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  • Modern Mirrors to Dress Up Your Walls


    Round modern mirror with silver frame over mirrored sideboard

    When it comes time to pick a modern mirror for your home décor, the options can seem endless! If you need a little help narrowing it down, here are 10 cool modern mirrors that would look great in any room of your home.

    Modern oval mirror above side table with two accent chairs

    1. This oval mirror with a frame of smaller beveled mirrors provides sparkling reflections in a bathroom, hallway, or living room. Each small mirror around the outside reflects and scatters the light throughout the room.

    Rectangular mirror with modern raised texture
    2. This textured modern rectangular mirror resembles a cityscape when looked at from above. It looks great in a modern loft or it can be used to spice up a more traditional home. Try mounting it in a bathroom or as a focal point in a living room.

    Mirror with irregularly shaped faux stone frame

    3. This irregularly shaped modern mirror will instantly update any living space. The faux stone finish screams “modern design,” and looks right at home with contemporary décor.

    Rectangular mirror with pressed tin frame

    4. Not all modern mirrors are the same! The texture and a heavy gray distressed wash gives this pressed tin mirror the look of an original antique piece. The golden champagne finish enhances the intricate pressed tin frame, making this mirror a work of art. This exclusive design is sure to turn heads and start conversation.

    Modern home office with flower-shaped openwork mirror

    5. Add a bit of whimsy with this floral modern mirror. This mirror is a fun choice in a child’s bedroom, living room, or makes a statement in a hallway or bathroom. The mirrored flower petals of this round frameless wall mirror reflect light throughout the room.

    Curved mirror with bronze braided trim

    6. Mirror, mirror on the wall, is this the most beautiful modern mirror of them all? This curved mirror features a narrow metal frame embellished with a braided trim. The bronze finish accents the sophisticated details, making this an excellent choice for your home.

    Mirror that resembles a porthole

    7. All aboard for this nautical mirror! Like a porthole gazing out onto sea, you’ll love looking into this fun modern mirror with an antique metal finish. Finished in antique metal for a realistic appearance, consider placing this mirror in a beach house, living room, or game room!

    Narrow, rectangular mirror with Moroccan-inspired details

    8. Small spaces beg for mirrors to make the room appear bigger, and this rectangular morrocan style mirror is perfect. Place it on a narrow wall or hallway, or any tight space. This mirror gives a chic touch to any room of your home.

    Unique rectangular mirror with a recycled newspaper frame

    9. Bring a burst of color to your home with this stylish modern mirror! Made of recycled newspaper, you’ll help the environment while making a fashion statement. This unique and colorful wall mirror is sure to be a conversation starter for your guests.

    Modern living room with cream, brass and blue accents

    10. Try placing this bold geometric mirror over a dresser, bar, or side table for an instant contemporary touch. The soft gold color accents the multi-faceted mirror, and takes advantage of the current geometric trend.

    Stylish modern mirrors are for more than looking in- they’re also a work of art! Hopefully, with this list of 10 mirrors you can find the perfect fit for your home.

    All images: Euro Style Lighting

  • Stylish Stages of Designing a Kid's Room


    A stylish nursery with modern flush mount lighting

    Modern nursery with an innovative crib style.

    I have some ideas for all stages of stylish kid's room... Whether you're a new parent, you have a toddler or you're inching closer to those fun teenage years, make sure you raise a design-savvy child.

    The modern nursery above features a fun crib style and a creative wall feature. Lots of different textures keep the space warm and cozy.

    Depending on the height of your nursery ceiling, you can include a hanging pendant or opt for some energy-efficient LED flushmount lighting. Another option, given the rustic style and textures in this nursery, would be stylish crystal pendant lighting to add a nice contrast.

    A toddler's bedroom in a black and white palette with an over-sized floor lamp

    Modern toddler room with large floor lamp.

    Transition your baby into a modern toddler with a bold black and white palette like this space above, but keep it soft with some wood details and lots of modern textiles.

    Make sure it's a little fun with something oversized, like that floor lamp.

    A modern bedroom for a teenager with platform bed and accent table as a bedside table

    Modern teenage bedroom style.

    This teenage bedroom above has all the style of a modern home with all the cool functionality every teenager needs. Platform beds with storage is a great idea if you want your kid to have somewhere to throw all the clothes they refuse to hang.

    Don't forget some clip-on bedside lighting for all their last minute homework.

    How have you designed your kid's room so you can make stylish transition from a baby to a teenager?

    Images  from Vintage Revivals, Style Files, Petit & Small

  • Minimal Christmas Decor Ideas


    Organic and simple Christmas decor

    Minimal Christmas decor for the holidays.

    I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!! Now, time for some wintery decor ideas... 

    Keep it simple, no need to get overly thematic for the holidays... Garlands looks light and pretty, plus you can keep them around way past the holidays.

    Tree with minimalist Christmas decor and modern paper chandelier

    Modern Winter wonderland.

    Let's say you want the big tree and a minimal aesthetic... It's ok, you can have both. Keep the decor on the tree minimal and the surrounding home decor simple. 

    Try some fun paper-based lighting that works with the season, but also looks great year round.

    Modern living room with Christmas tree wall decal

    Christmas tree on the wall.

    This modern home above has the ultimate idea for minimal Christmas decor... Use your wall space for a faux tree, either with string, wood or branches.

    It looks super modern, but no one can accuse you of being a grinch.

    Images from Awakened by Sunrise, One Kind Design, Drawer

  • Happy Thanksgiving!


    Industrial style living room with bronze arc lamp

    If you've had your fill of turkey and all the sweet potatoes you can shake a stick at, and are in the mood for a little retail therapy, you should definitely check out Euro Style Lighting's Holiday Sale!

    There are 3,500+ stales on sale for up to 50% off!

    Here is just a small sample of the goodies to be found in this amazing sale:

    Lighting from Euro Style Lighting

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    The Euro Style Lighting Team

  • Design Trend - Modern Clothes Rack Style


    Clothes racks used as a part of the design of a modern bedroom

    Clothes rack in minimal closet

    One of today's modern design trends allows you to share your fashion sense.  You don't have to hide all your clothes behind doors anymore. Clothes racks look great for residential use, not just backstage at fashion week...

    Add some simple lighting or maybe go with some glamorous crystal pendant lighting and you can achieve the look above.

    Small space solution with clothes racks

    Clothes racks for small spaces

    Maybe you're not trying to display your personal style, you just need to make the most out of a small space... You can turn a large closet into a loft by using a clothes rack, some plywood and nails.

    Keep the color palette light and simple to help the space look bigger, and some modern clamp lighting to keep it functional.

    Clothes rack used as a decorative element

    Clothes rack as an accessory

    Maybe you're not worried about space, or even displaying your fashion sense, clothes racks can also be used in the same way shelving is used.... Display some of your favorites, including plants and accessories.

    Images from Apartment Therapy, What A Wonderful Home, Decor Pad

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