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  • Palm Springs Modernism Week 2015


    Modernism Week 2015

    Image from Modernism Week

    Modernism Week in Palm Springs celebrated their tenth year.

    The annual Palm Springs event Modernism Week took place last week, celebrating their tenth anniversary. Each year this event celebrates beautiful mid-century modern design (interior and exteriors), architecture and art.

    There's hundreds of events going on throughout the week to keep you busy, including home tours, showhouses and parties. Here are a few key highlights:

    Modern Architecture In Nature Filled Palm Springs

    Image from Modernism Week

    Some of the best modern architecture can be seen at Palm Springs Modernism Week.

    The home tours include beautiful architecture as seen above and below. You can attend tours on your own pace by bike, walking or you can ride a bus and be guided through beautiful mid-century modern architecture. 

    Palm Springs Mid Century Modern Architecture

    Image from Design Milk

    There's no shortage of beautiful architecture in Palm Springs.

    There is also a showhouse and fun events, like this one below. The producer of this year's showhouse was designer Christopher Kennedy, who clearly designed a modern oasis.

    Christopher Kennedy Compound At Modernism Week

    Image from Modernism Week

    Christopher Kennedy's showhouse design featured a beautifully modern outdoor area.

    To shop mid-century modern lighting and furniture, you've come to the right place!

  • Oscars 2015: Put A Bird On It


    Oscars 2015 Awards Birdman

    Image from Rediff

    Birdman was the big winner at the Oscars last night.

    Did you all watch the 2015 Oscars? Well, if you didn't then let me tell you that Birdman won for best movie. In honor of this well deserved win, I'd like to show you how to put a bird on your home design.

    From modern lighting to home accessories, you can put a bird on anything. More importantly, it will look good with your contemporary style home.

    Modern Lighting And Furniture With Birds

    Modern lighting fixtures, furniture and accessories featuring birds.

    Since ancient times, birds have been thought to be symbols and forecasters of future events. I believe the Oscars have subtly informed us how important birds will be for interior design this year...  

    Above are some ideas to get you started on the bird trend.

    1. Add wall art like this abstract art with birds.

    2. Lighting is a great way to add a bird, or in this case a bronze nest chandelier.

    3. I really like this quirky bird table lamp with a finial that is the head of the bird.

    4. Have a seat in this bird watcher upholstered arm chair while enjoying a good movie. 

    5. Adding a pillow  like this humming bird accent pillow adds the bird theme in a sophisticated manner. 

    6. This whimzy Angelo Home bird decorative pillow adds a pop of color as well as the bird theme.

    There you have it, six ways to to put a bird on it. All inspired by the 2015 Oscars.

    Images: EuroStyleLighting

  • Modern Stairway To Design Heaven


    Modern Stairway Designs

    All images from Arch Daily

    Some of the best modern stairways around.

    I couldn't help but document a pattern I was noticing while spending my average seven hours per day on Pinterest... There are some really amazing modern stairway designs out there! It's like these architects took every single opportunity they could, when designing these homes, to add ultimate style.

    Minimal Modern Floating Stairway

    Floating stairway designed to be part of the ultimate minimal home.

    Why should the stairway just be purely functional? It does makes sense to make stairs a pseudo art installation, right in your own home. The wow factor can also be something usually meant to be all function.

    The best way to light a contemporary stairway, without interrupting the cool design, is with LED track lighting fixtures. It's functional, adjustable and best of all it's energy efficient!

    Modern Stairway With Mixed Metals

    Perfect mix of materials were used for this modern stairway design.

    Stairway design doesn't have to be minimal to be cool. This design above expresses cool design through a confident use of mixed materials.

  • Interior Design Tip: Mix Your Metals


     Brass Globe Lamp with Chrome and Glass Table

    Image from Her New Tribe

    Mixed metals is not something to avoid, it's something you should embrace.

    While most people are afraid to mix metals, I'm here to tell you that you should do it! Remember, you don't ever want your home looking like a showroom and mixing metals is a great interior design tip that will add a little interest to any space.

    For example, in your living room, try mixing brass floor lamps and chrome accent tables. Or in your kitchen use stainless steel barstools paired with brass, or antique brass pendant lighting. Go for it!

     Rooms with Mixed Metals

    Images from LonnyHGTV and BHG

    Mix your metals with lighting, furniture and accessories to achieve the best look.

    I know this is not something that's easy to do and there actually are a few rules to follow in order to get the most out of mixing your metals. 

    Here are my top 3 interior design tips when mixing your metals: 

    1. Since the point of mixing metals is to add interest, don't be afraid to mix warm and cool finishes, such as chrome and brass.

    2. Try to choose a dominant metal. And remember, upholstery color counts. For example, if you choose silver as your dominant metal, having a gray sofa might be the way to go.

    3. Be sure to mix textures too, so try a smooth finish next to something hammered.

  • Design Trade Show: Ambiente 2015


    Ambiente Design Fair 2015 logo

    Image from  Ambiente

    The United States is Germany's partner company for this design trade show.

    Here at Euro Style Blog, we like to stay up to date with what's happening around the design world... Most recently, Germany's Ambiente 2015 design trade show in Frankfurt.

    More than 4,800 exhibitors from around the world, including 100 from the United States, introduced new modern design products at this trade show. According to Frankfurt officials, this is a record number of exhibitors, compared to other years. 

    Guide To Ambiente Design Trade Show

    Image from Ambiente

    As shown in the event guide above, the three main categories of products at Ambiente 2015 are Living, Giving and Dining.

    Modern Furniture Design At Ambiente 2015

    Image from Confessions of a Design Geek for Design Milk

    New furniture ideas at Ambiente 2015

    While we provide the best of modern furniture and innovative lighting for you to shop today, at a design trade show like Ambiente you'll find new and inventive ways of approaching classic design pieces, but most of which is not yet on the market.

    This side table above has a magnetic, attachable light!

    Metal Sheep AT Ambiente 2015

    Image from Confessions of a Design Geek for Design Mil

    Art installation from Jean Luc Conec at Ambiente 2015.

    In addition to new product designs, there are also art installations to take in while visiting Ambiente 2015. Above is an installation from Jean Luc Conec which addesses communication and technology as they relate to nature.

    For more information on this event, or if you want to attend in 2016, you can visit Mess Frankfurt, the organizers of this design trade show.

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