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  • Relax to the Sound of Cascading Water with a Tiered Outdoor Fountain


    If you’ve got extra space in your yard that needs something special, or a garden that needs a little upgrade, try adding an outdoor fountain!

    A calming tiered outdoor fountain is a great way to spruce up any yard space. With so many design options to choose from, you can find the perfect fountain for your patio, yard, or even balcony.

    A tiered outdoor fountain may seem like a lot of work, but with a few little tricks, it’s easy to keep this water feature going all year round.

    Routinely wiping the inner bowl of your outdoor fountain with a non-abrasive cloth not only keeps it looking shiny and beautiful, but also prevents the build-up of dirt and dust.

    Keep an eye on the fountain's pump - it could overheat if the water level's too low, so don’t let it run dry.

    In seasonal climates and severe winter regions, outdoor fountains should be transported indoors to prevent cracking and freezing, especially marble garden fountains.

    Copper indoor/outdoor fountain with tiered leaves

    The Tiered Copper Leaves Indoor/Outdoor Fountain will let you enjoy the sound of cascading water all year long as it can be used indoors during colder months. The water cascades down a series of delicate copper leaves and creates a feeling of calm indoors and out.

    Cast-stone three-tiered outdoor fountain

    If a small fountain just won’t cut it, this elaborate, statement-making fountain is perfect for a large driveway or as a centerpiece of your lawn.

    The Nebbia Grande Kensington 3-Tier Fountain will wow any guest. Beautiful in a home or a commercial establishment, this cast stone three-tier fountain is handcrafted. Finished in stone-like Relic Nebbia, it features classic decorative bowls stacked above a large, smooth round pool. Fiberglass inner pool construction prevents leaks.

    Custom made-to-order, this tiered outdoor fountain is truly one of a kind.

    Hand-made copper tiered outdoor fountain

    Want to add a true work of art to your yard? Look no further than the Hand-Made Copper Trellis Garden Fountain. This charming four-foot tall handcrafted copper garden fountain has a wonderful zigzag back and forth water flow.

    The strong water sounds it creates can be adjusted by changing the water flow rate Made in the USA by David Perlman, world-renowned sculptor and one of America's finest craftsmen, and his team of trained artisans.

    A tiered outdoor fountain could be just what you yard needs! Big or small, traditional or artistic, with a little searching you can find your ideal fountain.

    Images: Euro Style Lighting

  • Exterior Style Boss: The Modern Entryway


    The first impression of your home is the front entryway, so make it great!

    Modern entryway with simple, clean lines and bright pink and orange walls

    Colorful architecture and modern entryway

    There aren't many homes that can compare with the modern entryway design of Luis Barragan, from Mexico.

    Get this look at home by keeping the decor minimal and featuring bold colors. If you don't wan to paint your walls in loud colors, you can use colorful furniture and stylish pathway lights to give them the spotlight.

    Simple cabin in the woods built between two large trees

    Modern cabin with outdoor wall lighting

    Without interrupting nature, this modern cabin take a space right between two beautiful trees. The entryway is flanked by greenery and a lone porch.

    Midcentury modern-style entryway with glass door and wood deck

    Modern entryway with seating

    If you have the space, use it. Why not add some seating to your entryway and make your first impression an inviting one?!

    Modern outdoor lighting will allow you to make use of this seating for more than just greeting guests.

    Images from Pink Pagoda Studio, Small House Bliss, Desire to Inspire

  • Complete Your Bathroom with Wall Sconces


    For an ideal look in the bath, start with bathroom wall sconces on both sides of the mirror. Sconces offer clean, even lighting for make-up application, shaving and all-purpose beauty needs.

    The best position for bathroom sconces is at eye level to reduce glare. Make sure to hang it high enough that the tallest person in the space can’t see down into the sconce.

    If you don’t have room to place the sconce alongside the mirror, it can be put on the wall next to the mirror. If the sconces can't be mounted on either side of a mirror or on an adjacent wall, use a bath bar light above the mirror instead.

    Most bathroom sconces have shades or frosted glass, which help eliminate glare. Shades are great for creating nice, even light.

    Be sure to select a bathroom wall sconce that matches your décor. If your home has a woodsy or rustic feel, the Troy Theo Aged Pewter Wall Sconce would work well.

    Traditional shaded bathroom wall sconce in an aged pewter finish

    With the look of a candle wall sconce, this hand-forged metal design will add a traditional accent to your decor. The slender tapered based is set against a square wall plate and is topped with a warm, hardback linen shade.

    In a bathroom with a double sink, such as a master or a children’s bathroom, save space with a bath bar.

    Oil-rubbed bronze bath bar light with etched opal glass shades The Congress Oil Rubbed Bronze Bath Light with etched opal glass shades looks beautiful in a traditional bathroom. Simple lines and inviting finishes define this rich oil rubbed bronze bathroom light. This 2-light wall fixture blends a clean, modern look with a raw industrial inspiration. The sophisticated etched opal glass gives this design a versatile look that will enhance nearly any style of bath decor.

    If you dislike the shade look in your bathroom, a more modern choice could be made of glass or crystal.

    Crystal and chrome bathroom wall sconce with halogen bulb

    Go glam with the Vienna Full Spectrum Chrome and Crystal Wall Sconce!. A cylinder curtain of crystals wrapped around a single halogen bulb makes for a sparkling addition to your bathroom.

    If you’re looking for a combination of the shaded and crystal look, there are many sconces that fit the bill.

    Bathroom sconce in a chrome finish with a curved white iris glass shade

    The modern design and chrome accents on the  Clarte Bathroom Wall Sconce provides a cosmopolitan appeal. It features a bold silhouette and dramatic curved white iris glass in a sparkling chrome finish. This striking transitional light fixture makes a wonderful addition to a home with sleek lines. 

    Stylish bathroom wall sconces are key to creating the perfect lighting for your vanity. Either a pair of sconces on either side of a mirror or a bath bar above the mirror will help you get ready for anything.

  • Where to Use Mirrored Furniture


    Stylish mirrored furniture is perfect for adding a bit of glam to any room. You may be excited about purchasing a piece of mirrored furniture but aren't sure where to put it.

    Thankfully, these stylish elements look great any room in the house, but here are a few suggestions.

    A selection of mirrored furniture from Euro Style Lighting
    If you’re wary about completely mirrored tables, start small with a bedside table or accent table in a living room or bedroom.This stylish tray table looks beautiful with small knick-knacks on it, like a jewelry box or decorative books.

    Mirrored "bamboo" tray table in a gold leaf finishAdd some glamour to your bedroom or living room with a stunning gold and mirror table. The Gold Leaf Bamboo Tray Table is made from forged iron with an antiqued gold leaf finish and brings a classic look to your room. Tables with only mirrored tops are an easy way to experiment with the mirrored look and are great if you have things to show off on top of the table!

    Mirrored furniture is just as at home in a bathroom as any other room. Bathrooms are already filled with glass and mirrors, so keep with that theme with a mirrored vanity cabinet.

    Neoclassical mirrored sink vanity with a black granite topThis Mirrored Sink Vanity with Black Granite Top makes the room feel larger by infinitely reflecting the surrounding area. In a bathroom that demands luxury, a mirrored vanity instantly provides some old Hollywood glamour. This vanity is great in a master bathroom, or even a powder room that needs some extra style.

    If you have a formal dining room in your home, a mirrored buffet cabinet may be just what you need. Evoke the beauty of another time with a mirrored cabinet for storing china, linens, and silver pieces.

    Mirrored sideboard with gold leaf motif The Elizabeth 4-Door Mirrored Buffet Cabinet is particularly striking. This piece offers stunning gold detail work and crystal clear faceted pulls with three drawers and interior shelves for stylish storage. The mirrored front really makes the gold accents pop, and creates a truly luxurious feel.

    An unexpected space to add a mirrored piece of furniture is a home office! A reflective desk looks great in any style home and highlights extravagant desk accessories.

    Mirrored desk or vanity table

    Even taxes look glamorous on The Mirrored Thea Desk! This fully mirrored desk is compact enough for the smallest office, or acts as a desk or vanity table in a bedroom.

    Consider experimenting with some mirrored furniture in a new area of your home - you may be surprised how great it looks with your home décor! Eye-catching mirrored furniture is very versatile, and can fit with any style, from traditional to modern to quirky!

    Images via Euro Style Lighting

  • Modern Design For Kids


    Modern design doesn't have to take a backseat when it comes to kids rooms and nurseries. You can follow the same design principles, add a little whimsy and voila you have a kids room. Here are a few inspiration photos to get you started.

    Modern all-white nursery design with modern wall light and sheepskin rug

    Modern design in a nursery

    This nursery above applies the same style of mounted console you might find in a TV room, but with playful art above and a cloud-like rug, the room becomes suitable for a little one. Modern wall lighting works in this nursery just like it would in any other room of the house.

    Whimsical kids room with a boho vibe

    Modern kids room with pendant lighting

    Just like the rest of the house, some pendant lighting can be fun in a kids room too. Maybe try a fun color or hang it in unexpected places to add whimsy. 

    Notice that even though the room above clearly belongs to a kid, certain design principles are followed like color scheme. The rug, the bedding, and the toys all relate when it comes to color, keeping the design clean and modern.

    Modern black and white nursery with white crib and greyscale wallpaper with birds

    Black and white nursery design

    Simple furnishings with lots of patters makes this nursery a modern baby heaven. The playful arrangement of the crib adds a little whimsy, along with the artwork.

    Images from Interiors Porn, Wee Decor, The Design Chaser

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