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  • Tips For Styling An Easy Modern Beach Home


    Modern Beach Home

    Image from A Beach Cottage

    I'm here to tell you that you can turn any home into a stylishly modern beach home. Even if you live nowhere near the beach, it's easy to give any home a contemporary coastal aesthetic by employing a few simple tips.

    Design Tips

    1. Use a coastal color palette. From sea-glass hues like on this Montego Bay Glass Table Lamp to beachy blues and splashes of coral--incorporating these fresh colors into your modern accessories and contemporary furnishings will make your home feel casual and breezy.

    2. Incorporate shells and corals in different forms--like the Seaside Crystal Wall Sconce and the Modern White Coral Table Lamp-- to mimic the textures of the beach.

    Home Furnishings

    3. Hang coastal style wall art, like this Paradise Beach Canvas to bring in the million dollar view.

    4. Use natural elements such as wood and canvas, like on this Stewart Wood Club Chair to usher in the natural vibe of the beach.

    Try one or all of these tips and you will be feeling that ocean breeze in no time!!

    Image: A Beach Cottage

  • Designing Your Home With Purple


    Purple Decor

    Image from Happy Mundane

    Pantone has us hooked on the color purple, radiant orchid and everything in between. If you're wondering how to incorporate the color purple into your modern home without making it look like the kids room or perhaps too feminine, we have some great inspiration photos to share with you!

    This vintage modern dining room above features wall art, or rather map art, to incorporate different shades of pink and purple. This worldly aesthetic helps keep the purple less feminine and more decorative. The pale blue pendants add a softness to the palette, but you could also incorporate some purple pendants

    Kitchen Design

    Image from House to Home

    If you're lucky enough to plan your home design from scratch and risky enough to add color within the architecture of your home, then we suggest taking a cue from this cool kitchen above and adding lacquered purple for the cabinets. It's dark enough to maintain a handsome appeal, but purple enough to show some personality.

    Interior Design

    Images from Living Exclusive, Pretty Pics Delightful Tips

    There's a million ways to add the color purple to any room of the house, whether it be in the architecture, furniture or simply a colorful area rug. The key is to have fun with color and use as much or as little as you want.

    Happy weekend everyone!

    Images: Happy Mundane, House to Home, Living Exclusive, Pretty Pics Delightful Tips

  • Kitchen Seating For The Heart of Your Modern Home


    Kitchen Seating Design

    They say the heart of the home is the kitchen, and I couldn’t agree more. The kitchen is where everyone gathers whether it be to share a meal, hold a meeting or simply have a conversation and coffee.

    So when thinking about your modern kitchen design, something to always consider is plenty of comfortable and stylish seating.

    Colorful Kitchen Design

    From the breakfast bar to the dining table, the seating in your kitchen without question will receive the most use. So when deciding what to purchase, always consider comfort and style. Most importantly is it practical? But also, does it work well aesthetically? 

    You may be in love with an overstuffed fabric chair for your kitchen nook but if it doesn’t fit it’s going to become nothing but a nuisance. Trust me, I speak from personal experience.

    I’ve rounded up some of my favorite seating options from Euro Style Lighting to outfit your kitchen area and help keep it the most loved room in the house.

    Kitchen Seating

    Wire Chrome Modern Barstools: I like to infuse modern, simple chairs into a more traditional kitchen to mix up the vibe.

    White Plastic Side Chairs: These are my favorite modern chairs that look good in any because when you get tired of them in your kitchen they can easily transition to your office, living room or bedroom.

    Union Square Chairs: This is a classic chair perfect for any bright white kitchen and also provides a French bistro inspired aesthetic.

    Wishbone Side Chair: A Danish style design is perfect for a modern and masculine area.

    Steel Barstools: This industrial barstool is available in various colors and will help to provide that much needed pop of color. 

    Metal Barstool: Sleek and modern barstools won’t take up much space and you can find some at fabulous price points.

    Images: Refinery 29, Italian Elle Decor

  • Table Lamps Make a Design Statement


    Table Lamp Ideas

    Image from Free Sharing

    Oh table lamps. One of my favorite ways to dress up a room. You might laugh, but I really do love picking out a great new table lamp for a space. They add a surprising amount of character to a room, or at least they can if you don’t choose a boring one! Even if you feel like your room is busy enough, I promise there is a unique table lamp out there waiting for you to bring it home and really make a statement.

    In addition to the aesthetic they can add to your home, table lamps are also (and obviously) very useful! They are so much better than overhead lighting when you want to make your home feel inviting and cozy. They are also great for having at the end of the couch or next to an arm chair for easy lighting for reading. You can mix and match lamp shades to change things up a bit if you ever get a little bored with it too.

    In this room above, the colors are bright and fresh and there are a few fun patterns and shapes, but those lamps really make a statement, don’t you think? I love them!

    Table Lamps

    I bet you’re wondering “where can I find a table lamp that will make a statement?” Well, here are three options to start with from Euro Style Lighting:

    The jade table lamp has a fantastic and fun shape and you really can’t beat that color. So bright and beautiful. A definite show stopper in any living room.

    The modern metal table lamp is a great way to bring some art into the space. Doesn’t it look like a little sculpture? I love it.

    And last but not least, the cylinder table lamp. I love the idea of having this lamp and filling it with fun and festive things every season. For summer, maybe some shells, sand or some mini beach balls? And for fall some leaves, or acorns? Or you could go really fun and fill it with feather boas or glitter. Whatever you choose to put inside it, it is sure to make a statement.

    All three of these lamps would make a statement so take your pick.

    Image: Free Sharing

  • Modern Outdoor Patio Style


    Outdoor Patio Style

    Image from Justina Blakeney

    We like looking to some of our very own blog contributors for cool style. Justina Blakeney has successfully created a modern outdoor patio and we want to steal her style!

    Outdoor Plants

    Image from Justina Blakeney

    Summer weather may cause you to want to spend more time outside, but if you don't have a beautiful space to do it in, you may not get out as much as you should.

    Taking a cue from Justina, we suggest lots of color, botanicals and fun outdoor seating so you can invite all your friends and family to enjoy the space as well...

    Outdoor Shelving

    Image from Justina Blakeney

    In addition to adding lots of potted plants, maybe you can also arrange them creatively, like this distinctive outdoor shelving idea above.

    Here's some cool product ideas from Euro Style Lighting so you can have an outdoor patio with style like Justina's


    Suzani Round PillowZuo Modern White S-ChairsTeal Square Accent PillowCeramic Antelope HeadRuffled Edging Turquoise VaseFlower Round Wall Art MirrorStainless Oval Tub

    Images: Justina Blakeney

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