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  • Thanksgiving


    Thanksgiving Table Setting Idea

    Image from Karla Rosenlund

    Happy Thanksgiving from our table to yours! We hope you have a delicious meal with family and friends today....

    Besides our loved ones and our health, we give thanks for all the beautiful modern lighting out there!

    What are you thankful for this year...?

  • Wood Ceiling Ideas


    Wood Ceiling Ideas

    Image from This Is Paper

    Wood ceilings add character and warmth to modern home design.

    While we love wood floors, like most of you I'm sure, we can't help but stop and stare at some of the beautiful wood ceilings found in modern home designs. Add warmth to your home with wood ceilings.

    This modern living room above opts for wood ceilings instead of wood floors. Notice they kept their lighting grounded and used recessed lighting and/or modern track lighting so as not to distract from the beautiful ceiling design.

    Modern Kitchen Design With Wood Ceilings

    Image from NY Times

    Wood ceiling design works great in this all-white kitchen design.

    That's not to say, awesome pendant lighting doesn't look great hanging from a wood paneled ceiling. It just depends on the look you're going for...

    Modern Interior Design With Wood Ceilings

    Images from Nordic Design

    Nordic style interior design with beautiful wood ceilings.

    This Scandinavian style home design features smooth wood floors with more textured wood ceilings and we love it. Notice, even including wood furniture is ok as long as the finishes work well together.

  • Dining Room Style With Mixed Chairs + Lighting


    Dining Room Style With Mixed Chairs And Lighting

    Image from Maiju Saw

    Mix up your lighting and furnishings for the best dining room style.

    This holiday season, don't give in to the notion that you need a traditional dining room for a great family holiday meal. Mix up your dining chairs and mix up your modern lighting for ultimate style.

    This space above does a great job mixing white and black to achieve the perfect balance of both. There's a fun mix of lighting between the hanging pendants and string lighting. 

    Modern Dining Room With Mixed Chairs And Lighting

    Image from From Scandinavia With Love

    Have fun with your dining room lighting.

    Never hesitate to use lighting purely as decor, as long as you have sufficient light sources for functionality...

    This dining room does a beautiful job mixing up everything, including several lighting sources. There's even a table lamp on the dining table, which is different, fun and stylish.

  • Colorful Vintage Modern Bedroom Design


    Colorful Vintage Modern Bedroom Design

    Modern design doesn't have to be boring or brand new.

    We just could not stop staring at this loft-style bedroom with its colorful decor and fancy chandelier choice.

    In case you were wondering, modern design does not have to be monotone and full of clean lines. You can incorporate vintage pieces, colorful textiles and of course contemporary chandeliers to achieve the best modern design.

    Glass Chandeliers From Euro Style Lighting

    Glass chandeliers from Euro Style Lighting.

    These glass chandeliers can add color or just a little fanciness to your vintage modern decor. The most fun part about design is combining and contrasting different styles.

    1. Crystorama Harper Chrome with Cognac Glass Chandelier

    2. La Scala Green Glass 30 1/2-Inch-W Chandelier

    3. Harper Ice Blue Glass 17-Inch-W Chandelier

    4. Elan Alveare Blown Glass 19 1/4-Inch-W Chandelier

    5. Cyan Boho Large Modern Amber Glass 32-Inch-H Pendant Light

    Colorful Textiles From Euro Style Lighting

    Colorful textiles from Euro Style Lighting.

    You can add color and comfort to your modern space with textiles. Accent pillows, area rugs, poufs and throw blankets dress up any space and make it more livable. A colorful floor lamp also fits right in with the colorful seating scattered around the room.

    1. Weylyn High-Gloss Red Fiberglass 17 1/4-Inch-H Stool

    2. Nugget Glass with Brushed Steel Ovo Floor Lamp

    3. Modern Grass Green Jacquard Chevron Knit Throw Blanket

    4. Turquoise Looped Mohair 50-Inch-W Throw Blanket

    5. Surya Chevron Plum Purple Wool 18-Inch-H Pouf Ottoman

    6. Surya Mod Persimmon Square Indoor/Outdoor Pouf Ottoman

  • Table Setting For the Modern Hostess


    Table Setting For the Modern Hostess

    Images from Design Love Fest

    A beautiful Thanksgiving table setting that's not dated or boring.

    Thanksgiving is nest week! If you're like me, you have no idea how to decorate the table this year. Hopefully a brilliant idea will just come to you... Well, Design Love Fest has answered your wishes with some beautiful table setting ideas for Fall.

    You don't have to design a table setting that's dated and traditional to have a successfully stylish Thanksgiving dinner.

    Here's a few things to keep in mind when styling your table next week:

    Step 1 - Aesthetic

    Before you can get started, you'll have to decide on what style you're going for first and foremost. For example, do you want a glamorous table setting or maybe something more casual and organic?

    Step 2 - Color

    Once you've decided on the style you want, then you can move on and decide your color palette. Do you want it to be monotone, include bold colors or maybe something in between?

    Once you've answered these two important questions, and you've decided on your aesthetic and color palette, then you can move on to select dinnerwarependant lightingseating and decor accordingly...

    Step 3 - Food

    Remember, you'll want your food to match the beautiful style of your table?... Here's some ideas.

    This food arrangement on the left (below) is just more prettiness from Design Love Fest. The elegant dessert, along with amazing food photography, can be found on The Artful Desperado. Notice the stylish simplicity with both.

    Pretty Food For A Modern Table Setting

    Images from Design Love Fest and The Artful Desperado

    Don't forget that food can be a large styling element for your table.

    You can find this beautiful, and I'm assuming delicious, cake recipe on The Artful Desperado...

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