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  • Contemporary Dining Room Ideas For The Family

    Contemporary Dining Room

    It is said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. However, I would like to suggest that it is actually the dining room that is at the center of it all. The contemporary dining room is where the family gathers. Adults and children come together for a meal at the table. 

    Even creativity convenes at the dining table, likely with coloring books and paints spread about. We do a great bit of learning in the dining room, whether it is from each other or the daily task of homework. And, best of all, conversations are had at the dining table.

    Since we spend so much time in our dining rooms, why not make it a place that you and your children love to be? So, let's discuss some contemporary dining room ideas for the family...

    Modern Dining Room

    There are several elements that create a welcoming gathering place around the table. Although most pieces are obvious and very necessary, others are optional and are there to add interest.

    The star piece, certainly, is an attractive dining table. There are many options available and personal preference can play a big part in this decision. But, whether round or rectangular, I always find a rustic table works great for families like in this image above from The Style Files. Not only does it have character and add warmth, but it can, also, handle wear and tear and a million spilled milks.

    Fun Dining Room

    When it comes to creative dining chairs, the options are endless. But, with little ones it is usually best to steer clear of fabric and go with chairs that can, easily, be wiped clean. 

    If you are looking to add interest, why not mix chairs and a bench or incorporate all different styles of dining chairs for a playful look (as seen in the first image by Milk Magazine)...?

    Lighting can often be overlooked, as it is easy to just leave the standard light fixture in place. However, lighting is what really sets the tone and mood for the family dining room. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Arc floor lamps are a great option if you don’t want to do traditional pendant lighting over your family table.

    Here are a few of my favorite picks to get you started:

    Home Decor

    Don’t forget about the walls. Art places a big part in designing an area for the family to gather. This is where you can really have fun. A favorite idea is to blow up photos of your children, their artwork or their favorite food. I also love the look of a neon sign (pictured above from The Glitter Guide). The look is both modern and playful which translates to fun for both kids and adults alike.

    And, to finish, accessorize with an area rug, one that hides spills and cleans up easily. Also, a few beautiful pieces to adorn the table,  like greens in a vase, a bowl full of fruit or a tray filled with candles.

    When you create a contemporary dining room for the family, you make room for a million memories to be born.

    Jamie Young Campaign Silver 30-Inch-H Folding Dining Table, Zuo Anime Transparent Modern Set of 4 Dining Chairs, Possini Euro Arlo Chrome 18-Inch-H Pendant Light

    Images: Milk Magazine, Andreas Stenmann via The Style Files, The Glitter Guide

  • Win the Gold With Home Design!

    Gold Home Design

    Image from Domino Magazine

    Whether you're a sports aficionado or not, you probably know that the Winter Olympics begins this week. Top athletes will be competing for Gold in Sochi, Russia. Well, we love sports here in the ESL offices but we love home design more.

    Which is why we want to show you how to win gold with your home design since, like us, you probably lack the skills to win Olympic gold.

     Gold Pendant Lighting

    Glitz Filbert Espresso 33-Inch-H Arm Chair / Besa Pogo Collection Gold Pendant

    For starters.... Set the mood with gold upholstery on a beautiful modern piece of furniture and then highlight it with a gold pendant, preferably in the shape of an Olympic ring.

    Gold Sconce

    Eleganza Starburst Gold Leaf 22-Inch-H Wall Mirror / Regina-Andrew Gilded 49" Golden Sconce

    We couldn't help but select this gold pendant that resembles the Olympic flame! And no room should go without a gold starburst mirror in our opinion! Modern mirrors with luxury styling are a great way to bring home the gold...

    Gold Console Table


    Zena Gold Leaf 72-Inch-H Arteriors Home Room Screen / Worchester Gold 33 1/2-Inch-H Arteriors Home Console Table

    Since we've already included a bold mirror, gold-upholstered chair and a flaming hot wall sconce, let's keep things minimal with the gold furniture. This gold "Olympic ring" screen will add vertical design to the space without being too heavy. The gold-framed console is a great place to add some color on the shelves or just simple gold and white accessories that will compliment the room.

    Gold Accent Table

    Westoria Brass 7 3/4-Inch-H Bulova Tabletop Clock / Dakota Gold and Black Glass 20-Inch-H End Table

    Lastly, you need a distinctive accent table to pair with your gold chair and this gold clock is a beautiful accessory to top off this gold home design.

    What do you think?

    Image: Domino Magazine

  • 5 LED Lighting Facts

    Here at we are serious about our lights, and we enjoy sharing our knowledge in enlightening ways. So we have rounded up our 5 LED Lighting Facts that we thought you would enjoy.

    Contemporary kitchen featuring modern chandelier with chrome and glass and LED light bulbs

    1. LEDs are Cool!

    Unlike its CFLs (or incandescent) counterparts, LED light bulbs don't give off as much heat.

    Incandescent lighting in particular churns out much more heat than it does light. In fact, a regular light bulb converts only around 10% of the energy used into light. The other 90% is wasted, from an illumination point of view, and is discharged as heat. Which is why regular bulbs make great heat lamps for food.

    LEDs still produce heat in the LED device itself due to the inefficiencies of the diode computer chip, meaning that 40% or so can still be lost as heat. This heat can damage the chip, shortening the lifespan of the LED fixture. So to get around this problem, designers build in all sorts of clever ways to wick away heat from LEDs.

    Despite this, LED bulbs and fixtures remain pretty much cool to the touch. So they make great desk lighting (who needs more heat when you are trying to meet a deadline) and are safer to use around children and pets. 

    2. Unique Shapes in LED Designs

    LEDs are shaped much differently than your standard CFL and allow designers a lot of  creative room to experiment with shapes.

    Well, not the LEDs themselves. Those little computer chips look like, well, little computer chips. But because they are so small, they can be arranged in all kinds of novel and unique ways.

    Lighting designers are placing them end to end on a thin rod, grouping them in clusters to form mini-constellations, placing them in a grid, weaving them into a circle or wave…in short, they are using them in just about any shape and form. 

    So no longer does a lamp have to look like what we think of as a lamp (a base, a socket for a bulb, a shade). A lamp can look like a circle or a tall stick or a flexible wave. We've only just begun to scratch the surface of form when it comes to LED lighting.

    3. No Bugs!

    LED light bulbs don't give off a certain UV wavelength that nighttime insects love.

    For starters, our little night time pests love heat. As we have seen, LEDs have a very low heat signature, so, especially when compared with an incandescent bulb, they’ll be less attractive to bugs.

    Moths and mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies also love light, especially light that is in the blue-range end of the spectrum. So if you use a bulb or LED light source with a low color temperature, say 2700K or below, you’ll be a bug turn-off. This is why outdoor LED bulbs and incandescent bug lights both have color temperatures in this low range. No light source is going to entirely bug free, but LEDs of a certain type are much less likely to attract pests than conventional lighting. 

    4. Instant Turn-on

    LEDs turn on instantly at full brightness. This is a big advantage for LEDs when compared to CFL bulbs. CFLs need a brief start up time in order to reach full illumination, a delay that drives some people (hi Dad!) to distraction. LEDs don’t suffer from this problem, and they don’t mind being turned on and off frequently. CFLs, on the other hand, can have their average lifespan shortened by frequent on and off use. 

    5. Inside and Out

    There is LED outdoor lighting as well as LED interior lighting. It works well for any application. Just make sure your fixture is suitable, and rated for its intended use.

    Indeed, LEDs in the great outdoors are a great fit for some applications. Take low voltage landscape lighting, to name just one example. LEDs use far less energy than traditional incandescent or halogen landscape lights. This means that your low voltage transformer can power more LED lights than other types. So where you once were able to get 5 landscape lights on your system, now you can run 10 or more (depending, of course, on the lights and transformer).  Don’t need that many lights? Then you can go the other way and reduce the size and power of the transformer, which means you’ll be saving money (bigger the transformer, bigger the cost).

    There you have it, 5 Fun Facts about LED lighting. Hope you enjoyed them! Thanks for stopping by and reading!

    The top image features the stunning Ramona LED Pendant Light by Possini Euro Design.


  • Indoor-Outdoor Living in Temozón Mexico

     indoor-outdoor living in temozon mexico

    The Temozón House in Yucatan, Mexico is an example of modern architecture that takes advantage of the opportunity for indoor-outdoor living.  The sophisticated, yet welcoming home was built in 2013 and was designed by Carrillo Arquitectos y Associades. 

     contemporary dining room with cove lighting and modern pendant chandelier

    The cove-lit suspended ceiling creates a sense of drama in this grand-scale dining room.  The clean lines seen in the architecture are reinforced by the modern white dining room chairs with chrome bases.  

    The chandelier is a glowing abstracted flower, which brings a little softness to the space.

     70s conversation pit-style sitting area with chrome pendant lighting

    The 70s conversation-pit vibe in this seating area is augmented by the chrome pendant lighting, shag rug, and stone-clad walls.  

    What you can't see is that the glass wall behind the two contemporary white arm chairs can be opened up onto an indoor-outdoor living space.

     modern indoor-outdoor space with sliding glass walls

    Here is a better view of how the seating area opens up onto an indoor-outdoor patio that has a large seating area and not one, but two dining tables.  Obviously the homeowners like to entertain on a grand scale!  

    This patio can be either completely open to the elements or enclosed by movable glass walls on three sides.

    The lighting is recessed in a series of cuts into the dropped ceiling that mimic the architectural lines of the home.

     side yard that opens into adjoining indoor-outdoor space

    This image also shows how the architect integrated the indoor spaces with the outdoors.  The glass door can be completely opened to the large patio seen above.

    I love the look of the trees growing up through the space defined by the architectural projection made of steel beams.

    Get the look of the Temózon House with these lighting fixtures, chairs and sofa:

    get the look - indoor-outdoor living in temozon mexico

    1.  I love how the lines of the flower pendant chandelier soften all the straight lines of the dining room's architecture.

    2. This leather sectional sofa and  chrome pendant light fixture (5.) give off the 70s vibe felt in the seating area above.

    3. The streamlined design of these white dining room chairs add a modern touch to any dining room.

    4. Bring contemporary lines into any room with this white leather arm chair.

    6. These mid-century modern dining chairs work well with a variety of different decorating styles.

    The architect says this about the design of the home:

    "The space of the house is intended to create an environment in which the family is not confined between walls, but the outside is integrated with the interior, merged together as a single environment, highlighting the views generated by the different spaces" 

    I think the architect definitely achieved his goal in this gorgeous home.

    Image Source: archdaily

  • 5 Top Outdoor Living Picks in Green

     5 Top Outdoor Living Picks in Green

    Ready to bring some green to your outdoor living space?  Here are five items to liven up your patio, deck, or garden.

    Green is the color of nature and symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility so it’s only fitting that green is the perfect color to incorporate in your outdoor living design scheme.

    Here are five items to liven up your slice of the great outdoors!:


    Green Outdoor Furniture and Accessories from Euro Style Lighting

    1.  Arrange this set of 4 lime-green chairs around a (2.) bright green outdoor folding table to create a cheery place to enjoy a meal al fresco.

    3. Add a pop of citrus green to liven up an outdoor seating arrangement with this brushed steel outdoor armchair

    4. Animal prints can be playful to begin with, but adding some lime-green to a leopard print like in this outdoor pillow will take that playfulness to another level.

    5. Need additional outdoor seating? This square pouf in peridot green with a trellis pattern is perfect! 

    Whether it’s a big gesture like a table and chairs, or a small one like a pillow or two, some green decor will totally serve to brighten up your outdoor living space.  

    How about you?  Do you plan on bringing on the green in your backyard this spring?

    Image Source: The Glam Pad

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