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  • How to Decorate Your Patio Space with Outdoor Hanging Lanterns


    Outdoor Hanging lanterns combine form and function perfectly. They provide light for your space and they also come in a wide variety of materials, metals, and colors to match any decor and to make a decorative statement.

    These outdoor hanging lanterns are the perfect accompaniment for this outdoor dining area. The lanterns are hung in a cluster of three at various heights to really make them a decorative statement. This transitional style of lantern would look great in any outdoor space.
     Rustic outdoor hanging lanterns outside wood cabin
    Outdoor hanging lanterns can also match the style of the home. These more elaborate lanterns compliment the Mediterranean style of this house. The ornate lanterns make the outside porch area just a bit more stylish and interesting.
     Line of outdoor hanging lanterns along a veranda
    Outdoor Barn Lights can be a great accompaniment to an outdoor space. They’re bright and look great in a rustic outdoor kitchen and bar area. If you install them in a group it adds even more light and another element of rustic charm to the space.
     Outdoor pendant lights over outdoor kitchen
    A sleek and modern looking hanging outdoor lantern can look great in a classic home. You can create an interesting contrast in styles that looks very chic together. A slimmer and sleeker lamp does not detract from the design aesthetic of an older more ornate home.
     Black iron outdoor hanging lantern on front porch of a traditional home
    This minimalist lantern makes this outside space look more open and airy. They don’t distract from the rest of the outside space. It also makes the space a bit more modern and sophisticated. This type of lantern would work with almost any style home.
     Glass and metal pendants over a dining table
    Another great use for outdoor hanging lanterns are these canister lanterns that create a pattern and are very festive addition to any outdoor setting. These create a whimsical look hanging from the tree that they are suspended from. It’s like your very own enchanted forest.
     Party lights strung up in a tented pavilion
    These spherical outdoor hanging lanterns are an interesting and beautiful addition to this outdoor space. They create a lot of interest in this outside space especially when contrasted by all the right angles in the rest of the room, from the table to the chairs to the fireplace.
     Round glass outdoor hanging lanterns above a dining table

    Images:Houzz; MSH Design, Inc; Divine Nature Landscape Design; Maple Leaf Custom Homes; Martha O'Hara Interiors; Houzz; Houzz


  • Stylish Function With Bathroom Mirrors


    Have you ever walked into a bathroom without a mirror? It's weird. Design is about style and function, so don't forget the bathroom mirror!

    Bohemian-style bathroom with patterned tile floor

    Grey bathroom with silver mirror

    You can never go wrong with modern bathroom mirrors, whether you want a design that pops or one that perfectly fits in and almost becomes invisible, like in this space above.

    If you have a space that's big enough, you can include some contrast and add a mirror with a different finish. Notice one of the fun benefits of mirrors is the ability to see the entire room at once...

    Mirror wall art gallery in all-white bathroom

    Mirror wall gallery in a white bathroom.

    If you're already a fan of mirrors and gallery-style walls, try something like this space above. To get this look, keep the lighting simple with a single mini-pendant light.

    This pretty room with all its delicately framed mirrors and white walls... You can't get a more clean look that this.

    Quirky bathroom with dual sink vanity and frameless bathroom mirrors

    Double mirrors in a modern bathroom

    Mirrors can make a difference with the interior style besides making it look larger. The bathroom design above leans a little rustic and industrial, but the hanging plant next to the mirrors add a little softness, creating the perfect balance.

    Images from  AirowsPetits PapiersInside Out

  • Stylish & Effective Solar Garden Lights


    Solar garden lights are a trend that just makes sense. The solar power eliminates the need for electricity, making them an option that helps the environment and your wallet. Plus, there is no need for wiring, making installation a snap.

    Landscaped backyard with pathway lit by solar pathway lights

    Take the light out of the box, put it beside your walkway or in your garden, and you're done. Because most solar garden lights have a built-in darkness sensor, you don't even need to think about turning them on and off.

    Even better, solar lights are looking more attractive, shining more brightly, and their run-time is getting longer. 

    Solar lights are a smart choice along a pathway leading up to your home. The Steel Finish Solar LED Landscape Lights above come in a set of 4 to easily illuminate any space. With stakes on the bottom, just stick them in the yard for quick light. Easily movable, they can be adjusted to create the perfect lighting. An auto dusk-to-dawn sensor lets the unit charge all day and light all night. 

    Victorian-style solar post light in backyard

    You may think solar lights only have a modern, space-age design. But if you're looking for a more traditional look, try the Victorian-Style LED Outdoor Lamp Post. This lamp is a great addition to a home or to a public space. Real beveled glass panes add to the late 19th Century appeal. The powder-coated cast-aluminum solar lamp post is weather resistant and won't rust. 
     Solar and LED-powered motion-activated security light

    If you’re looking for added safety and security to your home, the LED and Solar Motion Activated Security Spotlight is perfect. This solar-powered LED motion sensor spotlight automatically turns on at night when motion is detected up to 25 feet away. Its two lights cover a wide area with 4 super-bright LEDs (2 per light head) and can activate up to 300 times for 1 minute at a time on a full charge.

    They are automatically charged by the sun through the included solar panel with no wiring or electrician needed, and you can customize your protection level by modifying sensitivity to motion, distance and darkness, and adjust the length of time the light stays on.

    Adjustable heads let you direct the light where wanted - place it by your front and back doors to alert you to nighttime visitors, unwanted or not. These solar garden lights are great for temporarily illuminating garbage cans and garage doors too.

    Backyard with outdoor kitchen

    Lights like the Copper Plated LED Outdoor Fence Light easily blend with your décor for subtle lighting, and no wires are required, plus the unit fits over standard wood or vinyl posts. Easy installation brings you instant light to dark yards and porches. 

     LED and solar powered traditional style outdoor light

    Replace any outdoor lamp, such as a front door light or garage lamps with the Aurora Black Tri-Mount Solar LED Outdoor Light. It can be mounted on a wall, flat on a pillar or column, or atop a standard 3-inch post.

    For maximum solar gain, the solar cell should face due south and be positioned on an angle so it is perpendicular to the sun. The surface of the solar cell should not be shaded by foliage or structures at any time during the day.

    Give solar garden lights a try in your yard! You will be impressed with their style, power, and bright lights that provide a safe and secure outdoor space.

    Image: Euro Style Lighting

  • Blue Isn't Boring - Check Out These Blue Table Lamps and See


    Blue isn't just another color - it can be used as both an accent and a neutral. There is a blue for every room and a table lamp style that will complement any home décor, as you will see from the examples below.

    We will go through some not-boring blue table lamps that will complement traditional, transitional, modern, and rustic rooms.


    If your home is more traditional, you should stick to classic lines and elegant designs.

     Blue jar table lamp with white drum shade with trim detail

    Anya Table Lamp in Hyper Blue 

    This is the classic, traditional table lamp and the bright blue base will fit into any traditional home. The shape of the body and neutral lamp shade allows this lamp to blend into any room, but, depending on the room's color scheme, the blue is bright enough to make a statement.


    If your home is not quite traditional and not quite modern a transitional style lamp is for you. Transitional style lamps can incorporate both pattern and sculptural elements and even mosaics into their designs. They will definitely stand out a bit more than the traditional table lamp, adding a new design element and more visual interest to the room.

    This glass based blue table lamp is the perfect mix of traditional and modern.

    Turquoise blue glass table lamp with white drum shade

    Claudette Turquoise Glass Table Lamp


    Modern style table lamps are a work of art that incorporate geometric shapes, deep color, and interesting shades, and they can make the biggest style impact on the room. They can often be the one shock of color in an otherwise neutral modern room and add the most interest, almost like a functional art piece.

    The blue table lamp below is the perfect example, with its faceted and geometric base in a gorgeous color - perfect for the modern home.

     Geometric peacock blue table lamp

    Delta Table Lamp in Peacock from Robert Abbey


    The rustic look is perfect for little cabins in the woods or cottages by the sea. You can’t put a lamp in a rustic room that is too slick or geometric, it will just look out of place. For the rustic home you need something imperfect and organic.

    The lamp below is the perfect example - neutral tones and a hand painted look make it the perfect lamp for any rustic room.

    Turquoise and rust ceramic table lamp with white drum shade and rust finial

    Aponi CeramicTable Lamp in Turquoise and Rust

    Whichever style your home, you will find a blue table lamp that suits the room perfectly. Which one is your favorite?




  • Colorful Accents for a Modern Bedroom


    Sometimes, all your space needs is a little color... Check out these modern bedrooms for some colorful inspiration.

    White Boho-style modern bedroom with colorful bedding

    White bedroom with colorful bedding accents

    One of the prettiest combinations is an all-white space with pops of color, like this modern bedroom above. No matter how big or small your space, color helps add style and personality.

    A really easy way to achieve a trendy green-blue palette is with eye-catching green table lamps, or in the case of the room above, stylish floor lamps...

    Modern bedroom with patterned bedding and accent pillows

    Minimal accents in a modern bedroom

    Maybe the colorful accents are just temporary, like the minty breakfast tray above. Or super small, like a colorful accent pillow.

    Pastels are a great pairing with black and white patterns. It softens the stark contrast just enough.

    Graphic black and white bedroom with bright pink love seat at foot of bed

    Bold color in a modern bedroom

    There's no need to keep the pops of color soft, go bold like this awesome bedroom above. Furniture is a great way to add color because it makes a such a large impact on room.

    Beautiful wall art with geometric patterns is another easy and fun way to add pattern and color. It can either be a cool addition or replacement for a modern headboard.

    Images from Lily All Sorts, Basiclabel, Design Milk

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