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  • Emmy Inspired Lighting Selections


    The 2014 Emmys

    Do you guys love the Emmys for the awards or the red carpet? Be honest!

    We love the red carpet so much, we just had to use what we saw for design inspiration. It inspired us to think about some unique lighting ideas. 

    First, dress style... What did you guys think? Overall, we were impressed and thought the ladies looked gorgeous!

    Emmys Dress Style

    And now, our inspired lighting style...

    The dresses inspired a wide range of lighting from drum shades to dramatic chandeliers.

    Modern Lighting

    1. We love the bottom flair of Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting's dress and the Lily Radiance™ Pendant.

    2. Simple, pretty and white describes both Kristen Wiig's dress and the Possini Euro Adi Pendant Light

    3. Lena Headey inspired this dramatic Possini Euro Black Chandelier.

    4. Amy Poehler's silver dress inspired this Sonneman Connetix Satin Chandelier

    5. We love the color of Kerry Washington's dress, which inspired this retro Jonathan Adler Capri Orange Pendant Light.

    6. Zooey Deschanel inspired this pretty pink Cyan Florence Glass Pendant Light.

    7. Teyonah Parris inspired this Bold Lime Green Stripe Giclee Brushed Steel Pendant, obvs.

    8. Julia Roberts inspired this short, navy Miyu Satin Nickel Pendant Light

    9. We love the shades of purple in Halle Berry's dress, which inspired this Grape Stripe Swag Pendant.

    Image: Dallas Film Commission, NY Daily News

  • Contemporary Fun For Kids


    Fun For Kids

    Image from Toertjes & Pateekes

    Hello modern parents! How many of you wish your kids toys were more attractive, since they all have to exist in your modern home?

    You're not alone, which is why smart designers are creating contemporary products for kids, like these awesome cardboard houses below.

    Modern Cardboard Houses

    Images from Dezeen

    We understand that it's not always the toys that disrupt your design style. We wrote a post for Kids Bedroom Design Ideas that should give you some fun ideas for design elements other than toys. There's lots of products out there to help raise your modern kids with style, like table lamps with night lights!

    Don't forget, something as simple as piling a bunch of colorful accent pillows creates a whimsical aesthetic in any room and is fun for kids to enjoy.

    Images: Toertjes & Pateekes, Dezeen

  • Cool Style With Concrete Flooring


    Cool Home Style

    Image from Remodelista

    As a lover of hardwood floors, I have to admit I'm starting to fall for concrete flooring. It's the ultimate clean and modern. And if you're like me and you love all-white spaces, concrete floors are a fun way to maintain that aesthetic without actually having white floors. 

    Since concrete is such a hard surface, it's important to include lots of soft materials with home textiles, such as drapery, throws and accent pillows. You can even add textiles through lighting, by using such things as burlap lamp shades.

    Loft Style

    Image from Blood & Champagne

    This loft style home does a great job at not only including textiles, but mixing lots of warm and fun patterns. This is one of the benefits to large open spaces.

    Also, the wood beams and cabinets are a beautiful contrast to the concrete floors.

    Modern Kitchen

    Image from Remodelista

    The narrow dimensions of this modern kitchen design benefits from the concrete floors. Tile or wood might make this kitchen look a little smaller. Also, those high ceilings are ideal for modern pendant lighting!

    Bathroom Design

    Image from Decorators Notebook

    This modern bathroom is perfectly simple, with just enough texture to add interest. The basket pairs wonderfully with the throw, both of them warming up the cool concrete floors.

    Here's a resource for how to DIY stained concrete floors.

    Images: Remodelista, Blood & Champagne, Remodelista, Decorators Notebook

  • Better Bedside Lighting


    Bedside Lighting
    Image from Remodelista

    My weekends this Summer have been all about getting the home together, and my current focus is on the bedroom. Which led to an interesting realization: for bedside lighting, I absolutely love modern wall sconces and wall lights.

    Modern Wall LightsHouse of Troy Cambridge Brass Wall Lamp, George Kovacs Saber Gold with Opal Glass Wall Sconce, Dark Bronze Gooseneck Swing Arm Wall Lamp

    The bedroom at heart should be a place for relaxing and disconnecting. Muted colors, simple details and minimal fuss will help you achieve this.

    White Bedroom Lighting

    Image from Yatzer

    It's in this less-is-more approach to bedroom design that the wall light really shines. It frees up the bed stand for important things like a bunch of freshly-cut flowers and the ever-necessary glass of water.

    Bedside Lighting

    Image from Casa Sugar

    Best of all, for a quick install without the help of an electrician, plug-in wall lamps are as easy as hanging a picture. I couldn't help but show off our own Cori Magee's bedroom as featured on our own Kirsten Grove's site Simply Grove (below):

    Plug In Wall Lamp

    Image from Simply Grove

    When Cori first showed me her home photos, I loved the casual way she allowed the cords to dangle casually and comfortable from the fixture.

    And let's face it: when it comes to beside lighting, nothing beats casual and comfortable. 

    Images: Remodelista, Yatzer, Casa Sugar, Simply Grove

  • Modern Artsy Ideas


    Art Ideas

    Image from Nordic Design

    Art is a very personal element to any home. Whether you enjoy family photos on your wall or high end pieces, art is the best way to add personality to your decor.

    You can keep it simple with one large piece of art, like this image above.  

    Wall Galleries

    Images from Style Logistics / Bungalow 5

    Beautiful modern chandeliers contrasted with modern task lighting is a brilliant pair used to illuminate this cool wall gallery above. Lighting from above and the side is a great way to light the space without disturbing the art collection.

    Floor lamps are also a great way to light the room without obstructing the art wall.

    Bedroom Design

    Image from The Design Files

    Who says you have to hang your art? You don't! This bedroom design is casually elegant with its love for greenery and a beautiful piece of art leaning on the dresser.

    Images: Nordic Design, Style Logistics, Bungalow 5, The Design Files

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