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  • Modern Home Design with Pastel Colors

    Bold design comes in all sizes and shades. You don't have to design a black and white space to make a modern statement. It can be soft with pastel colors like this beautiful home in Denmark.

    Modern Danish home decorated in pastel colors

    Modern home using pastel colors

    Sometimes modern can be fresh instead of bold. This home features many crisp colors, including Rose Quartz, this year's Pantone pick. The white walls and floors create a beautiful platform for anyone who loves color.

    Scandinavian style dining room with mismatched chairs

    Mixed chairs in a modern dining room

    Eye-catching modern lighting, creative shelving and mixed chairs add so much personality to this dining room. It's perfect for someone who loves design, but also kids. The best thing you can do with an environment full of kids is keep it interesting!

    Covered porch with day bed and modern chrome pendant

    Modern covered patio

    The natural light is an undeniable factor to this bright home. Make sure to embrace the strengths in your home. This Danish home celebrates the sunlight with lots of windows and white walls!

    All images from French by Design

  • Outdoor Dining Tables: How to Select the Perfect Size Table

    The weather is warming up, kids are getting out of school, and your summer entertainment schedule is filling up! But, do you have the right size outdoor dining table? 

    Follow our simple guide and you'll be the talk of the neighborhood with the perfect size dining table ready for entertaining.

    Small Tables

    Small outdoor dining tables fit  2-4 people, great for a patio or spacious balcony. They can be round or square, and come in a variety of finishes.

     Small Outdoor Dining Table


    A smaller outdoor table doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! This beautiful round table comes with four chairs and a hole in the middle for an umbrella! You can’t go wrong with the Amazonia Nelson Eucalyptus Round Dining Set (EU3V808).

    This round dining set has a eucalyptus wood construction for sturdy use. The light brown color is minimalistic and sophisticated for a wide variety of dining spaces. And rest assured, the wood is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, and it includes free Feron Gard Wood Preservative for protection.


     Small Vintage Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs

    Love the vintage look? This small table and chair set mimics style from the 1950s, perfect for a backyard cookout. Try the Orson Sky Blue Metal 5-Piece Outdoor Dining Set (EU7J747) in your yard.

    This classic steel, 5-piece outdoor dining set includes a white, round table and four white and bold sky blue armchairs. All the style of a retro table, without the rust and upkeep! This outdoor table set has a non-toxic weather-proof sealant and is UV-resistant, so you can enjoy it for years to come!

    Medium Tables

    A medium outdoor dining table seats around 6-8 people. This is great for larger families or those who love to entertain. Get the whole group together around your outdoor table!

    Medium Outdoor Dining Table

    Try a wood and wicker combination with the Amazonia Teak/Wicker Brussels 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set (EUX6154). The dark brown finish chairs on this delightful 7-piece outdoor patio dining set perfectly complement the light brown finish table for a subtle decorative flair.

    This table is perfect by a pool, or on a larger patio or yard. This set includes free wood sealer/preservative for durability, so you can keep it outside year round!

      Wicker Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs

    Or go all-wicker and check out the Atlantic Grand Liberty Gray Wicker 7-Piece Dining Set (EU3J884). Enjoy meals with friends and families on this versatile 7-piece dining set.

    The included 6 armchairs and table with gray synthetic wicker finish are reliable and comfortable, and allow you plenty of room during use. The seats feature plush gray water-repellant polyester cushions, keeping them beautiful year round.

    Large Tables

    Whether you’ve got a big family or just throw big parties, large outdoor dining tables can seat more than 10. Measure your outdoor space carefully before purchasing one of these – they are perfect for larger yard spaces.

    Large Outdoor Dining Table

    You’ll love the Brandon Eucalyptus Extendable Patio Dining - Set of 13 (EU7V229) This versatile outdoor dining set includes a natural finish eucalyptus wood extendable rectangular dining table, two folding armchairs and ten folding side chairs. Each piece is protected by a durable sealant that will stand up against the elements and protect against pollution and mildew.

    The extendable table and folding chairs make it easy to adjust for different events – and store it in the garage during the winter!

     Large Wicker Outdoor Table and Chairs

    The Christopher Distressed Wicker Patio Dining - Set of 11 (EU7V233) is a versatile outdoor dining set includes a stylish, natural finish teak wood rectangular dining table and ten gray wicker stackable side chairs.

    No matter what size outdoor table you’re looking for, we have sure you'll find the perfect size outdoor dining table with us. Each table size offers it’s own benefits, so take a good look at your yard and decide what’s best for you!

  • Outdoor Barn Lights for Indoor Style

    Not everything that's meant for the outdoors needs to stay outdoors... These barn-style lighting ideas are some perfect examples.

    Modern kitchen with outdoor barn wall lights

    Outdoor barn lights in a modern kitchen

    While this kitchen features a very modern style with its sleek cabinets and all-white aesthetic, the industrial lighting makes the perfect contrast.

    Sometimes, you can use timeless outdoor barn lights indoors for an industrial-style detail.

    Industrial Chic dining room with modern black pendant lighting

    Industrial style dining room with black pendant lighting

    When you have exposed brick in your home, that's a great opportunity to add some barn-style lighting.

    These modern black pendant lights pair great with the rough textures that surround them. The stylish black dining chairs are a nice choice, keeping the space minimal yet bold.

    Modern green pendant light over island in a rustic kitchen

    Green pendant lighting in a modern kitchen with a rustic feel

    Not all warehouse style details need to be black or brass... Add a pop of color with your industrial lighting, like this beautiful kitchen with its green pendant lighting. 

    Images from My ParadissiGlitter Inc., Simplicity

  • Summer Outdoor Entertaining Ideas with Chandeliers

    Make sure your outdoor style is on-point this summer, try adding an unexpected chandelier...!

    Crystal chandelier suspended from a tree bough above modern dining table and benches

    Outdoor patio with chandelier

    Whether it's built to appear indoor/outdoor, you can give your home the feel of being connected to the outdoors by making your exterior as well-designed as your interior.

    This means including all the staple elements that you would inside, like modern furnishings and beautiful lighting.

    Try adding an unexpected design element. Place a  chandelier over your outdoor dining space like this home above.

     BoHo style enclosed patio with traditional crystal chandelier

    Enclosed patio with style

    If your "outdoor" space is a little more covered, like this one above, you can be a little more flexible with materials.

    Go ahead and include some pretty fabrics that may not do as well in an open-sky patio.

    The eye-catching crystal chandelier is just icing on the cake for this chic patio space.

    Rustic and natural modern pendant light made of natural material over modern dining table and benches

    Outdoor dining room with modern lighting

    Aren't a fan of fancy crystal chandeliers?... You can still dress up your outdoor space with handsome rustic chandeliers like this the one in the dining space above.

    While it features more of a rustic aesthetic, it's still very modern and clean with streamlined furniture and white walls.

    Concerned about price? We have you covered with  Euro Style Lighting coupons

    Now all you have to do is decide which chandelier your going to use in your summer outdoor entertaining space. 

    Just as a reminder:  When placing any lighting outdoors make sure it has a suitable outdoor or damp rating. 

    Images from Design Milk, Whimsical Raindrop Cottage, Lark & Linen

  • 5 Different Lantern Outdoor Wall Lights

    There are a lot of different styles of outdoor wall lights out there, but the classic lantern style is very versatile and able to complement any outdoor space. In this post we will show you the 5 different styles of outdoor lantern wall lights that you can use in your home’s exterior design.

    Nautical Lanterns

    These lanterns have a nautical style to them. As you can see below these wall lanterns match perfectly with the hanging outdoor lantern over the table. This style adds to the décor of the home and would look wonderfully in any beach-side home.

    Coastal-style covered porch with lantern-style outdoor lights

    Translucent Outdoor Lanterns

    These outdoor wall lanterns are the perfect way to add more light to this outdoor lounge space. These lanterns are translucent which allows the light to diffuse softly around the sitting area. They look great with the brick and lattice work and they match the main light source perfectly. This is a perfect outdoor sitting area, and the stylish outdoor lighting makes it usable day or night.

    Contemporary outdoor living room with outdoor pendant lanterns and lantern wall lights

     Ornate Lanterns

    These lanterns are more ornate and intricate and they have an old world feel that looks wonderful on this rustic Spanish style patio. They are also larger than the average outdoor wall light so they look great from the road or driveway.

    Spanish-style patio with lantern-style outdoor wall lights in bronze

    Rustic Lanterns

    These rustic outdoor wall lanterns are being used in a classic way, flanking the sides of the front entryway. We love these lanterns - they are rustic and simple and they complement this front door perfectly. We especially like the bronze backplates. These lanterns have just enough detail to make you notice them while providing much needed light on the front porch.

     Contemporary outdoor wall lights on either side of the front door

    Modern Lanterns

    These lanterns have a more modern look: they are sleek and sophisticated and provide a good amount of light. They will blend into most modern outdoor décor because they have such a simple design. If your space needs more light and you don’t want to make a statement, consider these lanterns to blend in seamlessly with your current design.

    Contemporary covered outdoor living room with modern outdoor wall lights

    What do you think about outdoor wall lanterns? Would you incorporate them into your outdoor space? If the lantern-style isn't really your thing, what style of outdoor wall lights do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

    Images: Su Casa Designs; Chalet Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers; RJ Dailey Construction Co.; Sprague Construction; Noel Cross+Architects (Photo: Marion Brenner)

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