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  • Contemporary Floor Lamps Are The New Black


    Contemporary Floor Lamps Are The New Black

    Image from My Paradissi

    Contemporary floor lamps are the new black.

    Just in case you were wondering, yes you can put a floor lamp anywhere in the home and it works.

    As you can see, this includes the dining room and the bathroom! Whether you need light or style, contemporary floor lamps can and should be your answer.

    Sometimes, the unexpected detail can be the 'wow' factor. Since a pendant or chandelier might be the go-to lighting option in a dining room, try mixing it up by selecting a floor lamp for the dining room and a small crystal chandelier for your favorite reading corner.

    Contemporary Floor Lamps Look Great Even In A Bathroom

    Image from Lave Laundry

    Contemporary floor lamps look great even near a bathtub.

    There are lots of different styles to achieve that unexpected look you're going for... You can choose a traditional style floor lamp or trying something with an industrial edge, like a task lamp.

    Here's some ideas to get you started....

    Contemporary Floor Lamps From Euro Style Lighting

    Weber Chrome Adjustable Pharmacy Task Floor LampTamber Rust Adjustable Pharmacy Floor LampLaguna Brushed Steel with Black Shade Floor Lamp

  • Decorate Your Office With LED Desk Lamps


    Decorate Your Office With LED Desk Lamps

    Image from Melanie Biehle

    Decorating your office with LED desk lamps is a stylish way to add function.

    So what's your work style? Do you get to work from home? Whether it's a tiny space or a large loft style studio, your office should reflect your personality and most importantly be comfortable and functional for you.

    Two of the most important elements required for making your space functional are good lighting and good seating. We suggest LED desk lamps so you're able to work efficient while saving energy and a comfortable task chair so you can last long hours!

    Office Style With Designer Desk Lamps

    Image from Ultralinx

    Office style with designer desk lamps.

    If you have the space, a separate table for laying out projects and meeting with co-workers or clients is very useful. Especially, if you select a stylish modern dining table for your conference table.

    Maintaining your personal style is an important element for promoting work productivity. The more comfortable you feel, the better work you'll produce.

    Loft Style Office Space With Task Lighting

    Image from Abduzeedo

    Loft style office space with task lighting.

    Great task lighting is important as I mentioned before, but also the more natural light you can provide in your office space, the better. It's great form of energy that will directly result in work productivity!

    Small Space Office Design

    Image from Love Chic Living

    Small space office design.

    One of my favorite decorative elements, that's also extremely useful, is great shelving. Books are the best way to display your personality and they look so much better organized on shelves than all over the floor.

    Hope you're all having a productive work week!

  • Concrete Architecture in Japan


    Concrete Architecture in Japan

    Beautiful concrete architecture in the Japanese landscape.

    While concrete as a material is known to be cold and simplistic, when you turn it into beautiful architecture it can take on a life of its own!

    This combination house / library was built in the South Korean countryside, designed by Seoul-based Studio GAON.

    Concrete Architecture

    Modern concrete architecture with a view.

    The couple wanted the house to be small and cozy, but they wanted the library spacious and high. With high ceilings track lighting plays a large role in the design of this home, keeping the home functional, clean and well lit.

    The use of wood in the interior definitely warms up the aesthetic of this home, especially considering the exterior.

    Modern Interior Design

    Modern design studio and library.

    We have no doubt work gets done in this library and a fun life is lived in the rest of the home. Good design typically leads to a better life, in our opinion....

    Images: Dezeen

  • Interior Design Duo: Chairs and Pendants


    Modern Chairs And Pendants

    Image from hoo

    Hong Kong Residence juxtaposes modern chairs and pendants.

    Dinner chair, meet the pendant.

    An often overlooked one-two punch in good residential design, dining room chairs and hanging pendant lights can combine beautifully to create a contemporary, cosmopolitan vibe. Of course, this isn't something I figured out on my own.

    Bright Green Chairs

    Image from hoo

    Bright green chairs and muted modern pendants add an expression of personality.

    I'm a big fan of the work of YC Chen, founder of the design Hong Kong based interior design firm hoo. And in recently trying to decipher what it is in particular that I love about his work, I noticed a repeating theme of clustered pendant lights and beautiful chairs in dining areas. 

    Clustered Crystal Pendants

    Image from hoo

    Clustered crystal pendants and French inspired chairs.

    The decorating trick at play here is the juxtaposition of colors, materials and shapes in a way that speaks to an individual occupant's unique style sense. 

    Unique Pendant Lighting

    Image from hoo

    Unique colors and modern lines are key to Vicky's home design.

    Pendant lights are available in tons of styles, perfect for creating personalized design combinations:

    Modern Pendant Lighting

    Amber Jas Monopoint Mini Pendant Chandelier, Possini Euro Cucurbita Gold Pendant Light, Jamie Young Curved Cut Clear Glass Pendant

    With so many design options to consider, the only question remaining is how will you mix and match to create your unique look? 

  • Stylish Storage Ideas For Cooler Temperatures


    Stylish Storage Ideas For Cooler Temperatures

    Image from Homedit

    Stylish storage ideas for firewood during cooler temperatures.

    The big question that pops up during the cooler months is firewood storage, right?! How do you keep firewood accessible without interrupting your modern decor style? Luckily, there's lots of cool inspiration out there for this exact design question.

    Nothing warms up a reading corner like firewood storage. The rustic texture of firewood pairs perfectly with modern furniture. Just place your favorite modern floor lamp next to your favorite chair and grab a book.

    All White Home Style With Firewood Decor

    Image from Homedit

    All white home design with firewood decor.

    You don't have to create space for ALL of your firewood, just a small pile will provide enough for an evening and won't take too much space, like this eclectic home below.

    And if you don't have a fireplace, but just enjoy the warmth of textured wood as decor, we won't tell anyone.

    Modern Eclectic Decor With Firewood Storage

    Image from Mr. Kate

    Modern eclectic decor with firewood storage.

    You can casually pile firewood, or create built-in shelving for a more organized look.

    Bonus, when you're not storing firewood in the cooler months, you can easily fill the shelving with decor, modern picture frames and lots of books.

    Firewood Storage Ideas For A Modern Home

    Images from SF GirlbyBay and Expressen

    Firewood storage ideas for a modern home.

    We apologize for not suggesting ways to find a cute dog to protect your firewood. Maybe try your nearest animal shelter...

    Cheers to cozy fireplaces all season long!....

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