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  • Style Ideas For Small Balconies


    Small Balcony Style Ideas

    Inspiration for small balcony style

    Wishing you had more space for entertaining or peaceful personal time this Summer? You don't need more space, just style! Here's some fun style ideas for small balconies...

    Load up on fun textiles (suitable for outdoors)

    Adding textiles will add personality to even the smallest spaces. Also, exterior light fixtures are great for providing small design details, as well as functionality.

    Party Lights For Small Balconies

    Try adding style to your balcony with party lights

    This place above also does a great job with textiles, including a fun outdoor rug, but don't forget the power of party lights. A simple string of lights can transform your small balcony into a party space.

    Small Balcony Style With Color

    Color is the solution to every design problem

    Try using whatever space you do have for a little outdoor furniture. It will go a long way in adding a living space aesthetic to your small balcony.

    When all else fails, turn to color... Lots of color is the solution to every design problem, even small spaces.

    I hope these style ideas have inspired you to create stylish small balconies in your own home -- just because they are small doesn't mean that they can't be loaded with style!

    Images from Stylish Eve, Soffa Magazine, Home My Design

  • Culver Studios' Office Remodel


    When it came time for an office remodel , Culver Studios, the studio behind films like Gone with the Wind, Rocky, Carrie, King Kong and ET, approached Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of LIFE.STYLE.

    “The goal behind the redesign of The Culver Studios’ offices was to remind people where they were and of what had been accomplished in this space, but doing it more subtly than with movie posters. We wanted to be creative in how we reminded people of their hard work.” – Shannon Wollack

     Culver Studios' Office Remodel
    When you enter the space, you are greeted by an exaggerated faceted wall of light wood with copper accents.
    The idea of faceted and geometric shapes is carried through the rest of the design.

     Faceted Wood Design Element with Copper Accents

    Copper accents (copper is a big trend in 2015) can be spotted through the office space’s design, like on the legs of the director’s chairs in the image above.  The side table is a custom piece and is made from a stack of old scripts with a lucite top.

     The office Remodel Includes a Newly Designed Modern Kitchenette

     A Hexagonal Copper Backsplash Dominates the Kitchenette Design
    How much do you love the copper hexagon tile backsplash!? The copper finish on the inside of the pendants carries the use of copper through the rest of the kitchen.

     A Neon Lit Piece of Wall Art
    “Green Light” of course references the signal that means “go” on a traffic light, but in film-speak it means that a project’s financing has been approved and the movie can move forward from development to pre-production and principal photography. In this case, it’s a piece of wall art with a whole lot of meaning.

     The Office's Conference Room Makes Creative Use of Old Scripts and Production Stills

    The main conference room’s walls are lined with old movie and TV scripts and production stills attached with binder clips.

     The Culver Studios' Office Remodel Includes Wall Murals Painted by Well-Known Street Artists

    The designers commissioned street artist Good and Shiddy to paint a mural with Culver Studio’s movie characters likeScarlet O'Hara, Batman and King Kong.

     Sean Sullivan was Commissioned to Draw a Mural of a Production Trailer on the Wall

    Wall Mural Drawn in Sharpie by Artist  Sean Sullivan

    Sean Sullivan, who can wield a mean Sharpie, was brought on to draw a mural of a trailer on set filled with different props and costumes from various Culver Studios productions. The mural took a whopping 600 (!!) hours to complete.

    Studies show that employee productivity is increased in aesthetically pleasing environments, so I think this office remodel hit it out of the park.

     Get the Look Seen in Culver Studios' Office Remodel

    (1) Set of 2 White Side Chairs (2) Black Teardrop LED Mini Pendant Light (3) Ivory and Chrome Club Chair (4) Lugano Low Back White Office Armchair (5) Decumani Ivory and Chrome Club Chair

    Image Sources: 1st Image: MyDomaine, photo by Diana Relth 2nd image: 1st Image: MyDomaine, photo by Diana Relth 3rd image: MyDomaine, photo by Diana Relth 4th image:  MyDomaine, photo by Diana Relth 5th image: Hollywood Reporter, photo by Diana Relth 6th image:  Hollywood Reporter, photo by Diana Relth 7th image: MyDomaine, photo by Diana Relth 8th image: Hollywood Reporter, photo by Diana Relth 9th image: Hollywood Reporter, photo by Diana Relth 

  • Happy Memorial Day 2015!


    Memorial Day

    While long weekends are awesome, we can't forget what we're celebrating... Happy Memorial Day everyone!

    From the Euro Style Lighting team. xo

    Image from CVS Flags

  • Modern Barstools For Memorial Day Entertaining


    Modern Barstools For Memorial Day Entertaining

    Home entertaining with modern barstools.

    As you all know, Monday is Memorial Day, which usually means staying home, relaxing and most likely doing some entertaining. 

    While the style of home entertainment on this holiday is usually casual, there are still some home design elements you'll want, such as extra seating.

    Barstools are a great way to provide extra seating around the most social space in the house. Let's look at some fun options...

    White Chrome Barstool

    White Chrome Barstool

    Modern Kitchen Design With Rustic Barstools

    Modern kitchen design with rustic barstool style.

    There's so many different styles of barstools out there that can provide tons of extra seating without taking too much extra space.

    If you're going for a more rustic look, try something like these below. The kitchen design above is great because of the contrast between modern and rustic. Don't ever shy away from the unpredictable choice. 

    Gunmetal Barstools

    Gunmetal Barstools

    Modern Kitchen With Adjustable Barstool

    Sleek modern barstools in designer kitchen.

    This barstool style above is the ultimate in style and space saving.

    Try selecting one that also gives you the option of height adjustment, that way you don't have to worry as much about the different counter heights.

    Adjustable Black Barstool

    Adjustable Black Barstool

    Classic Kitchen Design With Wood Barstool

    Modern rustic kitchen design with classic barstool style.

    Are all of the options above too modern for you? Don't worry, a classic barstool style works perfectly well in a modern home as well.

    You can never go wrong with a classic, especially when it has a little modern edge.

    Adjustable Bamboo Barstool

    Adjustable Bamboo Barstool

    Don't forget, it might get warm around this time of year and contemporary ceiling fans are a great option to keep cool.

    Images from Lonny Magazine, Shake My Blog, Refinery29, Planete Deco

  • Backyard Living Ideas - Outdoor Fire Pits


     Backyard Living Ideas - Outdoor Fire Pits

    Outdoor living isn't just about a grill and a table and chairs anymore. Outdoor fire pits are gaining popularity and enhance your outdoor living experience. These days people have full-on outdoor kitchens and fully appointed outdoor living rooms and many outdoor spaces now include fire pits.

     Table Height Fire Pit in Outdoor Seating Area
    A fire pit can easily become the go-to spot for family and friends and are perfect for a lively fireside chat or a place to stay warm on chilly summer nights.

    This urban garden's seating area is the perfect place to kick back and catch up, and the fire pit is the right height to be used as a table when not lit.

     Built-In Concrete Banquette with Decorative Outdoor Pillows and Outdoor Fire Pit
    Some homes even have separate seating areas for fire pits and include built-in benches/banquettes (a perfect opportunity to accessorize with decorative outdoor pillows.)

     Outdoor Seating Area with Fountain and Fire Pit and Paper Lanterns in Trees

    Adding an outdoor fire pit can extend your outdoor living season, starting in the spring and go until fall (or later, depending on your climate.)  

    Adding outdoor fountains will provide the peaceful sound of trickling water while you watch the flames licking up from your fire pit. I love the festive touch of paper lanterns in the trees above the seating area.

     Cozy Outdoor Sitting Area with Copper Fire Pit, Party Lights and Decorative Lanterns

    String lights are a great addition to this outdoor seating area with a wood-burning fire pit.  The addition of decorative lanterns adds to the cozy ambiance.

    Some outdoor fire pits are great for toasting marshmallows, others are just pretty to look at, but all will help keep you toasty on cool spring/summer nights.

    Here are some great outdoor fire pits to consider when you're ready to add one to the mix:

     A Selection of Fire Pits from Euro Style Lighting

    1. Round Crystal Outdoor Fire Pit 2. Drop-In Tile Outdoor Fire Pit Table 3. Tereno Stucco Outdoor Fire Pit 4. Round Chat Fire Pit Table with Granite Top 5. Real Flame Gray Burning Fire Pit 6. Black Steel Basket Fire Pit

    Image Sources: 1st image: True North Architects 2nd image: Arterra Landscape Architects, photo by Michele Lee Wilson Photography 3rd image: Design Vidal, photo by Marcia Prentice 4th image: MTLA - Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture 5th imageDesign by Misha

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