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  • Family Living in Modern Homes


    Modern Homes and Modern Kid's Designs

    Having kids doesn't mean having to throw in the towel and become a soccer mom. The modern family homes featured above set out to break the stereotype of family living. I personally love the idea of living in a modern home with a handful of kids running around. Growing up in a stylish enviroment exposes children to fashion, design, architecture, and other creative arts.

    Designing the main areas in a modern home can can sometimes be easier than decorating kid's rooms and spaces. When designing a modern nursery or kid's room there is a balance between modern furnishings and a kid-friendly, functional design.

    Need a few directional ideas for designing your modern nursery or kid's room?

    • Choose a classic or modern theme
    • A few different options for color schemes included neutrals, white and black with bright accents, and an all white space
    • Select furnishings that don't shout baby

    The light fixtures you select for the kid's space can make a big impact on the overall design. Below are a few modern table lamps for the kid's room or nursery. The lamps are modern and fun and will easily transition into a more grown up space as the child ages.

    Modern Kid's Table Lamps and Euro Style Lighting

    Lite Source Kito Blue Table Lamp (left), Chrome Stack Set of Two Table Lamps (right)

    * Post Update 10/24/12: Our Chrome Stack Table Lamps has been discontinued.

     Contemporary Kid's Table Lamps and Euro Style Lighting 

    Possini White Flower Acrylic Shade Table Lamp (left), Jonathan Adler Carlyle Slide Table Lamp (right)

    * Post Update 10/24/12: Our Jonathan Adler Carlyle Table Lmap has been discontinued.

    Images: emmas designblogg, Family Living, Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy

  • Enter the Weekend with Some Stylish Entryways


    Stylish Entryway Architecture

    Unique entryway with geometric tiles.

    Hello Friday! I thought we could enter the weekend in style by looking at a few stylish entryways...

    The entryway above is actually a restaurant in Mexico, but it looks like it would be an amazing home... It used to be an artist's studio, which could be why it looks so residential and amazing. The exterior is covered with tiles featuring patterns inspired by local weavers.

    Contemporary Pendant Lighting For The Entryway

    Modern entryway with contemporary pendant lighting.

    This mid-century modern home used a bold color choice for their front door, making this entryway hard to ignore.

    While outdoor wall lights are usually found flanking a front door, I especially love the decision to hang a modern pendant light to create a stylish entryway. This house features a 'wow' factor before you even walk inside...

    Outdoor Fountains For Modern Entryway

    Entryway landscaping ideal for outdoor fountains.

    In the photo above, the wood paneled architecture mixed with the stone steps is a beautiful combination for any entryway. 

    The luscious landscape surrounding the entryway above would be perfect for a tranquil outdoor fountain... 

    Don't forget outdoor security lighting to protect your home. There are lots of modern styles out there that won't interfere with your style...

    Images from Dwell, Home AdoreArch Daily

  • Backyard Ideas For Any Size Home


    Small outdoor space with some great backyard ideas

    Stylish outdoor space in the city

    Whether you're a city dweller or live in the suburbs, there's lots of backyard ideas to make your outdoor space inviting.

    Lots of greenery is a must, but there's other things you can do, like provide attractive outdoor furniture. You can use chairs, cushions and even an outdoor rug like this space above. Not only are you adding places where people can sit, but also texture and pattern.

    Small patio with modern outdoor chairs and planters

    Small home with a stylish outdoor space

    While this home certainly has more space than the one above, it's still not a large outdoor area. Of course dress it up with lots of greenery, but modern outdoor chairs are great for adding style.

    Soothing backyard water fountains are a great way to make both you and your neighbors happy... The sound will be calming at all times of the day.

    Outdoor space with unique tile

    Beautiful backyard style for a larger home

    This lovely space above certainly has more space than the two above, notice they don't fill the entire space just because they have more. Open space is good, both indoors and out.

    They got creative with the tiles for lots of pattern and kept the seating simple. For larger outdoor spaces, it's good to allow the landscape and the architecture to be center stage.

    What are some of your backyard ideas?  Share them in the comments below!

    Images from The Jungalow, Trendland, WGLandscape

  • Mid Century Modern Studio


    Exterior of a mid century modern backyard studio

    Stylish mid century modern backyard studio in Seattle.

    No matter how small the space, you can create big style... This Seattle home has a stylish mid century modern studio in the backyard to be used for creative tasks or out-of-town guests.

    What I love most is that they didn't skimp on style just because it's in the backyard. They gave attention to both the architecture and the interior design.

    The studio's entry with mid century modern architectural features and modern pendant light

    Minimal mid century modern entryway.

    The couple kept the interior design minimal so that it could easily transition for many uses. They enjoy sculpting, painting and vintage furniture.

    You can dress up any foyer with modern entryway pendant lights, but notice how important the interior architecture is, like the windows, ceiling, and door selection.

    Sitting area with period furnishings

    Small living space with big style.

    The living space is comfortable, yet easy to transition. The furniture is light and mobile.

    What are your creative hobbies? Whether you have a cool space like this one or not, hopefully you get a chance to be creative this weekend...

    All images via Dwell

  • How to Use Reclaimed Wood in Your Home


    An open-plan living room with reclaimed wood ceilings and floors

    Using reclaimed wood in interiors is gaining popularity for its organic, rustic look and eco-friendliness. Reclaimed wood brings texture and visual interest to a space, not to mention a sense of history.

    Reclaimed wood comes from several sources -- salvaged wood pieces from old structures like cladding, flooring and beams as well as pallet wood.

    There are benefits to using reclaimed wood beyond the aesthetics. It's eco-friendly (i.e it's not going into a landfill or the reason for cutting down a younger tree).  It also won't warp or split the way newer wood can.

    Reclaimed wood works in a variety of design styles. It is obviously good for a rustic, barn-like look or country home feel but it also works equally well in modern and industrial chic interiors.

    Living room with reclaimed ceilings and floors with a re-purposed beam as a fireplace mantel

    There are several ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your home.  One of the most obvious ways is through fixed finishes such as flooring and paneling, or structural elements such as beams, columns and trusses.

    All the wood seen in this living room is reclaimed -- we love the ceiling treatment, the variations in colors are gorgeous and very typical of reclaimed wood.  An existing beam in the house was re-purposed as a mantel. 

    A modern space featuring a reclaimed wood accent panel.

    You don't have to cover entire surfaces with reclaimed wood -- you can get the same warm, textural effect of the wood by dedicating a single wall or panel to the material.  

    An accent wall or panel of reclaimed wood can quickly become the focal point of a room and is less overwhelming than entire walls or ceilings covered by reclaimed wood planks.

    A clean, modern kitchen with bleached wood island and cabinets

    This type of wood doesn't need to look rustic. The bleached wood island and cabinets in this sleek modern kitchen are made of reclaimed wood.

    An industrial chic dining room with furniture that has a salvage feel

    Reclaimed wood is a perfect accompaniment to industrial chic. The furniture and storage piece above are made of reclaimed wood and have the "salvage" look associated with the industrial chic style.

    One of the easiest ways to add reclaimed wood to your interiors is via furniture:


    A selection of reclaimed wood furniture to incorporate into your interior design

    1. Sometimes your kitchen is too small for a conventional island, in which case this distressed elm wood side table is a perfect solution as it's on casters and can be moved to the side when you're not using it.

    2. The Tioga Reclaimed Wood Bed in an acorn finish looks great in an industrial chic style bedroom.  Bonus?  It's FSC certified, which means that 100% of the materials are reclaimed and re-purposed.

    3. This bookshelf with a distinct midcentury modern feel has a dark antique bleached finish with waxed black frame.

    4. If your interiors are more Scandinavian in style, this teak chair in a natural finish with a white woven cowhide seat would be perfect in a dining room -- you can even use it outside!

    5. If you want to dress up your laundry room a bit (an often ignored space that shouldn't be) a cheeky print featuring a simple laundry symbol in a reclaimed wood frame would be perfect.

    6. The stainless steel base gives this reclaimed oak coffee table a modern edge.

    7. Add two table lamps to this low bookshelf made of reclaimed elm in a distressed finish and you have a perfect console for an entryway or a sofa table for your living room.  

    Reclaimed wood is a very versatile material that can come in a variety of finishes; sleek and smooth or distressed and uneven, which makes it a great addition to your interior design, whether it is modern or traditional or somewhere in between.

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