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  • Modern Porcelain Tiles: A Perfect Combination of Innovation and Tradition


    Modern Porcelain Tiles

    Many amazing things are happening in the world of architectural materials and more specifically modern porcelain tiles. The Pinocchi Collection from 14OraItaliana has the look and feel of plywood, but the durability and sustainability of a porcelain tile! Since plywood has become a more popular material in architecture and commercial design (as seen in my last post)  this is a very cool addition to the collection.

    You can use this material in unexpected places like on shower walls and because of it's texture it's the perfect material to use poolside! It allows you to think outside the (plywood) box in a huge way!

    Architectural Materials

    The decorative Tartan pattern (above) is layered on top of the wood pattern to create a very tailored effect. This adds a playful, but refined edge and is the perfect combination of innovation and tradition. The Tartan is a perfect backdrop for any modern sofa with its clean lines. And I could easily see this in a adorable cafe with modern tables and modern dining chairs.

    Modern Dining Chairs


    Marine Plywood Flooring

    This collection must be called Pinocchi because you would swear they are lying to you. There is no way that a porcelain tile could look this real, but believe us, it's really fake! The Pino Collection (above) works great as an outdoor flooring and pairs perfectly with modern outdoor furniture.

    Modern Porcelain Tile Walls

    Bold, modern home decor really pops against the natural color of the plywood tiles. The texture of the wood tile contrasts beautifully with smooth lacquer finish and organic elements above.

    Be on the lookout for some really innovative designs in architectural tiles and materials. The largest tile show in the world, Cersaie just ended a couple weeks ago and we are extremely excited to see all the wonderful materials about to be introduced into our world!

    Images: 14OraItaliana

  • Atlanta Retail Design: Make a Wish


    Retail Design

    Shopping for shoes in Atlanta is an experience in and of itself, but the designers at Established Architecture have proven that retail design will make a huge impact on your experience. The redesign of Wish, a very hip Atlanta shoe boutique, has allowed the store to keep it's urban streetwear credibility while bringing in high-fashion labels. Monthly sales have increased 400% since launch. Design is an investment with a good return when it's done right.

     Modern Library

    From the outside you would never know the gorgeous experience that awaits you as step down the stairs into the basement... The white glowing resin boxes make a huge statement while drawing your eyes to the vibrant displays. The shoes are perched on top like works of art, making this destination a style-lovers emporium.  

     Innovative Shelving

    Undercabinet lighting is perfect for illuminating products, but also decor items in the home as well. Surrounding the lit shelving, walls are lined with books, perfectly placed and piled. Hopefully, hipster shoppers will make the connection between stye and well-read. It's a brilliant display concept, don't you think?!

     Plywood Walls

    The bright and cheery upstairs also demonstrates very innovative design. The surrounding raw plywood creates a calming feel, allowing the displays and clothing to really stand out. Clusters of mini-pendant lights are perfect for creating special lighting effects.

     Sculptural Hanging Display

    Custom hanging rods and shelves line the walls in a clever and sculptural way. They create visual interest, but are not so overpowering that they take away from the goods on display.

    A well planned and executed design is a huge part of the retail experience (and the shop's sales apparently). So if you happen to be in the planning stages, remember that investment in design can generate a huge return!

    Images: Established

  • Olioboard Blog Hop: Fashion + Decor


    Today we are switching up our normal posting routine and doing something fun... We're participating in the Olioboard Blog Hop! We are super excited to be included in this fun event. We were asked to create a board on Olioboard demonstrating a connection between fashion and decor.

    We love modern and who doesn't love chic?... We decided to go with this stylish Kate Moss 'fit for our inspiration image, since bold black paired with metallic is so on-trend. We had fun translating this style into a room by pulling together modern, yet sophisticated pieces. We were able to create a dining room that would host the most amazing dinner parties!

    Olioboard is really fun, you can select products from several different brands to include on your board. And in case you're wondering, yes that is our gorgeous chandelier and stylish sconces in the background. Not sure if particular furniture or accessories will look together in one space? Olioboard is great for that! But you can also work with a budget and shop directly from the site...  So get on over there and try it, trust us it's fun!

    Make sure to check out all the other great bloggers participating in this event:

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    *After your blog hopping, check out our Euro Style Lighting contest, which is currently happening on Olioboard... We even got Chris Gardner from Curbly to be our guest judge!

    Kate Moss image: Fashion Gone Rogue

  • Cool + Collected 1.1


    Le Corbusier

    The Euro Style Lighting blogging team has decided to do a little round up for you each week. Think of it as a weekend read, some fun content for you to enjoy during your downtime... Here we go!

    +So, have you ever seen color photographs of Le Corbusier? Well, besides the one in this post?... Fast Company has some rare, color photographs of this iconic designer and they are really fun to peruse.

    +Thanks to CicLAVia, on Sunday morning, select L.A. city streets will be designated for cyclists only. Fixies, families and first-timers are all invited to ride care-free in the car-free city.

    +We were completely blown away by this Medical Centre for Austistic Children in Sydney, Australia featured on Contemporist.

    +Get the scoop on Young House Love's book tour and see if they're going to be in your city! Yes, they have a book coming out, as if their blog wasn't fun enough, right?!

    +Do you want to get away this weekend, but can't go anywhere? Head over to Kevin Kunstadt's website and enjoy some mind-blowing photography of the The Dolomites, a section of the Alps located in Northeastern Italy.

  • Skyline Design: New York City's Future


    NYC Future Skyline Design

    With real estate prices literally through the roof, building increasingly higher is the only foreseeable course for the future of the Manhattan's skyline. Since 9/11 building plans, in the world's most competitive urban canopy, became understandably more conservative, with most buildings topping out around the 1200 ft. mark. Unlike emerging cities like Shanghai, Dubai and Hong Kong, New York's skyline is no longer in the race for world's tallest. These days, smart growth is the goal, and to that end, ambition gives way to jurisprudence.

    Here are a few of the top new projects popping up around town:

    World Trade Center Site

    On the former site of the Twin Towers, One World Trade Center (pictured above) is proof that boardrooms don't always make great designers. Architect Daniel Liebeskind's original "Freedom Tower" proposal (sketches at the top of this post) called for a breathtaking memorial atrium in the sky, but over time his weightless glass tower gave way through a highly public design process to the more conservative WTC 1, composed of 8 triangular sides inverted upon one another, designed by Skidmore, Owings & Merril. With a pinnacle height of 1776 ft., it will eventually stand as the highest point in the New York skyline.

    One World Trade Center Lobby

    At ground level, a 185 ft. concrete safety wall is wrapped in ultramodern lighting fixtures composed of LEDs behind a glass curtain (above). Through the use of modern lighting fixtures, you can always count on good design as a final result.

    Worlds Tallest Residential Towers

    In Midtown Manhattan, 432 Park Avenue (pictured above, courtesy of will offer an interesting collection of stacked vertical boxes. At 1379 ft. when completed, it's roof height will surpass that of even the Freedom Tower making it the tallest residential tower in the country. 

    Building upward has always been the aim of developers in Manhattan, and only through a series of forward-thinking building codes has the entire island been spared going 100% vertical over the years. It's these codes that mandate ground-level access to sunlight (spawning the classic set-back look of NYC's art deco skyscrapers), and it's this very regulation of sunlight access that has stalled the construction of Tower Verre (pictured below), arguably NYC's most adventurous building on the books.

    Proposed New York Skyscrapers

    Originally designed to be 1,250 ft., Tower Verre has been approved at a reduced 1,050 ft. to curb the reach of an afternoon shadow it could potentially cast over Central Park. 

    Like the Tower Verre, quite a few towers are being proposed at the 1200 ft range, approximately the height of the Empire State Building. Among them is the Vornado Tower (below) which is mildly reminiscent of The Shard in London.

    Empire State Building Photo

    15 Penn Plaza Street View

    Ground floors of the Vornado Tower (above) would contain retail spaces, lit by the light wells of the atrium like walls, and augmented with state of the art recessed lighting and energy efficient fixtures.

    Lastly, the massive Hudson Yards Development seeks to transform rail yards at the far western end of the island into a cluster of supertall Class A office buildings, providing Midtown Manhattan with an always-needed infusion of floor space.

    Hudson Rail Yards

    While it's unlikely that New York will ever hold the world's tallest building again, the city will always hold the world's heart as the consummate vertical urban environment. 

    Images:  Studio Daniel Liebeskind, the Atlantic, New York ObserverCurbed NY, NYC Architecture, City Land, Chelsea Now

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