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  • Modern Swedish Suburb


    Modern Suburb

    Image from Dwell

    We guarantee the Swedish prefab specialists Smedshammar + Holmberg will have you looking at suburbs in a whole new way! Their mission is to free people from the boring suburbs and redeem the reputation of architects in Sweden.

    Holmberg explains the difference between the way suburbs have been designed in the past and the way they design their smart homes, "It’s an old technique—the construction industry hasn’t caught up with other manufacturing industries. You wouldn’t build a car piece by piece today, out in the open and exposed to all the elements, so why build a house that way? If architects are smart, they’ll focus on getting construction companies to invest in new techniques."

    We say, kudos! Bring on the well-designed suburb so others can follow and we can furnish with modern lighting and furniture....

    Image: Dwell

  • Pastel Paradise For Your Modern Home


    Modern Home

    Are sad that Summer is almost over? You can hold on to Summertime year-round with pastel interior design.

    There's no reason the calming, laid-back feeling of those sunny Summer months can't exist in your home throughout the rest of the year. It's all in the color palette you choose.

    Modern table lamps are a great opportunity to create a color palette, not to mention modern furniture for the living spaces and bedrooms.

    Home Furnishings

    1. Every home needs a retro wall clock, this pastel yellow one is perfect.

    2. Modern chandeliers don't have to be black or white, this pastel blue chandelier is super fun.

    3. The pale wood finish pairs perfectly with pastel purple on this modern table lamp.

    4. Color is not the only fun part of this green accent chair, the form is pretty cool too.

    5. If you're scared to make a big purchase in a fun color, don't be. This pale blue sofa will work with so many colors.

    6. Want to start small, try this little purple accent pillow.

    7. Create a soft palette in your bedroom with this pastel pink headboard.

    8. In fact, this pale yellow table lamp would look perfect on either side of this bed.

    Image: Seventy Nine Ideas

  • Modern Style Dogs


    Dog Style

    Image from JP Warren Interiors

    Happy Friday everyone! We know how much you love modern design, and we can only imagine that you love dogs as much as we do. So, we decided to share a combination of both today!

    We're a little blown away by this cool living room, with its unique lighting and rad furniture. But check out that pup! You can just tell, the sofa is his and the owners better find other seating.

    Modern Living Room

    Image from Gaile Guevara

    This pretty pup goes perfectly with the neutral, modern home in Canada. And he knows better than to get on those white sofas! We just love the mix of woods, whites and neutrals here.

    Modern Living Room

    Image from Christian May

    Who's going to Palm Springs this weekend?! That's where this cool pad is located. This pup is allowed on the furniture, but at least he's a tiny guy.

    Modern Wall Art

    Image from Design Manifest

    If you want a dog, but maybe you can't have one because you rent, then don't worry. There's plenty of ways to incorporate cute animals into your decor, like with wall art and printed accent pillows.

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Ruff, ruff!

    Images: JP Warren Interiors, Gaile Guevara, Christian May, Design Manifest

  • Squeezing Storage From Small Spaces


    Small Space Storage Ideas

    Image from Apartment Therapy

    Storage and organization shouldn't be mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, when space is at a premium (we're looking at you studio apartment, loft, dorm, starter home) the key to maximizing space is finding storage in places where it wasn't before. Here are a few tips:

    Console Style

    Console Table Small Space

    Image from Style at Home

    Placed along the hall, behind the sofa or as a shallow desk in tight spaces, console tables with drawers are a perfect receptacle for unsightly clutter. Keep it simple by designating a specific purpose for each drawer...and stick to the system. 

    Think Lofty (with Shelves)

    High Shelving

    Image from April & May Studio

    High shelves are an absolute must above fridges, bathroom vanities, doorways and in closets. By extending your shelving to the ceiling, you'll gain critical storage space for those seldom used items around the house.

    Have a Few Hangups  

    Modern Hanging Pendant Lights

    Troy Hanger Old Silver with Aged Brass Pendant, Possini Euro Design White Flower Acrylic Pendant Chandelier, Raindrop Glass Chrome Mini Pendant Light

    Maximize what floor and surface space you have by getting rid of table and floor lamps and replace them with hanging pendant lights (such as the one in the room pictured at the top of this post). There are tons of looks, from antiqued industrial to sleek contemporary glass designs on the market these days.

    Okay, we admit, this last one wasn't necessarily a storage tip, but it's a space-saver nonetheless.

    Images: Apartment Therapy, Style at Home, April & May Studio

  • Modern Office Blueprint


    Modern Office

    You've probably heard it a million times, but the way you design your office space really does have an impact on how you work. You decide whether it's a positive or negative impact by how functional and how much the style agrees with your personality.

    We decided to help you out and feature one office that we think is pretty cool, and in case you agree, we're providing a little blueprint so you can get a similar look at your home.

    The designer used space very well, while at the same time keeping the design minimal, and uncluttered. For example, instead of using up desk space for a task lamp, hanging pendant lights are a great option. Consequently, the modern desk has a good amount of surface space, plus storage!

    Office Furnishings

    This white pendant light is the perfect addition to any modern space where you want to save surface area.

    Flowers brighten the vibe in any room, and bonus these are faux so no stress involved!

    This desk is sturdy, modern and best of all, it has lots of storage so the surface can stay clean.

    You don't need to choose an office chair if you want something a little more stylish, this dining room chair would work perfectly and look great too.

    Remember to keep a picture frame with the ones you love nearby to help motivate your work.

    Image: Est Magazine

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