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  • Mix It Up: Modern + Vintage Style


    Modern Living Room Design With Vintage Accents

    Vintage and modern style living room.

    The best interior design is usually a combination of two or more styles. The key is knowing which style to give importance to and then from there make sure there's balance between them.

    In this case above, the overall design is modern with euro style furniture, while the undertones are vintage in nature, such as stylish crystal pendant lighting. Most of the furnishings are modern, while the crystal chandelier and architectural details are vintage. Don't forget to include the built-in details, such as decorative molding, etc.

    If you love this space above as much as I do, here's how to get the look in your own home:

    Euro Furnishings and Lighting

    1. Delicate, with innovative form, this crystal chandelier will add the perfect vintage touch to any room.

    2. This modern white tripod floor lamp is delicate, yet modern.

    3. Get the classic beige accent with this striped accent pillow.

    4. Add a little delicate accent with the beaded accent pillow.

    5. Provide a little color and modern pattern with the orange ikat pillow.

    6. Keep the main piece of furniture neutral with the simple lines of the oyster upholstered sofa.

    7. Clean lines play a role in the modern aesthetic with this white lacquered square coffee table.

    8. With a modern form and vintage material, this mother of pearl gourd table lamp is perfect for helping to pull the styles together.

    9. Another piece with classic form and vintage material, this distressed brown leather accent chair with button tufting is perfect.

    Image source: Afflante

  • Lighting Design - Layer, Layer, Layer!


    Layering in lighting design featuring a floor lamp and a modern silver and glass pendant

    In any type of interior, lighting is an important piece in the interior design puzzle. Lighting design plays a very big role in how you experience a space.

    How you light a room really transforms the mood and perceived size of a room. The elements of a room really come together with the right types and combination of lighting, so it's essential to keep lighting in mind as you design a room and not have it be an after-thought.

    All rooms need a mix of three different kinds of lighting - ambient, task and accent.

    Modern bronze and glass pendant lighting over a dining table in an industrial chic setting

    Ambient Lighting

    The goal of ambient lighting is to provide even, overall light to a room. Recessed lighting is great for this purpose.

    If you want something more decorative to provide ambient lighting, a chandelier works beautifully. Wall-mounted lighting like sconces also provide ambient lighting.

    Always use dimmers with ambient lighting! We can't emphasize this enough! Dimmers allow you to adjust the light levels based on the time of day or mood you are looking to create. Use multiple circuits in a room so you can dim some lights, while keeping others brighter.

    Home office with task lighting provided by a table lamp and wall lamp.

    Task Lighting

    Specific tasks like reading, working at your desk, cooking or getting ready in the bathroom require task lighting.

    Stylish table lamps and floor lamps are perfect in the living room, home office and bedroom.

    The kitchen requires task lighting in a different form. Pendant lighting comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles and is ideal for illuminating cooking and food prep areas. Combine pendants with under cabinet lighting and you have the perfectly lit kitchen.

    Task lighting in a bathroom include bath bars and sconces. For a more modern look, consider using pendant lights as sconces.

    A picture light accents a piece of art

    Accent Lighting

    Bring visual interest into a room by creating different focal points with accent lighting. Accent lighting highlights specific objects like interesting architectural details, art, sculptures and bookcases. 

    Classic track lighting and picture lights are often used as accent lighting in a room.

    Make sure your lighting design includes these three types of lighting (ambient, task and accent) and you will create a beautifully lit space for you to enjoy!

    Image Source: Euro Style Lighting

  • The Jungalow Kitchen Reveal


    Mismatched modern barstools in Justine Blakeney's Jungalow kitchen

    Bohemian kitchen design.

    If you didn't already know, Justina Blakeney, author of the blog Jungalow, just bought a house. If you follow her design work like me, then you've been anxiously waiting to see how she puts her new home together.

    She recently revealed her kitchen design and it's everything I thought it would be, starting with mismatched modern bar stools.

    Boho kitchen with emerald green backsplash and green and gold tiles on the floor

    Green and brass kitchen design.

    It's no surprise she mixes her accessories with plants, which works perfectly with her green backsplash and flooring.

    Copper and wood provide the perfect materials for shelving accessories.  Whether you're going for a boho look or a super clean modern aesthetic, wood kitchen bowls are a beautiful accessory.

    Unfinished wood shelving with copper brackets in a boho-style kitchen

    Distressed wood shelving.

    Blakeney does a great job following through with the overall organic feel of this kitchen design.

    The distressed wood shelving pairs perfectly with the green tile, while happily supporting her beautiful plants. 

    For more, head over to Justina's blog, The Jungalow.

    All images from Justina Blakeney

  • Shades of Grey in a Modern Home


    Modern living room in shades of grey including grey wood-paneled walls, sofa and area rug

    Modern living room in shades of grey.

    Shades of grey isn't just some book-turned-move, it's also a beautiful color palette for any modern home. It's especially neat when the grey palette is consistent throughout the entire home...

    Something else to envy from this grey living room is the sculptural lighting... Try using chic pendant lighting for more than just light, make art out of a few different pieces.

    Contemporary kitchen with streamlined grey cabinetry and greyish wood herringbone floor

    Modern grey kitchen design.

    Even the wood floor finish has a grey tone in this kitchen. The design is serious about the grey palette, right up to the bold rectangular pendant light.

    Modern black bar stools pair perfectly with the linear, grey kitchen island.

    Sleek modern bedroom with gray fabric-covered platform bed and dark gray wood-paneled walls

    Herringbone floors in a grey bedroom.

    The platform style bed keeps the space open, while the bold shelving grounds the design in shades of grey.

    Simple recessed ceiling lighting and beautiful herringbone flooring are thoughtful details that go a long way.

    All images from Behance

  • Interior Design for Small Spaces


    Small space design idea: separate your bed from the rest of the room with a curtain

    Interior design for small spaces can be tricky, but not impossible.

    With rents going up, and then up again, many people are forced to live in places the size of a postage stamp.

    Have no fear, there are ways to make a diminutive space work for you. Here are five of our favorite ideas for how to maximize your small space:

    1. Maximize Natural Light

    Living room with cream-colored sofa, wood coffee table and black and white chevron rug and modern wall mirror above the sofa

    Natural light is important in any space, but especially in a smaller apartment. Natural light brightens up the space and keeps it from looking too dark and depressing. Modern wall mirrors are perfect for bouncing light around the apartment, it helps maximize natural light and gives the illusion that your space is bigger than it is.

    2. Divide Your Space into Zones

    Open bookcase in studio apartment separates sleeping area from the rest of the room

    Establish different zones for the different things you do in your apartment, like eating, relaxing, sleeping, working, etc. Marking off these areas can make a space feel larger.

    Bookcases are ideal for this purpose.  In the bedroom above, the bookcase separates the living area from the sleeping area that feels more like a bedroom.

    You can also use changes in flooring to indicate different zones.

    But beware, too many zones can make your space feel maze-like. 

    3. Storage is Key

    Built-in shelves occupy a "dead" corner of an entry

    One thing you can never have enough of, especially in small spaces, is storage. One idea is to take a dead corner in a room and make some built-ins. You can also use furniture that does double duty like storage benches.

    4. Conceal What You Can

    Small studio apartment with high platform bed with lots of storage

    Clutter is the bane of a small space's existence. Use things like storage boxes with lids, under bed storage, and the aforementioned storage benches to keep clutter out of sight.

    The platform bed above integrates storage into the base and is perfect for items you need regular access to.

    5. Think Vertical

    Small studio apartment with 3/4 height wall creating a bedroom and floating shelves to the ceiling for storage

    When there is a shortage of floor space, think up. Things like floating shelves draw the eye up and make your studio/small apartment seem roomier than it really is. Plus, more shelves = more storage!

    These are just a few ideas for interior design for small spaces. What techniques do you use when designing for a small space? Share in the comments below!

    Image Sources: Home Designing; Apartment Therapy; Pop Sugar; Apartment Therapy; Apartment Therapy

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