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  • Architecture Trend: Glass Boxes


    Modern Architecture And Glass Boxes

    Image from Dwell

    Modern cabin with glass box addition.

    We're always talking about trends in interior design and sometimes fashion, but today let's take a look at a pretty cool trend I've been noticing in modern architecture... the glass box.

    What better way to show off your modern lighting style and interior design skills than with floor to ceiling glass?!

    Modern Addition To Traditional Residence

    Image from Homedit

    Architectural renovation with a glass box.

    Glass boxes have been used to accent modern architecture, but also to add a modern touch to more traditional architecture. 

    Look how beautifully those modern black pendant lights look from outside!

    Modern Architecture With A Pool

    Image from Home Designing

    Modern architecture exposing beautiful interior design.

    This modern home has one of the coolest pool areas I've seen. With that glass box, the beautiful interior design is fully exposed, as it should be.

  • On the Cheap: Modern Home Made Affordable


    Cheap Modern Home

    All images from ArchDaily

    Prefabricated materials and a simple floor-plan make this modern home affordable.

    With the air of sophistication surrounding modern design, one might be inclined to ask if there's such a thing as a cheap modern home? As it turns out, this Copenhagen home by Sigurd Larsen packs a lot of modern into a reasonable (only $145,000 in construction costs!) price tag.

    The key to the house is a simple but effective floor-plan that maximizes shared areas, yet still siphons off enough space for three bedrooms:

    Modern Small Floorplan

    A combination of shared and private areas makes the most out of the home's 861 square feet.

    Furnishings are kept to a minimum and directional lighting like plug in wall lamps provide illumination without bleeding into other parts of the open floorplan:

    Modern Great Room Decor

    In a minimalist space like this, clutter need not apply.

    Likewise, modern pendant chandeliers delineate kitchen and dining areas without casting unwanted light across the entire space.

    Modern Kitchen Pendant

    An open dining, kitchen and living area and wide windows create the illusion of space. 

    That Larsen has designed an affordable modern home in one of the world's priciest (and most liveable) cities is astonishing. And it's proof that good design is often the product of constraints, not big budgets.

  • Modern Design With a Pop of Color


    Modern Kitchen Design With Pop Of Color

    Image from Pop Sugar

    Modern kitchen design with a pop of color.

    We might be getting a little stir crazy and wishing for warmer months. In lieu of controlling the sun cycle, we're just gonna share some colorful modern spaces.

    Adding a little bit of color can be as easy as buying a new table lamp or as easy as painting your walls.

    Colorful Living Room Design

    Image from Bright Bazaar

    Modern living room design with colorful accents.

    If you're in love with color the way Will Taylor is, from Bright Bazaar, then you can go as far as selecting a colorful sofa for your living room. Then, just add a few pops of color around it and some bold patterns to finish off this look above.

    Paint Is An Easy Way To Add Color

    Image from Justina Blakeney

    Accents and paint are easy ways to add color to your modern space.

    Justina Blakeney creatively added painted circles on her wall to accent mini shelves with accessories. And all of her beautiful home textiles adds so much color and personality.

    Here are some ideas for how you can add some bold color to your modern home while there's very little color outside still...

    Colorful Home Decor, Furniture And Lighting From Euro Style Lighting

    1. This bold, red pendant light will make everyone who enters your home look up!

    2. If you're a fan of adding some color to your home, why not get these modern green chairs for your dining room!

    3. This yellow table lamp is bold yet discrete if you're still unsure about too much color.

    4. Fit a whole bunch of colors into one small package with this paisley accent pillow.

    5. Add color and personality to your home with this orange patterned accent chair.

    6. Adding more color to your home can be as easy as including a purple throw on the arm of your sofa.

  • Area Rugs In The Modern Kitchen


    Area Rugs For The Kitchen

    Image from My Scandinavian Home

    Area rugs look beautiful in the kitchen.

    Who says you can't have an area rug in every room of the house, including the kitchen?! I've been noticing this a lot on Pinterest and other design blogs. I think it looks fabulous!

    It warms up an otherwise minimal and often times cold space. In other rooms of the house you have pillows, throws, upholstered seating, etc. But in the kitchen you have hanging pendant lights, appliances, pots and pans. A beautiful area rug is a welcome texture and bonus, a beautiful pattern.

    Add Color To The Kitchen With An Area Rug

    Image from The Interior Collective

    Add color to your kitchen design with an area rug.

    If you're like me, you're drawn toward the black and white palate or monotone aesthetic in kitchen design. As much as I love simplicity, a beautiful pop of color is always welcome, like in this kitchen above.

    Warm Up A Kitchen Floor With An Area Rug

    Image from DoorSixteen

    Area rugs in the kitchen provide warmth to cold floors.

    In all three of these kitchen designs, the floors are different. Yet, they all look great with a bold area rug. So, no matter your kitchen flooring, try placing an area rug for added style and warmth.

  • LED Tape Light In Modern Homes


    LED Tape Lights Accent Modern Style

    Image from Amy Noel Design

    Accent your modern home with LED tape lights.

    We talk a lot about smart design and efficient lighting in modern homes, specifically LED. But, what we haven't done is show you the stylish side of this smart design.

    This office space features so much style with the wall art. The best part is, it's so easy to do with LED tape light!

    LED Energy Efficient Tape Light Kit

    LED Energy Efficient Tape Light Kit

    The LED strip light installs so easily, with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing, and can be cut to size. The warm white LEDs offer a great accent lighting, which also happens to be very energy efficient. The full strip only uses a mere 24 watts!

    LED Tape Lights For a Hallway

    Image from Violet & George

    LED tape lights can help your hallway look longer.

    While the hallway above and the living room below are a bit more architectural, they clearly demonstrate how much lighting can make a difference in the design of any and every modern space.

    LED Lighting Just For Style

    Image from Caisson Studios

    LED lighting isn't just smart, it's stylish too.

    Don't stop at wall paint for a dramatic change in your home, try adding some wall panels with back lighting! The LED tape lights make this really easy and really efficient. You don't need an architect or an electricial!


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