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  • Family Living in Modern Homes


    Modern Homes and Modern Kid's Designs

    Having kids doesn't mean having to throw in the towel and become a soccer mom. The modern family homes featured above set out to break the stereotype of family living. I personally love the idea of living in a modern home with a handful of kids running around. Growing up in a stylish enviroment exposes children to fashion, design, architecture, and other creative arts.

    Designing the main areas in a modern home can can sometimes be easier than decorating kid's rooms and spaces. When designing a modern nursery or kid's room there is a balance between modern furnishings and a kid-friendly, functional design.

    Need a few directional ideas for designing your modern nursery or kid's room?

    • Choose a classic or modern theme
    • A few different options for color schemes included neutrals, white and black with bright accents, and an all white space
    • Select furnishings that don't shout baby

    The light fixtures you select for the kid's space can make a big impact on the overall design. Below are a few modern table lamps for the kid's room or nursery. The lamps are modern and fun and will easily transition into a more grown up space as the child ages.

    Modern Kid's Table Lamps and Euro Style Lighting

    Lite Source Kito Blue Table Lamp (left), Chrome Stack Set of Two Table Lamps (right)

    * Post Update 10/24/12: Our Chrome Stack Table Lamps has been discontinued.

     Contemporary Kid's Table Lamps and Euro Style Lighting 

    Possini White Flower Acrylic Shade Table Lamp (left), Jonathan Adler Carlyle Slide Table Lamp (right)

    * Post Update 10/24/12: Our Jonathan Adler Carlyle Table Lmap has been discontinued.

    Images: emmas designblogg, Family Living, Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy

  • Keep Family Dinnertime Alive: Mini Pendant Lights for Kitchens


    Have you ever spent hours cooking a delicious family dinner, only to see your loved ones shovel it down their throats, then suddenly vanish?

    This phenomenon might have nothing to do with your culinary skills, nor a sign of the Millennial Generation’s short attention span. Silly as it sounds, you might have insufficient kitchen lighting. If your kitchen island looks dark and lonely, brighten it up with modern mini pendant lights for kitchens.

    Why Mini Pendant Lighting for Kitchens?

    Pendants create a striking mood and take up less kitchen space than standard 8-10” hanging lights. Mini pendant lighting also looks super-classy, with a range of designs to fit any kitchen remodel and budget.

    Here are 5 basic tips for choosing the right design, spacing and height for your kitchen island pendant lights:

    Contemporary dining area with series of mini pendant lights

    To determine the right hanging lights for a 2’6” dining table, just subtract 12”, giving you 1’6”. Divide that by 3 fixtures and you get roughly  4 3/4-Inch – which just so happens to be the size of the Kaser LED Mini Pendant

    1.Choosing the diameter - To ensure there’s enough headroom for everyone at the table, measure the width or diameter of the surface being illuminated. Then just subtract 12" from that number, and voila! You have your rough fixture diameter.

    Bistro-style table with adjustable modern bar stools and crystal mini pendants above

    Small fixtures like the 6-inch Encircled Crystal Euro Halogen Pendant Set are perfect for breakfast nooks and small round tables. You can often save money buying pendants in sets of three.

    2.Tiny is better - Busy pendants with a lot of design elements will appear bigger to your eyes. Always go as small as possible if you like em’ gaudy!

    Modern all-white kitchen with grey tufted leather adjustable barstools and chrome teardrop mini pendants

    The 6-inch wide Raindrop Glass Chrome Mini Pendant Light arranged according to the Rule of Three over a kitchen island. . Unlike LED or fluorescent lights, incandescent pendants like these are inherently dimmable.

    3. Spacing the pendants - You want visual balance when you hang your pendants, so spacing is key. Measure the length of the space you want to illuminate (like a kitchen island,) find the center point for the center pendant. From there, hang the pendants equidistant on either side of the center and make sure the entire space is equally illuminated.

    When spacing a row of pendant lights, measure from the middle light source (or bulb) of the fixture instead of the outer edge of the shade.

    4.Though shalt not break the Rule of Three (unless it looks cool) – No, the “Rule of Three” are not tyrannical rulers from the Game of Thrones series. It is a guideline, based on the fact that our human minds love balance. Odd numbers (especially in successions of three) seem to look especially zen.

    However, we’ve seen a lot of cases where there is just not enough room for three -- two is just fine if they’re spaced evenly over the surface.

    5.Get dimmers – Any of the incandescent or halogen fixtures on this list are compatible with simple, inexpensive dimming switches.

    LED technology, however, has not been standardized; Brand A’s LED fixture might not match up with Brand B’s dimmer switches. Either way, a dimmer allows you to control the environment any way you want.

    Studies show that intimate mood lighting actually makes food taste better. It might even persuade your family to linger at the table a little bit longer.

    If you’re embarking on your own kitchen lighting remodel, how are factors like spacing, size, light source and code compliance affecting your overall design? Any tips on installing dimmable kitchen lights? We’d love to hear your stories from the front lines!

    Image source: Euro Style Lighting

  • Lighting Pairs For The Modern Bedroom


    Modern bedroom with adjustable floor lamps in place of table lamps and unique pendant hanging above

    Bedroom with stylish contemporary lighting

    The bedroom is a great room to take advantage of new lighting ideas. While traditional table lamps are the obvious choice, here're some fun ideas to try in your home.

    Pairing mixed styles of eye-catching contemporary lamps could be fun if you first have an idea what look you're going for... Here're some inspiration photos to get you started.

    Take a cue from the space above and mix it up, try stylish floor lamps instead of table lamps.

    Contemporary bedroom with white exposed brick walls adorned with party lights

    Party lights in a modern bedroom

    String lights never looked better... They're not just for the patio! Try pairing them with a fun pendant lighting in the bedroom. It could make for great mood lighting too.

    Stylish modern bedroom with brass chandelier with clear glass globes hanging above the bed

    Modern bedroom with elegant lighting

    You can make it interesting by trying different light fixture styles in the same finish. This helps achieve a more eclectic aesthetic while still keeping it elegant.

    Images from Discover the Decor, Digs Digs, Dust Jacket Attic

  • Crystal Pendant Lighting for Every Room


    No matter what your range of modern design lover you are, crystal pendant lighting is a beautiful option. Whether you love clean lines and monochrome style or rustic, eclectic modern design crystals simply add a bit of elegance.

    Here are some inspiring ideas in all different rooms...

    Crystal pendant lighting in a modern living room.

    This living room above nails the monochrome modern design aesthetic and bonus, adds some beautiful crystal lighting for a polished look. The natural light from that window is perfect for reflecting those pretty crystals.

    The size of the chandelier works well because of the high ceilings. If you have the vertical height, use it!

    Crystal lighting in the bedroom.

    This bedroom above features a bit of vintage furniture and decor, which looks great when paired with modern, minimalism. The crystal chandelier works perfectly with this balance of design aesthetics.

    The size however, is more appropriate for the space than the lighting in our first image.

    Crystal pendant in modern nursery.

    Your kids room is not exempt from this crystal rule... Crystal pendant lighting works in EVERY room, including this modern nursery!

    Warm textures and monochrome design is the perfect environment for crystal lighting. The crystal adds a delicacy that embodies what a nursery is all about.

    Images from Dust Jacket, Habitually Chic, Style Me Pretty

  • Kitchen and Bath Trends – KBIS 2016 Preview


    Modern bathroom with turquoise tile accent wall featuring a modern sconce from Possini Euro

    With the upcoming KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) mega event in Las Vegas, we thought we’d take a quick look at some of the trends and styles that will be emerging from the show.

    KBIS, the voice of the kitchen and bath industry, has been around for more than 50 years. This year, the show is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 19-21, 2016,

    What’s the first impression of a KBIS tradeshow? It’s really, really big, for one thing. More than 500 manufacturers and brands have exhibit booths, with kitchens and bathrooms each getting their own mega hall.

    On top of this, there are numerous design events, speakers, awards, sessions that highlight new industry products, trends, technologies, you name it. If you are planning on going it's best to have a game plan and stick to it, otherwise you are risking a major case of overwhelm.

    What are some of the trends we think will be on display? Here are 5 to keep an eye on.


    Satin brass transitional wall sconce with a sheer gold fabric shade

    Alecia Wall Sconce from Possini Euro

    For finishes, warm brass tones are still trending. Brass is a lovely look for the bathroom, lending any space a stately, understated feeling.

    The finish plays well with bronzes and can even be paired with brushed steel hardware depending on the color tone. Brass finish bathroom lights run the gamut style-wise, ranging from sleek contemporary designs to traditional and industrial themed pieces.

    Opal Glass

    Ultra modern wall sconce with a textured white panel set at an angle

    Angled Plane LED Wall Sconce

    For the latest modern bath fixtures, white opal glass is clearly on-trend. The glass offers diffuse, flattering light that is perfect for getting ready in the morning for work or preparing for a night out, trust us, no one looks good under the glare of fluorescent lights that still adorn some bathrooms (yikes!)!

    If you like a modern look with a hint of traditional style, look for fixtures that use square-sided glass set against chrome finish wall mounts. For the ulta-mod out there, there are a range of dramatic glass shapes to choose from. 

    Bath light in a satin nickel finish with a faux bamboo etched glass shade

    LED Bath Light with Faux Bamboo Etched Glass

    High-Tech has come to the bath. Techie features such as hands-free faucets and gizmo-heavy toilets are in high demand, and lighting is no exception.

    LEDs for the bath will continue their advance in 2016. Stylish LED bath lighting is a great way to add an upscale, luxe feel to a bathroom with the added benefit of energy efficiency. The long-life of the LED bulbs and built-in arrays means that you won’t be changing bulbs in your new fixtures for years to come.

    Powder Room Lighting

    Modern nickel wall sconce with a white fabric rectangular half shade

    ADA Compliant Wall Sconce with Fabric Shade from George Kovacs

    Many new homes are built with small footprint powder rooms in them and require minimal space,usually just enough room to stash a sink, toilet and a bit of storage.

    Many older homes also are being retrofit to add powder rooms in order to provide a bathroom on a first floor or off a kitchen area. Because the space is so small, single light sconces or small profile ADA wall lights are all the rage.

    When you have such a small footprint to contend with, the last thing you want is a light fixture that projects too far into a room. ADA (short for Americans with Disabilities Act) sets standards for the distance a wall light fixture or sconce can extend from the wall. Because they have a small, minimal profile ADA lights are ideal for use in small spaces like a powder room. 

    Crystal Lighting

    Round modern crystal sconce that resembles pave diamonds

    Metropolitan Magique Crystal Wall Sconce

    Good bathroom design is so much more than putting in some recessed lighting and calling it a day. More and more bathroom designs are featuring spa-like amenities and glamorous touches like crystal lighting.

    To add a luxurious feel to any modern bath, designers are turning to glittering crystal bath lights to add sparkle. Crystal glass elements have been creeping slowly into modern design for some time, but expect to see more use of the dazzlers in the future.

    Image source: Euro Style Lighting

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