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  • Dress Up Your Home With a Fabulous Chandelier


    Fabulous Chandelier

    Walking into a room to see an elegant yet modern chandelier displayed is always refreshing and pleasing to the eye. I love pairing simple furniture with flashy lighting. It’s a fun juxtaposition that offers a lot of depth. It also allows the eye to focus directly on the light and makes it a nice focal point.

    Crystal chandeliers are classy and timeless. Above we see a crystal chandelier in a very streamlined space. I can only imagine how the light hits the crystals while the sun is shining.

    Dining Room Design

    This eclectic chandelier compliments the serene space. Gold and white are a perfect pair. Also, the shape creates a grand space. Rectangular chandeliers are also a fun option for a space like this.

    Modern Dining Room

    Most of the time, we see a chandelier hung low over the space. To create a room that looks taller, try hanging the chandelier higher. It gives the illusion that your ceilings are higher.

    Organic Dining Design

    Sometimes the bigger the chandelier, the better. If you want to wow your guests, go large and low. This is a unique space because of the tones being so soft and similar. The texture of the chandelier is what makes it pop.

    Images: Daily Dream Decor, Desire To Inspire, FotografSZ Interiors

  • Mirror Magic: Aqua Tower Chicago


    Aqua Tower Chicago

    Photography by Robert L. Segal via Mimoa

    Imagine a row of puddles on the ground after a rainfall. Now imagine that scene, rendered vertically in stone, steel and mirror glass, at a height of nearly 1000 feet.

    Meet the recently-opened Aqua Tower luxury apartments in Chicago.

    Aqua Modern Architecture

    Image from Asian Hospitality

    Studio Gang architects, the masterminds behind Aqua, created the building's puddle-like effect by stacking an undulating series of terrace projections on top of one another. Where the terraces recede, the sky blue reflection off the mirror-like windows comes to the fore, looking strikingly like water.

    We love the optical trick. And it reminds us how simple design conceits - such as fluctuations in pattern, relief and reflection - play into many of our most innovative contemporary mirror designs:

    Contemporary Wall MirrorsClockwise from top left: Roxie Graphite 30-Inch Round Cyan Design Mirror, Valaparaiso Contemporary Glass 42-Inch-High Mirror, Diam Swirl Silver Wood 31 1/2-Inch Round Mirror, Princeton Glass Rectangular 50-Inch-High Mirror

    Be it a contemporary wall mirror or a new residential tower, simple sculptural elements can combine to create good design. At 82 stories, Aqua is definitely high design in the city that has long set the standard. Best of all, with a hotel occupying the first 19 floors, it's possible to experience Aqua for a night or two when you're next in town.

    Images: Mimoa, Asian Hospitality

  • Light it Up with Modern Wall Sconces


    Modern Lighting

    Image from My Plum Designs

    As I always say, lighting is one of the most important elements in a room, because it lights up the space and draws attention to the details and design you've worked so hard to create. Wall sconces are a great way to bring accent lighting into a space, and they're often times forgotten in the realm of lighting.

    Did you know that sconces with uplighting in a bathroom (hung right about the middle of the mirror) is the most flattering light to put your makeup on in? It's true! Good lighting in a bathroom makes a world of difference in your morning routine.

    Bathroom Design

    Image from Amy's Casablanca

    Today I've rounded up some stylish wall sconces. Whether you're looking to add an accent light in an entryway, hallway, living room (flanking the fireplace would be beautiful!) or in your bathroom, there are endless options.

    From rustic to contemporary to modern and classic, you're sure to find one that fits the task and style of your space.

    Modern Wall Sconces

    1. I love the nickel finish on this Possini Euro Wall Sconce. It's classic and chic.

    2. This Barn Wall Urban Bronze Wall Sconce is perfect for an industrial or rustic look.

    3. If you're looking for something a bit more industrial (as opposed to rustic), this John Timberland Bronze Metal Wall Light will do the trick!

    4. This contemporary Textured Fabric Shade Wall Sconce would be a great addition to your bathroom, as sconces hung at the middle of the wall, really are the best form of lighting in a bathroom.

    5. Add a little Hollywood glam with the Quoizel Millennium Gallery Gold Sconce.

    6. Who doesn't love a touch of gold?! Hang these in your living room or hallways for an elegant and updated look.

    Images: My Plum Designs, Amy's Casablanca

  • Design Trend: Chevron Pattern


    Design Trend

    Image from 6th Street Design School

    I have been a long time fan of the chevron pattern trend. I just can’t seem to kick my love for it! I have had a chevron rug in my living room for years and I still love it as much today as I did when I bought it. Chevron is awesome because it's in the stripe family but has a bit more fun to it than your common stripe might have.

    Of course, you wouldn't want to have too much chevron in one space, that would be a bit overwhelming, right? I suggest having one great chevron piece for your room. I guarantee the chevron pattern will draw the eye and bring on the compliments from your friends and family.

    This room is my inspiration room for the chevron look. Pretty much it’s just the rug that has chevron, like in my house. Do you see how your eye is drawn to the rug? It’s a great fun pattern that brings the whole space together!

    Chevron Pattern Furnishings

    To incorporate design trend into your own home, here are a few favorite ways to do it.

    This Robert Abbey Table Lamp instantly made me think of a fun nursery. Wouldn’t it make a great light in your little one’s room? I love the navy color against the white. The Edna Modern Yellow Ottoman would be a fantastic option for extra seating or a cozy place to put your feet up. The yellow chevron stripes are perfect. So sunny and cheery! And last but not least, the Bardot Charcoal Chevron Pillows. These might be my favorite. They have a little bit of an ikat or watercolor look to them which makes them awesome. I love the charcoal color. It would look great in just about any room in your house!

    Image: 6th Street Design School

  • Superstar Lineup in Modern Lighting


    Ellen DeGeneres

    Did you all watch the Oscar's last night? Who was your fave celeb? We thought Brad + Angelina were stunning.

    In honor of Ellen's Twitter-breaking selfie, we decided to round up our own pack of superstars....

    Modern Lighting

    Cyan Bella Red Chianti Glass 36-Inch-H ChandelierColor + Plus Clear Fillable 30-Inch-H Table LampEmbroidered Peacock Brushed Steel 16-Inch-W Swag ChandelierAntique Gold Jeweled Round 35 1/4-Inch Wall MirrorQuantum Golden Shadow Rectangle Crystal ChandelierVan Teal Run Around Black Shade Chrome 38-Inch-H Table LampBrushed Steel Bold Black Stripe Pendant Chandelier

    We love all the celebs of course, but we also love the black, white, gold and just a pop of red that became the color palette of a record-breaking 2,000,000+ re-Tweeted image.

    What was your favorite part of the show...?

    Image: Ellen DeGeneres

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