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  • A Book For Modern Bohemian Design Lovers


    A Book For Modern Bohemian Design Lovers

    Modern bohemian design has a new book.

    I have great news for all you modern Bohemian design lovers out there... There's a new book that will provide endless inspiration for your own home.

    The New Bohemians, by LA based designer Justina Blakeney explores twenty homes that embody the new boho style.

    Modern Style Living With Added Personality

    Modern design with color and eclectic style.

    Whether you're a maximalist or minimalist, East or West Coaster, this book has it all... As long as you love personality, color and texture.

    From modern wall light fixtures to furniture and home textiles, this book will not only provide inspiration images, but also tips and DIYs.

    The New Bohemians

    Designer Justina Blakeney

    Designer Justina Blakeney, author of The New Bohemians.

    While you can read Justina's blog every day, this book has more design, styling and personality than she's ever shared before. Not to mention the photography by Dabito is beautiful as well!


    (Note: Justina has shared some of her bohemian design ideas on the the Eurostyle Blog too!)

    Image Sources: Dabito of Old Brand New

  • 2015 Milan Furniture Fair - A Vision for a New Work Environment


     "The Walk," part of workspace 3.0 at milan furniture week

    Who doesn't dream about a new work environment?  One that does away with the dreary cubicle maze that many of us toil away in?  An exhibit at the 2015 Milan Furniture Fair had some solutions to cure the work space blahs.

    The Milan Furniture Fair (or Salone del Mobile) happens once a year in April and is ground zero for new design trends.  

    The Workspace 3.0 area of the fair focused on new ways of working and products for inhabiting the spaces in which we work.

    One of the major exhibits was architect Michele De Lucchi’s  "The Walk."

    "The Walk" is a vision of the office of the future and was composed of four thematic areas which were linked by a looping walkway that is designed to give you different perspectives on ongoing office life.

     The four thematic areas were Club, Free Men, Agora and Laboratory.

    the "club" workspace area for idea exchange and socializing

    “Club” is reminiscent of hotel and airport lounges and is both welcoming and comfortable and includes areas where you can exchange thoughts and socialize.

    "free men" is the place to nourish the independent creative process in the workspace

    “Free Men” is the place for you to nourish the independent creative process and is meant for both individual and group work.

      the agora is a place to share ideas, information and opinions

    The “Agora” is for gathering people, whether it is for meetings, conferences, presentations, etc.  It is an area to share ideas, information and opinions.

      "laboratory" is where the creative process takes shape

    “Laboratory” is where the creative process takes shape.  Documents, presentations, images, 3D prototypes, etc are all produced here.


    Michele De Lucchi said:

    “We should think of the workspace as a gymnasium for the mind, conceiving it as a place where relationships generate new ideas and possibilities.  Offices of the future should be visualized with the focus on lifestyles unfettered by convention, evolving spaces that perpetuate an endless stream of new ideas.”


    While most of us won’t have the opportunity to work in such a work environment, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your workspace to avoid the cubicle doldrums.  A stylish and comfortable desk chair and beautiful table lamp or task light go a long way!

    Image Sources: 1st Image: Habitania. 2nd - 5th Images: Ways of Working.

  • Festive Outdoor Decor Ideas


     festive outdoor decor ideas

    Fun, festive outdoor decor for Cinco de Mayo.

    It's that time of year again... Here are some outdoor decor ideas for fun, festive decor in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Whether you're celebrating indoors or out, there're simple ways to make your party appropriately stylish for this holiday.

    You can't go wrong with stylish outdoor patio chairs. The more colorful, the better. Include a variety of chairs with colorful tabletop decor, paper banners. The combination will add tons of personality.

     colorful outdoor decor

    Modern lighting for outdoor celebrations.

    Next let's talk about lighting... Hanging party lights are great even after the celebration is over. Go ahead and leave them up year-round. They look great paired with modern outdoor lighting and will add some whimsy to your backyard.

    Oh, and of course colorful flowers will always work well for a Cinco de Mayo celebration...

     festive indoor decor ideas

    Festive indoor decor ideas.

    Don't forget when you have a party outdoors, guests will typically need to go through the house to get to the party out back. So, don't forget to add some decor indoors as well. 

    Something as simple as adding decorative textiles with colorful patterns will add just enough detail to the inside of the house. And a small cactus or succulent can't hurt...

    I hope these indoor and outdoor decor ideas will inspire you this holiday!


    Image Sources: 1st image: Brunch at Saks 2nd image: Charming in Charlotte 3rd image: Camille Styles

  • Modern Restaurant Design in Mexico City


     modern restaurant design in mexico city

    Modern restaurant design in Mexico City

    The best part about good design is that you can find it all over the world... Take the Melamen restaurant, located in Mexico, for example. 

    The modern, eclectic decor entices passerbys in the Polanco neighborhood of Mexico City. On both the first and second floor, this restaurant makes great use of wall space, from gallery walls to wall art.

     gallery wall and pendant lighting fixtures in mexico city restaurant

    Wall galleries and hanging light fixtures in a Mexico City restaurant.

    As the story goes, Malamen was a girl living in Mexico City who always wanted to open her own restaurant, but died before fulfilling her dream. Until one day when Marco Colin, a graphic designer and globetrotter, found her old cook book... And so the idea of opening a restaurant was born.

    Fast forward to this amazing modern restaurant design, starting with the eclectic wall galleries and hanging light fixtures that fill the first floor.

     black and white wall mural above tables, banquette and white dining chairs

    White dining chairs and wall illustration in a modern restaurant.

    The top floor features an awesome illustration on the wall, which timelines Malamen's life.

    The entire restaurant design follows through with the story which inspired the restaurant's opening, down to the menu, which came from Malamen's book. So cool.

    Get this look in your own dining room just by selecting some contemporary light fixtures and white dining room chairs.


    All images from Malamen

  • Cool Off In Style With Contemporary Ceiling Fans


    mid-century modern fan in stylish living room

    Mid century modern living room with contemporary ceiling fan.

    The weather is finally starting to warm up everywhere and Instagram is full of Spring-like photos... So, now is the time to plan how to cool off this Summer. 

    We have a suggestion, try contemporary ceiling fans so you can stay cool without interrupting your modern style.

    contemporary ceiling fan in office

    Study in cool style with a mid-century modern ceiling fan.

    This home office above is full of patterns and warm woods. When you look up, there's no shortage of style...

    A mid-century modern ceiling fan will keep you cool while you work and make sure to impress any business meetings you may have in your office.

    outdoor living space with modern ceiling fans

    Outdoor style with sleek ceiling fans.

    Don't forget your outdoor living space... Just because you're outside doesn't mean you're cool. Sometimes Mother Nature needs a little help getting the air flowing. Those modern ceiling fans are the perfect choice for this cool backyard! Perfect for Summer BBQs!

    Image Sources: 1st Image: Amy A. Alper 2nd Image: Scheer & Company 3rd Image: Austin Outdoor Design

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