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  • Falling for Fall Home Colors


    Fall Home Colors

    Image from Hyper Allergic

    Ok, so I'm admittedly not a creature of home color habit. With the autumn equinox a little over a week away (September 21 to be exact), I decided to search for something other than orange, brown and maroon to incorporate in the house. 

    I looked everywhere. Home blogs. Fashion blogs. Colorists. Futurists. And what I found was almost every color combination under the late summer sun. Which led to an obvious conclusion: "new fall colors" can be anything you want them to be, as long as you pick a palette and stick to it. So with that, here are a few interesting palettes I found:

    Mid Century Colors

    Robert Sonneman Modern Unoluci Yellow Floor LampKimlyn Rio Taupe Mid-Century Modern Armchair

    Above is this late summer/early fall palette, inspired by the Emily Mast art installation pictured at the top of this post. The colors work well with mid-century furnishings.

    Nail Color Trends

    Nail polish images from Elle

    Color Plus Ovo Raindrop Glass with Oatmeal Shade Table LampFired Brick Red Brown Double Gourd 29 1/2-Inch-H Table LampModern Narrow Zig Zag Art Shade Rose Ovo Table Lamp

    Then there's the playful vibe above, inspired by Elle's fall nail polish predictions. There are tons of unique table lamps on the market to help you get this look in a snap.

    Fashion Fall Colors

    Dress and sunglasses images from Refinery 29

    Possini Euro Double Shade Bronze 20 Inch Wide Pendant LightHoward Elliott 2-Piece Cobalt Blue Ceramic Jar Set

    And lastly, here's a take on late autumn up to the holidays inspired by simple yet sophisticated lines and colors found on Refinery 29. As you can see, fall colors can be virtually anything you want, as long as you keep things consistent.

    Images: Hyper Allergic, Elle, Refinery 29 

  • Celebrity Home Design Tips


    Celebrity Home Design Tips 

    There are many things to envy when it comes to celebrities, specifically Gisele Bundchen, but when it comes to home design those elements of jealousy can be overcome.

    We may not be able to afford the celebrity interior designer, but that doesn't mean we can't use their designs as inspiration and blueprints. It's not as hard as you may think to find an extremely similar look on a "normal person" budget.

    This gorgeous living room above was just one of the beautiful rooms in the Brentwood home of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady. Although we're still in love with this home, we can also look forward to seeing images of their new home currently being built in Boston...

    Modern Lighting

    Troy Cymbal Bronze Leaf Wall SconceRobert Abbey Lucy Deep Patina Bronze PendantKathy Ireland Empire Antique Brass Table Lamp

    In our opinion the most important elements in this living room design is the modern lighting. The round shaped chandelier is a great contrast to all the hard edges in the room. It breaks it all up and gives you a reason to look up.

    The brass wall sconces were not selected to blend in, but rather stand out and they do just that. The brass finish is beautiful and they really help make the fireplace wall the main focus. Using a pair of modern wall sconces is a great way to highlight a specific element in the room.

    Between the gorgeous indoor tree on the left and the table lamp on the right side on the console table, the design of the space is successfully presented at different levels. Good design should make your eyes constantly move around the room. 

    Entryway Chandelier

    Maxim Chantilly 10 Light Nickel Jewelry Chain Chandelier

    The entryway chandelier is beyond brilliant. You really feel like this is the introduction to the home, not just a space where everyone walks through to get somewhere else. Because of its location, this gorgeous chandelier also adorns the second floor. We love that!

    So dream on and don't give up. You can have a designer style home like all the celebrities!

    Image: Architectural Digest

  • Kitchen Design: Black, White or Both?


    Modern Kitchen Design

    You can never go wrong with all-white decor or all-black decor, especially when it comes to the clean lines of modern kitchen design. 

    But the question we're posing today is, which is your favorite? Black or white kitchen design?

    This bold black design above looks quite nice. You can add a pop of white like they did with a couple mini white pendants

    White Kitchen Design

    We can't help but love the simplicity of this all-white design above. And bonus, your food will look extra brilliant.

    Dark Kitchen Design

    This loft style home optioned for a dark kitchen design, which we love. The geometric window wall helps open it up to the rest of the home.

    White Design

    Wood contrasts perfectly against all-white design, like this vintage modern kitchen above. 

    Who says kitchen design has to include pendants or chandeliers? Check out this space below.... You could use a fun table lamp and help your kitchen look unique while still providing lighting for cooking. However this should only be done if you have the right amount of counter space.

    Black And White Design

    This kitchen is also good inspiration If you're not sure which you prefer, black or white design. Just try both like this smart kitchen.

    Note: pops of color are always welcome!

    Images: HouzzStylizmoNate BerkusElizabeth Heier, My Ideal Home

  • The Tulip Table Trend


    Design Trend

    In 1956, Eero Saarinen introduced his Pedestal Collection, including the infamous Tulip table. They were taken into production by Knoll, and are still manufactured there today.

    Saarinen wanted to reduce the structural elements of a table to the most basic shape, and was inspired by a drop of high-viscosity liquid. Saarinen explained, “The underside of typical chairs and tables makes a confusing, unrestful world. I wanted to clear up the slum of legs.”

    We're so happy he took on this challenge so that we can all enjoy this on-going tulip table trend!

    Breakfast Nook Design

    This breakfast nook above features a white tulip table set against a dark and moody chalk wall, with pale pink shell chairs. We couldn't love this space more! We also couldn't help but notice that fabulous lighting adds some major style to this space.

    Dining Room Design

    Although Saarinen also designed the Tulip chair to pair with his table design, we think mixing different chairs styles looks great, especially when different materials are involved. The dark wood chairs above help the clean, white table pop.

    Here's some idea based on these beautiful images above:

    Modern Home Furnishings

    Modern Dining Chair Options

    A. The Zuo Union Square Chair resembles the classic French bistro style, perfect for using to contrast a modern table.

    B. You just can't go wrong with the white shell chair, no matter what table style is involved.

    C. If you want a really great contrast, pair the Ranger Mod accent chair with a white Tulip table.

    Images: Chic Deco, SF Girl by Bay, Apartment Therapy

  • Our Favorite Communal Work Spaces


    Communal Work Spaces

    If you're like us, you're always dreaming about the ideal work environment. We often peruse Pinterest looking for our favorite communal work spaces and I think we found them!

    The common elements in all of them are wide open space, unique lighting and lots of natural light.

    White Office Space Design

    All-white spaces always grab our attention because they're so clean and non-distracting. We need a clean work environment to be productive.

    Smart task seating is also important, as well as eye-catching. There's some really fun designs out there when it comes to desk chairs. They don't have to be ugly and bulky to be comfortable and functional.

    Room Divider For A Communal Office

    Work spaces that are stylish and not just functional help employees feel good about where they work, and often times this leads to better work production. This space above utilizes a creative way to close off a conference room without resorting to ugly cubicle walls.

    Images: SF Girl by Bay, Dust Jacket Attic, Distracted by Design

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