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  • Interior Design on the Light Side


    Modern Design With A Pastel Color Palette

    Image from Lovely Clusters

    Pastel clad interior design.

    So, the other day we talked about modern design from the dark side, and today I wanted to look at some pretty designs on the lighter side. Pastel colors are a huge trend right now and rightfully so.

    Landry Light Gray Sofa

    It's a fun way to lighten up (pun intended) modern design, which can sometimes be a cold and rigid. A pastel color palette is also a great way to add a little femininity to any space without the flowers and lace. A modern grey sofa would be a great starting point for this look...

    Modern Lighting In A Colorful Living Room

    Image from My Scandinavian Home

    Colorful living room with modern lighting.

    Loma Vista Blue Glass Table Lamp

    The fun thing about modern lighting is how well it can reinforce the design of a room. This sofa above is amazing, but it's brought to life even more with the turquoise table lamp by its side.

    Modern Dining Room With Green Chairs

    Image from SF Girl by Bay

    Modern dining room with pretty green dining chairs.

    Zuo Green Tufted Dining Chair

    Don't forget your vertical design... You can include some pastel accents on the wall as well. This modern dining room above does a nice job with their minimal art wall. The frames pair perfectly with the fun pendant light and mint dining chairs.

  • Prefab Perfection in Copenhagen


    Earth Day Celebrates Prefab Architecture

    Celebrating prefab architecture on Earth Day

    Happy Earth Day fellow modern design lovers! It only seems fitting to study prefabricated architecture on this day.

    Not only are prefabs usually designed with a modern, clean aesthetic due to the mobility factor, they are smart and energy efficient. Let's take a look at this prefab in Copenhagen...  

    Layers In Prefab Architecture

    Different layers used in prefab architecture. 

    Since the home was constructed somewhere else and made to travel, tons of waste has already been saved in comparison to homes built on-site.

    Another way prefabs are energy-efficient is with their tight construction. They are made to travel, which results in excellent insulation.

    Modern Prefab Dining Room With Hanging Light Fixtures

    Modern dining room in a prefab home with hanging light fixtures.

    The best part about prefabs, and also why I chose this home to showcase, is that they don't have to mean living out of a shipping container.... Today's current prefab homes are attractive inside and out.

    We here at Euro Style Lighting prefer simple, uncluttered design... Better to see the modern lighting that way.

    All images from Small House Bliss

  • Modern Sculpture: Suspended Cloud Painting


    Modern Art Exposed With Track Lighting

    This is what a marriage between painting and sculpture looks like.

    This sculptural work by Joris Kuipers is a beautiful marriage between painting and sculpture. There so much depth and movement in something that can also be so still.

    Detail In Each Flower Painting

    Depth and detail in each flower.

    This Dutch artist took his many years of studying traditional painting and applied it to large-scale installations.

    This suspended cloud piece spirals around a room, successfully combining the two methods of art.

    Fantasy World Created With Modern Art

    Modern art can create a wonderland if you allow it.

    Let's not ignore the importance of lighting when it comes to showcasing beautiful works of art. Modern, clean and smart track lighting is key. Without great lighting in galleries, you wouldn't be able to truly appreciate the art.

    The same goes for your own home and the way you showcase your family portraits or smaller artworks. Picture lights are perfect for smaller installations or residential art walls.

    All images from Colossal

  • Home Decorating from the Darkside


    Create Stylish Contrast With Dark Decor

    Image from SF Girl by Bay

    Provide contrast to your space by adding a dark element.

    In honor of the new Star Wars trailer that was just released, let's take a look at how the darkside isn't always evil...

    I love a simple, monochromatic space like all of you, but sometimes adding a little contrast makes it a little more interesting. Just look at this space above and those floors! While painting wood floors super dark may not be a natural inclination, it certainly worked for this space. It grounds the space, while all the books add color and the large pendant lights add style.

    Dark Furniture And Contemporary Light Fixtures

    Image from Domaine Home

    Add little dark furniture and contemporary lighting.

    Another option is to keep the walls and floors soft, while making the furniture and contemporary light fixtures dark.

    The natural light coming from those oversized windows help the space remain fresh and open.

    White Space With Black Dining Chairs

    Image from Coco Lapine Design

    Small elements can make huge impact.

    Not sure if you want to paint anything super dark or purchase a black sofa? That's ok, you can add style with something dark by just including a little.

    While those black dining chairs and black floor lamp are small compared to the vastness of white space, they create a nice contrast and still make their voices heard.

    Whether you go big or small, adding a dark element to your white space will result in big style...

    May the force be with you.

  • Small Outdoor Space Style


    small outdoor space style

    Image from Gardenista

    Small outdoor spaces can be stylish.

    The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, especially when your neighbors have a bigger backyard than you do.

    I'm here to tell you that even small outdoor spaces can be stylish and enjoyable for lounging or entertaining! Here's some beautiful inspiration to take note of...

    You don't need two acres of land to have a greenhouse, just look at this space above with its glass cabinet. The green painted trim is a welcome detail. The black pendant light is another unexpected detail, but adds so much to the overall design of the space. 

     small patio with chairs and outdoor accent pillows

    Image from The Glitter Guide

    Tiled floors and modern outdoor chairs add style to a small outdoor space.

    Want more space than furniture in your small patio? Then just try a couple modern outdoor chairs with a few outdoor accent pillows.

    Less is more, especially when you're limited on space.

     potted plants are a great addition to patio accent tables

    Image from The Design Files

    Patio accent tables provide one more place for pretty plants.

    Besides providing the surface area to enjoy a snack or even a meal, patio accent tables also look great covered in potted plants.

    Don't feel disheartened if you live in the city and have to fight for outdoor space, the smallest spaces can have big style too...

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