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  • Rising Waters + Modern Home Designs


    Modern Floating Home Designs

    As we've seen with the recent devastation from Superstorm Sandy, surging seas and rising waters can be a menace to even the most modern city. While scientists and politicians debate rising ocean levels, some designers are already thinking about how to build modern home designs for their regular occurrence.  

    Perhaps no one knows better how to prepare for high seas than the Dutch, who have been living below sea level for hundreds of years (and who happen to have a pretty cool design sense to boot). Their solution? Floating homes. 

    Modern House Boats

    Pictured above and at the top of this post, the floating Dutch village of Steigereiland has a crisp modern design aesthetic with a normal community feel.

    Design studio Waterstudio has design concepts for artificial islands, sea trees and more, but the amphibious Villa de Hoef (pictured below) will more than suit most family's needs:

    Dutch Floating Homes

    The designs do have "curb" appeal, but how do they look on the inside? Well, the Watervilla by +31 Architects is a house boat in Amsterdam that, despite it's small finprint, has a generous and light feel inside.

    Amsterdam Modern House Boats

    Modern Boat Interiors

    Contemporary Boat Interiors

    The decor combines simple contemporary and mid-century elements. Modern furniture featuring acrylics, thick woods and minimalist forms is a great way to achieve this look in your own home. 

    Modern Acrylic Chairs

    Set of 2 Pascal White Plastic Side Chairs

    Glass and Wood Table

    Zuo Haxby Walnut and Glass Modern Coffee Table

    Contemporary Metal Vase

    Nambe Anvil Alloy Metal Vase

    Use of modern recessed lighting helps to keep sight lines unobstructed and the limited floor space unfettered.

    There's no way to undo the damage from recent storms and our hearts go out to those affected. Thankfully, as designers and architects continue to look at ways to curb the affects of storms and sea levels, we can look forward to such damage being mitigated in the years to come. 

    Images: Flavorwire, Inhabitat, Afflante

  • Open Architecture Manifesto: Written by a Robot


    We're going extra modern today, guys. We're talking robots. This movie demonstrates how a printer updates a copy of the Open Source Architecture Manifesto Wikipedia entry. It's written on a wall in the entrance to the Adhocracy exhibition at the Istanbul Design Biennial.

    Open Architecture Manifesto

    Italian studio Carlo Ratti Associatti wrote the manifesto for open source architecture and decided to start a Wikipedia page so it could be continually updated by the online community.

    The robot (vertical plotter) writes, erases and rewrites sections of the manifesto onto a whiteboard as it receives changing information from the Wikipedia page.

    Pretty cool, right?

    Images: Dezeen

  • Delicious by Design: The World's Best Restaurant Design


    Best Restaurant Design

    For design lovers, presentation is nearly everything. So when looking at Restaurant magazine's 2012 list of the world's best restaurant design, it only makes sense to compare the plates with the restaurant in which they're served. 

    For three years in a row, Copenhagen's Noma tops the list (above). Who would expect anything other than restaurant design perfection from this Danish icon? Noma's cuisine (below) is a colorfully chic take on Nordic cuisine utilizing foraged flowers, fungi and sea vegetables, but the design is fundamentally Scandinavian in it's functionalism. In a fun nod to the past, faux pelts drape over the modern chairs of the dining room (above).

    Noma Restaurant Plates

    At the number two spot for the best restaurant design is El Celler de Can Roca, Barcelona, where the wine list reigns supreme as evidenced by the modern cellar design (below).

    Modern Wine Cellar Design

    At El Celler de Can Roca, landscape design and plate design have a funny way of mimicking one another (below).

    El Celler de Can Roca Design

    Modern Food Styling

    Ranked third in the world is another Spanish restaurant, Mugaritz. Housed in a rustic farmhouse. It flaunts some adventurous cuisine and design details, such as this towel station outside the restrooms (below).

    Contemporary Drop Lighting

    With a dark wooded ceiling, contemporary wall lamps cantilevered from the beams, and modern sculptures on the table, the dining room (below) is elegant yet restrained. Try one of these contemporary wall lamps to ge the look.

    Mugaritz Dining Room

    Dishes at Mugaritz show similar sculptural restraint, as with this plate of violet ice cream (below).

    Mugaritz Dessert

    Put the world's top three restaurants together and you've got some unforgettable flavors set amid some great design. 

    Mid-century Modern Design

    Set of 2 Laine Wood and Faux Leather Dining Chairs, Sonneman Contra Perno Satin Nickel Boom Arm Floor Lamp, Silver Ribbon Twist Sculpture On Stand

    Now we might not all be Michelin star chefs, but at least it's possible with the help of a few simple modern designs to re-create the look of the world's best restaurants at home.

    Images: Unravel TravelFine Dining Lovers, Fifth Floor Cooking, Travel, Pursuitist, el Pais, Wallpaper*

  • Modern Architecture: Light Catcher House in Japan


    Modern Architecture

    This house in Japan, designed by Kazuhiko Kishimoto literally catches light. The home is built around a beautiful courtyard that provides natural light for the entire house, inside and out.

    Glass Walls

    Simple dining table and chairs keep the decor minimal and modern.

    Modern Kitchen

    The bar style of the kitchen seating allows for a beautiful view of the courtyard.

    Modern Kitchen Seating

    We're not sure about you, but we're wanting to add windows and natural wood to our home decor...

    Images: Design Milk

  • Cool + Collected 1.5


    Superstorm Sandy

    +Our thoughts go out to all those affected by Superstorm Sandy. We were struck by this image of the subway system on Gothamist with the entire lower part of the island as well as parts of Queens and Brooklyn non-functional (This image was published Wednesday and may no longer be accurate) . L.A. Times Photography has a roundup of images and updates about this natural disaster.

    +Are you going to be in London next week?... Holly Becker from Decor8 will be hosting a launch party for her fabulous new book Decorate Workshop.

    +For some VERY cool photography of an underwater cave, head over to the Orda Cave website.

    +If you're considering painting your walls and trying to achieve the industrial-chic look, Will from Bright Bazaar has some great color tips.

    +For the Latin culture, November 2nd is Day of the Dead, a tradition that celebrates the life and the death of loved ones. Fox News Latino announed that a Los Angeles gallery opened yesterday in honor of this yearly tradition.

    Day of the Dead

     Day of the Dead Image: EBSQ

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