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  • Modern Island Retreat Integrates Seamlessly with Landscape


     Modern Architecture with Canopy and Glass Window Wall

    What isn't there to love about this beautiful island retreat located on the New Zealand Island of Waiheke? This home designed by Fearon Hay Architects with interiors by Penny Hay takes my breath and my words away. New Zealand is one of the most picturesque places in the world, so being able to capture the 360 degree views from your living room is a true luxury. Innovative architecture joins interior and exterior spaces through the use of canopy-like structures tensioned to the surrounding landscape. Although the architecture is rather harsh in its elements, the surrounding landscape becomes completely integrated with the architecture and the interior creating warmth and harmony.

    Sunken Living Room Sofa Fireplace and Ocean View

    The sunken sofa lies low so you don't miss an inch of the view. The lighting remains as flush as can be although  track lights are a must here. This is a great solution for any home that does not have the space for recessed lighting. I'd be cozying on up in this little sunken haven and just enjoying what is!

    Raw Walnut Dining Table with Metal Chairs

    Natural wood elements of the table mix nicely with the low soft leather sofa, metal chairs, and concrete floors creating a seamless flow with the gorgeous surroundings.

    Stainless Steel and Gray Oak Kitchen with Natural Stone Countertop

    Can't you just imagine whipping up an incredible meal in this stunning kitchen.  I'd write my menu and wine list right there on that chalkboard wall and cook up a meal with ease.  What a perfect combination of elements!  I love a decorative light over an island, so if I wanted to get playful I would swap out one of the standard fixtures with this glass monorail pendant.

    Open plan modern master bathroom suite with freestanding steel soaking tub

    Ladder Storage in Bathroom

    Basic necessities and functional elements have been met with solutions as unique as their surroundings. The idea of keeping things out in the open and revealing their true beauty continues into this open bathroom plan.

     Raw wood headboard and natural linens

    I hear someone calling for a side table in this room!  I think this concrete looking Fiberclay Ottoman is the perfect match!

    Architecture and Landscape

    Invite me over to stay...I don't mind bringing a tent and camping in the yard! Our canopy-like structures can meet with open arms!  

    I look forward to more work from Fearon Hay and Penny Hay in 2012!  

    Images: Fearon Hay ArchitectsPenny Hay Interior Architect

  • Abbot Kinney: Where Art & Culture Meet Beach Town


    Venice, California

    Known as the "Coney Island of the Pacific" in the early 1900's, the area we now know as Venice used to be called Ocean Park until Abbot Kinney took charge of city politics and changed the name in 1911. After traveling the world, Kinney settled along the coast of Southern California in 1880 where he eventually set out to create a place grounded in art and culture. When lecturers and performers failed to create a cultural mecca, he decided to focus on the character of the inhabitants of the then "Ocean Park", which were beach-goers and summer vacationers. In 1906 an area was built that patterned itself after the amusement thoroughfares of the great 19th and 20th century expositions. It featured foreign exhibits, amusements, and freak shows.

    Just a hop, skip and a jump from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, 20 minutes north in Los Angeles, Venice no longer has the amusement pier or freak shows, but there's plenty to keep you entertained along Abbot Kinney Boulevard. Don't be fooled by this laid back beach town. Contemporary style has emerged all over this quaint town, from restaurants to boutiques and even a pet shop. 

    Urbanic products

    Urbanic is a hip little stationary shop with some of the most unique designs you'll find. They also sell accessories, gift wrapping and some of the best design magazines and books. Like many other small businesses in the area they participate in "First Fridays," where local businesses stay open late the first Friday of every month. This is a way for business owners to mingle with the locals and tourists alike, support each other and create a small town feel in the heart one of the largest cities.

    Axe exterior

    Axe interior

    Axe is a beautifully designed contemporary restaurant that also happens to have amazing food. Highly recommended, this ethical eatery nourishes its patrons with healthy food while providing a chic Scandinavian-style interior. The layout is very open with linear furniture and concrete flooring. Round pendant lights add a little warmth to this otherwise modern space.

    Modern Dog exterior

    Modern Dog interior

    If you own dogs, Modern Dog is the place for you. Bright, bold colors drape the walls and the accessories in this cool boutique. While providing excellent customer service, this shop features dog clothes, spa items, deluxe beds, and many premium brands of dog food. Oh, and it's a pet friendly shop of course!

    Undiscovered exterior

    Undiscovered interior

    Undiscovered was founded by Nilou Ghodsi (who also owns nearby clothing boutique Heist). This eclectically modern space features stylish decor and provides items for the home as well as the closet, while also housing an art gallery upstairs. It's a one-stop-shop that is sure to help furnish both you and your home.

    Ghodsi's original boutique, Heist (below) is a trendy clothing store with contemporary decor. Modern pendant lights and mid-century furniture accent this shop perfectly without taking away from the clothes.

    Heist interior

    Whether you live in Los Angeles or you're visiting from out of town, be sure to visit Venice and experience Abbot Kinney Boulevard, a beach town full of contemporary style and easy going locals. You're sure to eat well, furnish your wardrobe, style your pets and even peruse art galleries. But don't forget to leave time for a stroll on the beach.

    Image credit: Caviar & Cashmere, Thigh Brown, Yelp, Yo Venice

  • Chrome in the Home


      Kitchen Design and Chrome Cabinetry

    Do you find yourself being drawn to shiny objects? Chrome finishes have been popular for quite a while and never seem to go out of style. They add a reflective surface to the design and shout - "I am modern!" When I think of chrome compared to other finishes I think - fresh, new, and modern. The silver hue of chrome can easily blend into any color scheme and is also a great color combination when paired with bright colors.

    Chrome Light Fixtures and Chrome Mirrors

    Bring chrome into your own home with the products featured above.

    Image: emmas designblogg

  • Portable Beach House Design: Permanant Summer


    beach house design

    Why not hold on to Summer as long as possible and just follow it?! This portable beach house design will let you do just that!

    window wall

    Designed by Crosson, Clarke, Carnachan Architects, this home was made to rest within the coastal erosion zone, where all buildings must be removable. So, the "hut" is designed on two thick wooden sleds for movement.

    modern living room

    The interiors, like the architecture, were kept simple. But no space should go without modern seating and simple home decor.

    ocean view

    What a view! And to think, you could actually turn this home for a different view if you really wanted...

    portable beach house design

    And away they go...

    Images: Arch Daily

  • Modern Wood Paneling: Adding Texture To Any Space


    modern wood paneling

    Modern wood paneling has no doubt progressed since the 70's, proving it's a trend that will be around for a while! We love the use of wood paneling on walls, ceilings, floors, and all-over because it has the ability to soften up a space. The white wood planks on the walls of  this kitchen (above) create a very clean, natural feel. The oiled white oak floor warms up the space and the use of the same material over the hood is a feature design element. See how even this little accent of the natural wood on the walls can make such a big statement.

    plywood ceiling panels

    The marine plywood panels on the ceiling create a unifying element within this space. The use of wood on the ceiling allows you to use tile on the floor without the space feeling too cold.  

    reclaimed wood panels

    Reclaimed wood walls are a very popular trend right now. They mix so beautifully with bold colors and industrial elements. The use of industrial wall sconces against reclaimed wood is the perfect pairing.


    modern wall sconce



    rustic bathroom design

    Wrapping the walls and ceiling of this rustic bathroom in un-milled, reclaimed wood is a great way to achieve that rustic modern cabin feel. The use of light wood planks and the light concrete floor feels bright and airy, creating a beautiful contrast with the black vanity.  

     metal ceiling tiles

    Today, restaurant design uses reclaimed wood to achieve an industrial modern feel. It's a trendy look, creates a cozy atmosphere, and also helps absorb sound. Bronze pendant lights really are the perfect metallic accent in any modern, industrial interior. Gunmetal accents also work perfectly with this industrial modern feel.

     industrial modern floor lamp


    Whether you're going for a modern-rustic or chic-industrial, incorporating wood paneling or reclaimed wood into your space can provide you layers of textures that bring softness and warmth. It's a trend that will definitely be around for awhile!

    Images: Style Files, Est Magazine, Remodelista, Yatzer

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