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  • Summer (Always) Dream Home


    modern summer home

    Image from Matthew Segal via Residential Architect Magazine

    In beautiful La Jolla, a coastal enclave in sunny San Diego, summer seems to be a year-round phenomenon. So when it comes to a summer dream home, this beautiful shore-side masterpiece by Jonathan Segal Architect should more than fill my daydreams all year long.

    The stark geometries of the built space are echoed in the reflecting pool and accompanying modern outdoor chairs and seating

    modern outdoor furniture

    Image from Matthew Segal via Residential Architect Magazine

    Three fountain jets are installed within the reflecting pool, should the waves crashing 100 meters to the west fail to produce enough coveted cascading water sound. Sleek outdoor fountains in general can add this escapist touch to most outdoor areas.

    modern coastal home views

    Image from Matthew Segal via Residential Architect Magazine

    Between an expansive sun porch and ceiling-to-floor windows, the separation between indoor and outdoor space is delightfully obscured.  

    glass and concrete house

    Photo by Matthew Segal via Residential Architect Magazine

    With world class surfing outside the back door, this isn't just a dream home. It's a California-dreaming home.

    In lieu of owning such nicely situated property myself, I can daydream about the furniture at least:

    chrome modern chairs

    Set of 2 Whitworth Chrome Accent Chairs

    gray outdoor ottoman

    Zuo Copacabana Modern Gray Outdoor Ottoman

    In looking at Segal's exceptional design, it's clear that the key to creating a dream home for summer is creating a home that, like the landscape surrounding it, is wide open, welcoming and fuss-free.

    Images: Residential Architect

  • Contemporary Side Tables


    Contemporary Side Tables

    In the world of interior design the options are endless. The style you love will be different from that of your neighbor and that's what makes it exciting! Side tables, though a seemingly small piece in your room, provide functional and aesthetic appeal to a space.

    Whether you're decorating a bedroom, a family room, or creating a cozy reading corner in an office, side tables are an important addition.

    I've rounded up four side tables I love from Euro Style Lighting, each with a unique style and appeal.

    Side Tables

    If you tend toward an industrial or rustic look, you will love the Zuo Distressed Wood Table featuring a wood top and metal base.

    The Smooth White Spindle Table is contemporary and simple, sporting the spindle pedestal look. This would be perfect for a small drink table beside a sofa or side chair.

    If you prefer a more modern and sleek style, the Dahlia Studios Nesting Tables would be both functional and stylish. You can nest this pair of tables or, when needed, pull them apart to accommodate more guests. I happen to think they would work just as well for a nightstand!

    Lastly, the Delfina Tripod Table with a glass top is elegant and unexpected. It would be perfect next to a funky chair in an office or living room.

    Which is your favorite side table?

    Image: House Beautiful

  • Introducing Summer Color in Our Home Style


    Summer Color

    Image from The Style Files

    I have friends and clients ask me all the time what are some easy and affordable tips on how to bring Summer color into home style without it being too cheesy and obvious. It definitely depends on what colors you are already working with in your home. But because the white and grey paint trend is here to stay, mixing colors in is easy as 1,2,3.

    In the office above, everything surrounding is in neutral tones, including whites, woods and metals. The vibrant, ethnic blanket gives the space a splash of color, comfort and style. It doesn’t look over styled but rather relaxed..

    Bathroom Decor

    Image from Birmingham Home & Garden

    It’s easy to add color to a bathroom through towels and accessories. This grey and white bathroom has been styled with peach accents. Peach is a huge color trend this year and looks fresh in any home style. Leaning artwork is a great way to add color to a room. 

    Interior Plants

    Image from Home Maker

    An obvious summer color choice is green. And what better way to introduce green than with plants. The table, chairs and seating options are all in beautiful wood tones which works brilliantly with botanicals. This whole space has me loving summer already!

    Wall Art

    Image from Kirsten Grove

    As mentioned above, art is great  and easy way to add color to your home. I chose this Max Wanger print to bring summer into my living space. It instantly creates a fun vibe.

    Summer is here to force us to relax, have fun and enjoy life. Let’s do the same in our homes!

    Images: The Style Files, Birmingham Home & Garden, Homme Maker Simply Grove

  • Light Your Office In LED Style


    LED Style

    Image from Nordic Days

    Good for the environment and good for your design style, LED is the way to go in task lighting!

    Unlike the early years of efficient lighting, there are so many cool LED styles out there to select from.

    Office Style

    Image from Nordic Design

    Whether you're styling your private home office or a professional office away from home, LED lighting is the right option for both style and function. It's more efficient, durable, versatile and longer lasting...and stylish!

    Check out these distinctive style ideas from Euro Style Lighting...

    LED Lighting

    1. For a classic desk lamp style, the Cielux Pro Silver LED Adjustable Desk Lamp is the way to go. The long arms are very geometric and perfect for a modern office.

    2. Add a little whimsy while saving energy and providing style for your office with this Out of the Box LED Desk Lamp.

    3. Mixed materials and handsome form come in a nice little package called Cerno Silva Birch LED Desk Lamp.

    4. The Cape Chrome LED Desk Lamp is very minimal and perfect for adding a Mid Century Modern aesthetic to your office style.

    Images: Nordic Days, Nordic Design

  • Tips For Styling Crystal Chandeliers


    Crystal Chandeliers

    For a lot of us, a crystal chandelier is on our bucket list to one day own. They’re the epitome of elegance and sophistication in every  home style, so they're very much deserving to be on the list.

    But what do you do with a crystal chandelier once you’ve found the chandelier of your dreams? Where do you place it so it receives a fair glance? My theory is that a crystal chandelier can go anywhere! It doesn’t have to be in a formal setting. Here are some of my favorite ways to use a crystal chandelier.

    Crystal chandelier in an entry

    A crystal chandelier in an entry way is a wonderful greeting for your guests. Pay attention to the scale of the piece. With lower ceilings you wouldn’t want to overwhelm the other objects in the room with a large chandelier. 

    Kitchen Chandelier

    Crystal Chandeliers in a kitchen

    Large crystal chandeliers or a cluster of mini chandeliers in a kitchen works beautifully. I love the elegance that these chandeliers adds to the kitchen. Although the kitchen is already beautiful, the crystal takes it to the next level.


    1. This Gold with Crystal Three-Light Chandelier feels royal with it’s crown design elements.

    2. This Schonbek Century Silver Chandelier would be perfect for a more feminine room or contrasted in a more modern setting.

    3. I love this Hinkley Gemma Mini Chandelier, a more modern approach to a crystal chandelier.

    4. This Crystal Rain Chandelier has beautiful fountain-like lines that would be beautiful in a very formal setting.

    5. This Crystorama Calypso Chandelier would be great paired with a few other mini chandeliers.

    Images: NicetyMy Luscious Life,

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