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  • Ultra Modern Home Design


    Home Design

    Image from House to Home

    One of my favorite home design trends is ultra modern. At least, that’s what I call it. I love the clean lines and fresh designs that often accompany the modern trend. And more often than not, white is the dominant color. Which I love! It makes the room feel clean and airy and even bigger than it might actually be.

    My ideal living room would be mostly white with pops of black and bright colors. Just the thought of that makes me happy! This room inspiration above is super modern. There isn’t a whole lot of color involved in the decorating, but all of the modern clean lined furniture is the perfect example for what this design trend has to offer.

    It’s minimal without feeling like an insane asylum. There is nothing worse than a cluttered room (at least to me!) and this is the opposite of that.

    Modern Home Furnishings

    These days it really isn’t hard to find modern pieces to add to your space and make it feel ultra modern. It’s a really popular trend in furniture stores. The problem is selecting the best pieces for your space. You don’t want to collect too many different pieces that might clash. Think simple and clean and you’ll be fine.

    1. I love this Brosna Contemporary Bookcase! Its fun, clean and super modern. The white will really make your books or designer accents pop too. May I suggest putting your books in order by color? That would look incredible on this shelf.

    2. The Teresa High Gloss White Stainless Side Table is a perfect table for being useful but not taking up too much space visually. I love the contrast of the metal frame with the simple white top. It would look great in most spaces!

    3. This Asymmetry Possini Euro Table Lamp would be a great sculptural piece to have in your home. The metal base is so cool and different! I would put it in my office for some late-night working.

    Image: House to Home

  • Design Bloggers Recap Design Week in Stockholm


    Design Week Stockholm

    Image from Door Sixteen

    One design event that we wish we could have attended was Design Week in Stockholm, Sweden. Luckily, bloggers are invited to report back and we'd like to share their recaps with you.

    If you are able to attend events like these lucky bloggers, design events are great for getting inspired, learning about new designers or new projects that the experienced designers are working on. You also meet lots of creative people doing exciting things...

    Design Event Recap

    Image from Door Sixteen

    Anna Dorfman from Door Sixteen has a great eye and took beautiful photography, not only of the design event, but of Sweden as well. Head to her blog for more than one blog post about Stockholm Design Week.

    Blogger Apartment

    Image from Vosgesparis

    Blogger Vosgesparis has organized Design blog tours and in every country they visit, they work with different brands doing exciting things. In Stockholm they put together the Blogger Apartment. They were given an amazing space which they furnished with appliances, furniture and accessories from our sponsors.... Head to her blog for more and a few posts on the event as well.

    Design Milk Event Recap

    Image from Design Milk

    KatieTreggiden reported from Stockholm for Design Milk and she not only recapped her experiences, both in Sweden and at the design event, but she also had the opportunity to interview some of the designers.

    Be sure to stay tuned for a recap of Modernism Week going on this weekend in Palm Springs....

    Images: Door Sixteen, Vosgesparis, Design Milk

  • Report from KBIS: What's New in Bathroom Lighting


    new bathroom lighting

    Image from Adorable Home

    America's largest trade show for the kitchen and bath industry, KBIS in Las Vegas, recently wrapped, and with that we'd like to give you an insider look at what's new in bathroom lighting:

    Eclecticism is back and nothing says fun and fabulous quite like a traditional chandelier in a modern bathroom:

    Chandelier in Bathroom

    Image from Apartment Therapy

    Pendant lights offer an updated take on the chandelier, pictured at the top of this post and in this bathroom below featuring a retro-modern glass pendant with Edison bulb:

    Glass Pendants Bathroom

    Image from Living Lab Blog

    Pendants are also excellent stand-ins for sconces and look great draped in front of the vanity mirror:

    Vanity Mirror Lighting

    Image from Lonny Magazine

    If cleanliness is next to godliness, energy-efficient and long-lasting LED bathroom lighting is the ultimate "clean" green look. And because it uses small light emitting diodes instead of traditional bulbs, LED enables unconventional designs such as this faucet shaped "bath bar" which is also available in a single-light and a seven-light version:

    LED Bathroom Lighting

    Waterworks Chrome Access 3-Light Sconce

    Lastly, as you may have noticed, brass is back...It's modern, industrial and making its way to a bathroom near you: 

    Brass Bath Lighting

    Murray Feiss Urban Renewal Brass Bath Light, Parker Brass Jonathan Adler Wall Sconce, Murray Feiss Contemporary Vanity Strip Light

    For these styles and all the latest looks, check out all the new bathroom lighting from Euro Style Lighting.

    Images: Adorable HomeApartment Therapy, Living Lab Blog, Lonny

  • Beautifully Oversized Modern Chandeliers


    Oversized Modern Chandeliers

    When choosing modern lighting for any space, I live by two mantras… The bigger the better, and if you can hang it you should. Which usually implies using beautifully oversized chandeliers.I just adore the drama that a chandelier brings. And when done correctly it can literally be the jewelry of the room, the focal point, and in many cases a work of art.

    Crystal Chandelier

    With so many options out there it’s important to determine a few things right of the bat. The first being what kind of look are you trying to achieve? Modern, delicate, simple, etc? For example, try a glass chandelier for a more delicate look while a brass chandelier with modern bulbs can help you create a more contemporary aesthetic.

    Shaded Chandelier

    Also what size will truly work in the space? While I love anything oversized, it is true that sometimes oversized is just not going to work. For example, bathrooms and nurseries don’t often allow for enough space to hang anything super sized. No worries, there are plenty of mini chandelier options available that provide the same feeling, just on a smaller scale.

    Modern Chandeliers

    To help you begin your hunt for the perfect chandelier I’ve chosen my favorite looks from oversized to just the right size. For starters, you can never go wrong with the classic sputnik style chandelier like this Sputnik Modern Brass Crystal Jonathan Adler Chandelier. If you like a lot more bling, but still want to keep your home modern, then try this Bling Collection Convertible Robert Abbey Chandelier. The Possini Euro Design White Flower Acrylic Pendant Chandelier is always a classic, Mid-Century Modern look and is great for the living room or kids' room alike. If you prefer your chandeliers to feature less bling and more clean lines while still making a statement, then try shaded chandeliers like the Robert Abbey Porter Nickel 16 5/8-Inch-H Pendant Light or the Robert Abbey Axis Nickel with Scalloped Shade Pendant Light.

    Image: Coco Kelly, Home Adore, Waiting on Martha

  • Spring Clean: New Designs for a Tidy New Look


    spring clean designs

    Image from Est Magazine

    When we speak of clean design, we often talk about a minimalist, fuss-free sense of style. When we speak of spring and clean, we think of an all-day, knock-em-down and drag-em-out cleaning spree. Put them together and what do  you have? A two-step approach to a fresh new look at home. 

    Step One: Clean House

    To keep you house always clean, exercise the "3 thing rule" of putting away or cleaning three things the minute you walk through the door after work. Mail, shoes, remote controls...whatever it is that's out of place. It's so effortless it'll become second nature and it produces 


    Image from Lonny

    Additionally, find a place for everything, as we recently mentioned in our post about how to keep the closet organized. Don't let clutter sit around, no matter how pretty it is. If it doesn't have a dedicated place, get rid of it. It's that simple.

    Step Two: Clean Design

    Now that your pad is sparkling, it's time to add a few clean looks. Sure, "clean" is about aesthetics, but it can also be about the environment. So for the most energy-saving, landfill de-cluttering design options available today - from modern LED desk lamp designs to versatile and stylish pendant lights - LED lighting is the new look of "clean." 


    Cerno Silva Baltic Birch Desk Lamp, Casa Metro Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan, Drake Mini Pendant Light, Holtkoetter Bernie Turbo Nickel Energy Efficient Wall LampAlessiLux Lumiere Silver and White Accent Light

    Less clutter in the home. Fewer light bulbs in our landfills. Less energy used. Now that sounds like a spring cleaning plan.

    Images: Est, Lonny

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