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  • An Apartment with Jungle Style


    Do you wish you could live in the jungle, but prefer modern amenities...? Well this home in Sao Paulo has both!

    Narrow balcony with exposed wood beams and jungle style potted plants

    Jungle style patio for a modern apartment.

    While the patio is not wide, it's long which allows for a linear jungle aesthetic. The space is used very well to allow for an outdoor feeling in an urban setting.

    Living room with modern red sofa and floor lamp in place of a side table

    Modern living room in Brazil.

    The greenery is not just for the outdoors... It extends to the interior, in addition to being visible through large-scale windows. Bold furniture gives the space a modern aesthetic with personality.

    Well-planned recessed lighting is paired with a classic floor lamp to light the space when the sun goes down...

    Indoor/outdoor dining room with natural wood dining furniture under contemporary white pendant light

    Modern dining room with pendant lighting.

    The best part about the jungle style garden patio is that it's indoor/outdoor, and actually connected to the rest of the house, as you can see from the dining room above. 

    All images from Dwell

  • Wicker Outdoor Furniture is making a Comeback!


    When most people think of wicker patio furniture sets they think of the old, 1970’s style, wicker chairs painted white that everyone had, but wicker has made a comeback. Wicker patio furniture sets come in a myriad of styles, colors, and materials.

    Check out these very different outdoor wicker styles that will compliment any home’s outdoor space.

    This dark wicker outdoor patio set comes with luxurious cream cushions, and is like having a living room set outside.If your family spends most of its time enjoying the outdoors this is the perfect set for you.

    You can have all the comfort of your living room sofa in this trendy patio furniture set.

    Outdoor wicker sectional with coordinating wicker coffee table overlooking the ocean

     Did you know that wicker could look modern? This modern chrome chair set proves it! The bright green wicker and the shiny chrome legs make it the perfect accompaniment to a modern Midcentury home. Picture them at a cool, contemporary outdoor party!

    Chrome and green wicker outdoor chairs

    Wicker can look ultra-sophisticated which is proven by the Amazonia Outdoor Patio Dining Set. The long eucalyptus wood table and the wicker dining chairs are perfect for dining outdoors in style. The wicker adds a lot of texture to the set but the sleek silhouettes keep this dining set modern.

    Gray outdoor wicker chairs and extendable outdoor tableThese rattan chairs have a natural look that would look great in a rustic or beachside home and would look at home on a front porch or dockside.

    The neutral color is reminiscent of beach wood and the lines of the chairs are curved and organic looking.They utilize the rattan in a way that keeps the original essence of the wood so it is the perfect chair for a rustic or beachy space.

    Natural rattan outdoor arm chairs and side table with a vintage look

    White wicker chairs had to appear on this list eventually, and we have saved the best for last.

    White wicker chairs are classic in material and color, but now are available in a completely different silhouettes.The lines make them elegant and comfortable while still having a classic look.

    We can see these chairs fitting into any home’s outdoor décor, especially when you can add any color and style decorative outdoor pillows you want!

    Vintage style white wicker chairs with bright blue outdoor pillows under palm trees

    Now that you know how much wicker has changed, and that it is still a classic after all these years, which outdoor patio set would you pick for your outdoor space?

     Images: Euro Style Lighting


  • Design Colors for Summer Style


    One of the best parts about summer is adding color to home design... Check out some of these pretty rooms below!

    Boho Style living room with colorful area rug and throw pillows

    Colorful, modern living room

    Go big and go bold... Add a fun, colorful area rug and some accent pillows.

    If you're investing in some new furniture, select a summer colors in a soft hue so it will last year-round...

    Contemporary living room with modern light fixtures

    Colorful furniture and art in a modern living room

    Bold colors are really great year-round, but it's also fun to make them a seasonal thing. Take a cue from this space above and sprinkle some color in your seating, adding the fun art just for Summer...

    Another easy way to add some seasonal color is with table lamps... When you shop table lamps by Color Plus you can mix and match different colors in one lamp!

    Modern furniture in a room with traditional architectural details

    Soft colors for Summer

    Not a fan of bold color, but still want a summer colors in your home? Try softer hues like the soft lemon and green in this classic home above.

    Images from Style by Emily Henderson, Claire Brody Designs, My Scandinavian Home

  • Small Patios, Big Style: Pendant Lighting


    Pendant lighting is a great way to top off a pretty patio.

    Here's some inspirational small patios with big styles featuring stylish pendant lights.

    Colorful bohemian style small patio space with modern pendant light

    Modern, eclectic small patio with modern lighting

    While somewhere to sit is always important, sometimes the element of lighting can be forgotten.

    Even during the daytime, including stylish pendant lighting in your outdoor space will help complete the design.

    Just remember to make sure that the lighting is outdoor or damp rated. 

    Small city apartment patio with greenhouse and pendant light

    Balcony style with pendant lighting

    No matter how small your patio or balcony, a nice pendant light will take it from okay to perfect. 

    This space above even found a way to fit in a green house.

    When there's a will, there's a way to make small patios have big style!

    Outdoor breezeway with stenciled floor and cluster pendant light

    Outdoor patio with cluster pendant

    Indoors or out, clustering mini-pendant lighting is a beautiful way for small patios to have big style. 

    Images from Desire to Inspire, Gardenista, Design Rulz

  • Summer Outdoor Entertaining Ideas with Chandeliers


    Make sure your outdoor style is on-point this summer, try adding an unexpected chandelier...!

    Crystal chandelier suspended from a tree bough above modern dining table and benches

    Outdoor patio with chandelier

    Whether it's built to appear indoor/outdoor, you can give your home the feel of being connected to the outdoors by making your exterior as well-designed as your interior.

    This means including all the staple elements that you would inside, like modern furnishings and beautiful lighting.

    Try adding an unexpected design element. Place a  chandelier over your outdoor dining space like this home above.

     BoHo style enclosed patio with traditional crystal chandelier

    Enclosed patio with style

    If your "outdoor" space is a little more covered, like this one above, you can be a little more flexible with materials.

    Go ahead and include some pretty fabrics that may not do as well in an open-sky patio.

    The eye-catching crystal chandelier is just icing on the cake for this chic patio space.

    Rustic and natural modern pendant light made of natural material over modern dining table and benches

    Outdoor dining room with modern lighting

    Aren't a fan of fancy crystal chandeliers?... You can still dress up your outdoor space with handsome rustic chandeliers like this the one in the dining space above.

    While it features more of a rustic aesthetic, it's still very modern and clean with streamlined furniture and white walls.

    Concerned about price? We have you covered with  Euro Style Lighting coupons

    Now all you have to do is decide which chandelier your going to use in your summer outdoor entertaining space. 

    Just as a reminder:  When placing any lighting outdoors make sure it has a suitable outdoor or damp rating. 

    Images from Design Milk, Whimsical Raindrop Cottage, Lark & Linen

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