyone! Independence day is just around the corner... Let's talk about how to apply a patriotic spin on your interior design without hanging a flag on your wall.

    You can include patriotic colors in your home and you don't have to use the traditional red, white and blue. Try softening it up a bit, like this great palette idea above.

    living room with teal accent wall and bold blue chair

    Minimal design with red,white and blue.

    The modern living room above does a great job of using a patriotic color palette without throwing it in your face, or being too thematic.

    You can subtly mix the colors together in a rug and then choose a bold blue chair for this same look. Notice how  sleek contemporary floor lamps have the ability to upgrade any color palette!

    A fun contemporary kitchen with a modified patriotic color palette

    Red, white and blue kitchen design.

    Take a cue from this cool kitchen design and go bold with your tile. This design above had lots of fun with their color scheme, mixing up different shades of blue, while using a more orangey red.

    The most important thing is to have fun with your color palette and plan out its execution before you begin the design.

    Images from Pixel Frau, French by Design, Dwell

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