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  • Design Trend: Chevron Pattern


    Design Trend

    Image from 6th Street Design School

    I have been a long time fan of the chevron pattern trend. I just can’t seem to kick my love for it! I have had a chevron rug in my living room for years and I still love it as much today as I did when I bought it. Chevron is awesome because it's in the stripe family but has a bit more fun to it than your common stripe might have.

    Of course, you wouldn't want to have too much chevron in one space, that would be a bit overwhelming, right? I suggest having one great chevron piece for your room. I guarantee the chevron pattern will draw the eye and bring on the compliments from your friends and family.

    This room is my inspiration room for the chevron look. Pretty much it’s just the rug that has chevron, like in my house. Do you see how your eye is drawn to the rug? It’s a great fun pattern that brings the whole space together!

    Chevron Pattern Furnishings

    To incorporate design trend into your own home, here are a few favorite ways to do it.

    This Robert Abbey Table Lamp instantly made me think of a fun nursery. Wouldn’t it make a great light in your little one’s room? I love the navy color against the white. The Edna Modern Yellow Ottoman would be a fantastic option for extra seating or a cozy place to put your feet up. The yellow chevron stripes are perfect. So sunny and cheery! And last but not least, the Bardot Charcoal Chevron Pillows. These might be my favorite. They have a little bit of an ikat or watercolor look to them which makes them awesome. I love the charcoal color. It would look great in just about any room in your house!

    Image: 6th Street Design School

  • Superstar Lineup in Modern Lighting


    Ellen DeGeneres

    Did you all watch the Oscar's last night? Who was your fave celeb? We thought Brad + Angelina were stunning.

    In honor of Ellen's Twitter-breaking selfie, we decided to round up our own pack of superstars....

    Modern Lighting

    Cyan Bella Red Chianti Glass 36-Inch-H ChandelierColor + Plus Clear Fillable 30-Inch-H Table LampEmbroidered Peacock Brushed Steel 16-Inch-W Swag ChandelierAntique Gold Jeweled Round 35 1/4-Inch Wall MirrorQuantum Golden Shadow Rectangle Crystal ChandelierVan Teal Run Around Black Shade Chrome 38-Inch-H Table LampBrushed Steel Bold Black Stripe Pendant Chandelier

    We love all the celebs of course, but we also love the black, white, gold and just a pop of red that became the color palette of a record-breaking 2,000,000+ re-Tweeted image.

    What was your favorite part of the show...?

    Image: Ellen DeGeneres

  • Productive Office Space Design


    Office Space Design

    Image from Stylizmo

    Modern Dining Chair

    Wishbone Y Natural Wood Side ChairJonathan Adler Nickel Antwerp Desk Lamp

    We spotted some stylish office spaces around the internet so we thought we would share them with you. Good office design that is clean and minimal will boost your energy level and help you be more productive.

    The white floors in this space above really opens it up. The brightness brings energy and the natural wood pieces add contrast. Contemporary dining chairs are perfect for the office, especially the classics like this Wishbone chair above.

    Modern Design

    Image from Stylizmo

    White Plastic Side Chair

    Franklin Iron Works Brewery Bronze Cage Mini PendantContemporary White Plastic 32-Inch-H Side Chairs

    If you're like us, you prefer the modern black and white aesthetic. This space above does a great job balancing the two, the black balances with the white to create an organized and stylish office. White, modern tables do a great job setting the tone.

    Loft Studio

    Modern White Chairs

    Pascal White Plastic Wood 30 1/2-Inch-H Set of 2 Side ChairsDraper White Leatherette 22-Inch-H Zuo Lounge Chair

    We're proud to share this studio space above... We worked with Emma Robertson to create a beautiful space by providing a couple different chair styles. We loved the way she designed it and we think the studio turned out great!

    Modern Cottage

    Image from Nest Pretty Things

    Black Pendant

    Howard Elliott Bahama Breeze Patio PillowModern Colorful Paisley Square Accent Pillow / Safavieh Spice Beach Red Coral Fan Pillows / Contemporary Black Metal Possini Euro Dome Pendant Light

    If you need a little color in your life but still appreciate the clean, modern aesthetic then check out this eclectically modern space above. Just the right amount of color to brighten up the all-white room. The bold black pendant and chair add a little fun contrast to the mix.

    Images: Stylizmo, Stylizmo, Explosive, Nest Pretty Things

  • Outdoor Lighting in Prep For Spring


    Modern Outdoor Lighting

    With spring in the air it’s time to set your sights on sprucing up your outdoor spaces. One of the easiest, and most effective ways to do so is by updating your lighting. 

    If you’re a traditionalist start by adding a pair of outdoor lanterns to each side of your front door and you’ll create an instant update, while still maintaining a classic look. A bright painted door and some amazing topiary’s don’t hurt either.

    Outdoor Pendant

    If you have the space, try hanging an outdoor pendant light or smaller chandelier from your porch. I’m in love with the gold one pictured here, just make sure it truly is an outdoor light.

    Industrial Lighting

    Lastly don’t forget about your other outdoor spaces. For example I adore how a more industrial light hangs from the side of this home. This type of light would look great  on a garage, back door, shed or pool house area as well.

    Honestly no more than ever the outdoor lighting possibilities are endless and I’ve rounded up my top outdoor looks to help you narrow down the field.

    Outdoor Lighting

    1.  The Barn Wall Urban Sconce is the perfect accent for a garage, barn, and/or shed plus you can’t beat the price! 

    2.  The Milo Brass Pendant may be my favorite as I’m having a major gold moment. Gold, or brass adds such richness and warmth to any space.

    3.  The Quoizal Hanging Lantern is the perfect traditional example which looks good on any home regardless the style. 

    4.  The Toledo Oil Silver Light has such a fantastic industrial vibe I would love to see this on a more modern home or loft space.

    5.  The Abbington Driftwood Wall Light is by far the most traditional of the bunch, but a great lantern is such a classic, one that never goes out of style.

    6.  I love the subtle hint of Moroccan design that the Lavary Minka Lantern brings. I can just picture this on a California Style Spanish home, or any place that has a bohemian vibe.

    Images: Georgian Design, Traditional Home, Steve-H

  • Modern prefab home design for the architecturally minded


    Prefab Home

    Image Juan Baraja

    Here are two stunning examples of architecturally designed modular homes that pack a great punch in just 290 square feet. Ever wonder what a prefab home would look like that could be assembled in a day?

    First up is a house by Spanish architecture studio Abaton, the portable ÁPH80 home.

    This house measures 290 square feet in total. Packs in a full bathroom, bedroom and a living/kitchen room combined. The eleven foot gabled ceiling keeps the space feeling open and airy.

    Prefab Home Interior

     Image Juan Baraja

    Large pendant lighting with innovative styling compliments the eclectic mix of modern and rustic furniture. Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors bring the outdoors in.

    Prefab Home Exterior

    Image Juan Baraja 

    Externally the home is clad entirely in gray cement board panels, providing a solid look to the house. The house can be assembled in a day and transported to almost any location on a back of a truck. Manufacture lead time is only four to six weeks.

    Modular Home

     Image Leonardo Finotti

    Next up is a prefabricated modular home built by the architecture collective MAPA of Brazil and Uruguay. Also coming in at 290 square feet, this home comprises of four modules for sleeping, lounging, dining and bathing.

    Modular Home Bedroom

     Image Leonardo Finotti

    The two end walls are entirely glazed creating the potential for stunning vistas from the sleep area. Chic and stylish modern light fixtures sit on either side of the bed. The shower area, on the opposite end of the sleep area, has the option to be turned into an indoor outdoor space.

    Modular Home Bathroom

     Image Leonardo Finotti

    Large sliding glass doors open up to create a stunning indoor/outdoor living area. This house was built as a prototype for Minimod, a business creating bespoke modular structures.

    Images: Abaton, MAPA

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