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  • Keep Family Dinnertime Alive: Mini Pendant Lights for Kitchens


    Have you ever spent hours cooking a delicious family dinner, only to see your loved ones shovel it down their throats, then suddenly vanish?

    This phenomenon might have nothing to do with your culinary skills, nor a sign of the Millennial Generation’s short attention span. Silly as it sounds, you might have insufficient kitchen lighting. If your kitchen island looks dark and lonely, brighten it up with modern mini pendant lights for kitchens.

    Why Mini Pendant Lighting for Kitchens?

    Pendants create a striking mood and take up less kitchen space than standard 8-10” hanging lights. Mini pendant lighting also looks super-classy, with a range of designs to fit any kitchen remodel and budget.

    Here are 5 basic tips for choosing the right design, spacing and height for your kitchen island pendant lights:

    Contemporary dining area with series of mini pendant lights

    To determine the right hanging lights for a 2’6” dining table, just subtract 12”, giving you 1’6”. Divide that by 3 fixtures and you get roughly  4 3/4-Inch – which just so happens to be the size of the Kaser LED Mini Pendant

    1.Choosing the diameter - To ensure there’s enough headroom for everyone at the table, measure the width or diameter of the surface being illuminated. Then just subtract 12" from that number, and voila! You have your rough fixture diameter.

    Bistro-style table with adjustable modern bar stools and crystal mini pendants above

    Small fixtures like the 6-inch Encircled Crystal Euro Halogen Pendant Set are perfect for breakfast nooks and small round tables. You can often save money buying pendants in sets of three.

    2.Tiny is better - Busy pendants with a lot of design elements will appear bigger to your eyes. Always go as small as possible if you like em’ gaudy!

    Modern all-white kitchen with grey tufted leather adjustable barstools and chrome teardrop mini pendants

    The 6-inch wide Raindrop Glass Chrome Mini Pendant Light arranged according to the Rule of Three over a kitchen island. . Unlike LED or fluorescent lights, incandescent pendants like these are inherently dimmable.

    3. Spacing the pendants - You want visual balance when you hang your pendants, so spacing is key. Measure the length of the space you want to illuminate (like a kitchen island,) find the center point for the center pendant. From there, hang the pendants equidistant on either side of the center and make sure the entire space is equally illuminated.

    When spacing a row of pendant lights, measure from the middle light source (or bulb) of the fixture instead of the outer edge of the shade.

    4.Though shalt not break the Rule of Three (unless it looks cool) – No, the “Rule of Three” are not tyrannical rulers from the Game of Thrones series. It is a guideline, based on the fact that our human minds love balance. Odd numbers (especially in successions of three) seem to look especially zen.

    However, we’ve seen a lot of cases where there is just not enough room for three -- two is just fine if they’re spaced evenly over the surface.

    5.Get dimmers – Any of the incandescent or halogen fixtures on this list are compatible with simple, inexpensive dimming switches.

    LED technology, however, has not been standardized; Brand A’s LED fixture might not match up with Brand B’s dimmer switches. Either way, a dimmer allows you to control the environment any way you want.

    Studies show that intimate mood lighting actually makes food taste better. It might even persuade your family to linger at the table a little bit longer.

    If you’re embarking on your own kitchen lighting remodel, how are factors like spacing, size, light source and code compliance affecting your overall design? Any tips on installing dimmable kitchen lights? We’d love to hear your stories from the front lines!

    Image source: Euro Style Lighting

  • Lighting Pairs For The Modern Bedroom


    Modern bedroom with adjustable floor lamps in place of table lamps and unique pendant hanging above

    Bedroom with stylish contemporary lighting

    The bedroom is a great room to take advantage of new lighting ideas. While traditional table lamps are the obvious choice, here're some fun ideas to try in your home.

    Pairing mixed styles of eye-catching contemporary lamps could be fun if you first have an idea what look you're going for... Here're some inspiration photos to get you started.

    Take a cue from the space above and mix it up, try stylish floor lamps instead of table lamps.

    Contemporary bedroom with white exposed brick walls adorned with party lights

    Party lights in a modern bedroom

    String lights never looked better... They're not just for the patio! Try pairing them with a fun pendant lighting in the bedroom. It could make for great mood lighting too.

    Stylish modern bedroom with brass chandelier with clear glass globes hanging above the bed

    Modern bedroom with elegant lighting

    You can make it interesting by trying different light fixture styles in the same finish. This helps achieve a more eclectic aesthetic while still keeping it elegant.

    Images from Discover the Decor, Digs Digs, Dust Jacket Attic

  • Focus On Bathroom Style - Mirrors


    Clean-lined bathroom with rectangular wall mirror in a silver finish and modern wall sconces

    Beautiful bathroom mirrors are an easy way to inject style into a bathroom, and installing one with an intricate frame or fun shape shows off your personal style. Don’t just use a mirror to look at yourself, make it something you want to look at all in its own!

    It’s easier, and usually cheaper, to change a bathroom mirror than to replace a toilet, sink, or tile when to refresh the look of your bathroom. A bathroom mirror complements the bathroom by adding character and spark to a classic or stark space; a mirror can also work with a dramatic sink or wallpaper. Whatever the case, choosing a mirror is a fun and easy way to decorate your bathroom.

    When selecting a mirror, you want to take into account the size of the sink, the height of those who use the mirror, and the wall space above.

    Typically, the mirror should not be wider than the sink or vanity, nor does it need to be. Find an average eyeline for everyone using the mirror and make sure this height falls well within the upper and lower borders of the mirror.

    How far above the sink you hang the mirror depends on ceiling height. Make sure there is an even balance of space above and below the mirror.

    Bathroom mirrors come in a variety of shapes, all of which look great above a sink or bathroom vanity. These are a few stylish vanity mirrors that would complement any bathroom:


    Traditional bathroom featuring a rectangular mirror and bath bar above

    Frame your bathroom décor with this traditional wall mirror. The muted finish and subtle beaded detailing on the frame is versatile enough to work with any style of decor.


    Glamorous bathroom with mirrored vanity and small crystal chandeliers in place of sconces

    This oval wall mirror offers an elegant way to update your décor with sparkling reflections. The design features an oval frame comprised of small, beveled mirrors which reflect and scatter the light. Mirrors bounce light around a room, so they are great for smaller bathrooms that beg for more illumination.


    A frameless round bathroom mirror
    If your bathroom already has a complex sink, wall paper, or light fixtures, this sleek frameless design is simple and stunning and will work in both a powder room and master bath.

    Arch Top

    An Art Deco style arched top mirror with mirrored frame
    Update your decor with this chic crown top wall mirror. The Art Deco-inspired look features a champagne finish and beveled edge for a stunning look.


    A low-profile rectangular frameless bathroom mirror with beveled edges
    This frameless vanity mirror features a rectangular shape with rounded, beveled edges. The low profile makes this mirror perfect for situations that are a little tight on space, such as shallow vanities where there might not be a lot of room between the wall and the faucet.


    Round wall-mounted makeup mirror
    There’s no better way to create a flawless look than with a lighted wall mounted mirror. The dual sided mirrors offer 1x and 5x magnifications, perfect for precise grooming. This cordless design will look great in any vanity area.

    With a little searching, you can find the perfect vanity mirror for every bathroom in your home. Whether you seek something plain and simple, or dramatic and bold, find beauty in your new bathroom mirror.

    Image source: Euro Style Lighting

  • Should I Buy LED Bathroom Lights or Just Replacement Lamps?


    LED bathroom lights vs LED replacement bulbs

    If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, new electrical codes may force you to buy LED bathroom lights. As our population grows and demand for electricity increases, states like California, New York and Colorado are tightening the belt on residential electrical codes.

    So do you invest a couple hundred dollars in true LED bathroom lights? Or do you retrofit your old vanity lights and recessed lighting with LED replacement lamps?

    Bathroom Lighting Showdown – True LED vs. LED Replacement Lamps

    Modern bathroom with green and white tile backsplash and chrome and glass LED bath bar above mirror

    The Elin LED Bath Light in chrome with frosted glass consumes only 25W, compared to nearly 500W consumed by equivalent incandescent lamps. While the initial price is higher, your combined energy savings and rebates will eventually pay for itself.

    First, let’s compare the advantages of true LED fixtures vs. incandescent lights with LED bulbs:

    Table comparing LED bathroom lights with LED replacement bulbsTrue LED fixtures are the obvious winner when it comes to longevity and long term cost savings. But replacement LED lamps are a cheap workaround if you don’t mind the poorer light quality.

    Problem is, some states like California won’t even allow these LED lamps on certain permitted bathroom remodels.

    How to Save Money on LED Bathroom Lights

    Bronze LED wall light with bubbled glass shade

    The ET2 Volt Bronze LED Bath Light is UL Listed, one of the primary marks to look out for when applying for LED lighting rebates.

    If your state or county hasn’t already enacted stricter electrical codes, they will eventually. Luckily, there are a number of LED bathroom lights under $100.

    Another great way to save is through energy efficiency incentives, or rebates. While your specific energy provider will have different incentives, the basic steps for applying are:

    1. Find LED bathroom lights that are UL or ETL Listed. You’ll get bonus points if the fixtures are also Energy Star qualified.
    2. Find out who your energy provider is. Call them to find out if there are still funds available for this year’s residential lighting rebate program. These programs typically expire on December 31st, and renew in early February.
    3. Check your state’s Qualified LED Product List (search it on Google). Find out if your intended LED bathroom lights are listed there. If you keep coming up with no results, contact Euro Style Lighting to help you find qualified fixtures.
    4. Purchase the fixtures and keep the product specification sheets. You will need to attach these to your application.
    5. Purchase dimming switches for your vanity lights and ambient lighting. Dimmers will increase your overall energy saving score, which will increase your rebates!
    6. Install the fixtures according to all applicable local, state and national codes and ordinances. This can be difficult to do by yourself, so we advise you to hire a qualified electrician. LED fixtures must be installed and operational before you can apply for rebates.
    7. Fill out the energy rebates application, attach spec sheets, and submit it to your energy provider.
    8. Call your energy provider once every month to track the status of the application until it is approved.

    If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, do you plan to buy true LED bathroom lights or LED replacement lamps? How did you factor light quality, lifespan and energy savings into the equation? Post your solutions below!

    Image source: Euro Style Lighting

  • Powder Room Prep for Welcoming Guests


    Transitional powder room with round gold mirror and single brass and glass sconce

    Powder room with modern mirror and wall sconce

    While the entryway is important for a first impression, the powder room comes in a close second... The idea of a powder room is mostly for entertaining and so guests have easy access to a restroom. Be sure to spend as much thought on your powder room as you do on your entryway!

    This powder room above is impressive from the floors to the ceiling, beginning with the floor tiles, the gorgeous mirror and finally the small but impressive wall sconce.

    Petite powder room with dark walls above wainscoting of white subway tile

    Tiny, modern powder room with dark wall

    Give your powder room a bold look with a dark wall, like this one above. The best part about dark walls?.... Your modern lighting will stand out even more!

    We also love the way the design of this tiny space is so efficient. Check out that tiny radiator.

    Powder rooms with graphic black and white wallpaper

    Modern powder room design with patterned wallpaper

    Give your powder room a splash of personality with fun wallcovering patterns. There are so many fun designs out there, whether you want to be bold, fun or elegant.

    Images from Amber Interiors, BHG, Simplified Bee, Dwell, My Domaine

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