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  • Mix It Up With Modern Lighting


    Modern Lighting

    Image from Domaine Home

    This European loft is striking for many reasons, but as you can imagine, the lighting grabbed our attention the most! Specifically, the contrast in modern lighting styles.

    It's not often you see a home with a crystal chandelier and a super modern task lamp, but we wish this happened more often actually. Although the mixed lighting styles aren't in the same room, this is where the architecture of a  home becomes important.

    A loft-style home creates an opportunity to coordinate different styles across different rooms because you can see them all at the same time. Very cool.

    Bedroom Design

    Image from Domaine Home

    But don't worry, you don't need a loft home to effectively implement this lighting style in your home, and if you're not sure where to start here's some ideas below.

    Go ahead and mix any of these pairs in a bedroom, office or living room. Then, be prepared for the compliments on your cool home design.

    Modern Lighting Ideas

    Top: Eurofase Giselle Crystal Chandelier  -  Gen 2 Z Bar Red Koncept Desk Lamp

    Middle: Cyan Bella Green Glass Chandelier  -  Gen 3 Z-Bar Green Koncept Desk Lamp

    Bottom: Claremont White Nickel Chandelier  -  Gen 3 Z-Bar White Koncept Desk Lamp

    Images: Domaine Home

  • Modern Bathroom Design


    Bathroom Design

    Ok, not the most popular room in the house to talk about when reviewing design, but let's face it, your bathroom design is important. That's where you start and end your day, so do it right, surrounded by good design like this space above.

    It's perfect! Not too formal, but well put together, we're loving the design of this bathroom.

    The detail you may not notice right away are the modern bath sconces, but they add a seamless design detail that is both attractive and functional.

    Here's some of our favorite options for modern bathroom lighting:

    Modern Lighting

    1. Possini Euro Angular Bronze Bath Light Fixture

    2. Midtown Satin Nickel Bath Light Fixture

    3. Tuning Fork Brushed Nickel Possini Euro Wall Sconce

    4. Chelsea Textured Black Edison Sconce

    5. Downtown Edison Nickel Bath Light

    Image: Style Files

  • The Future of Smart Homes at Dwell on Design


    Smart Homes

    You may have heard the term "smart home." Public utilities, tech companies, retailers and product companies all seem to be scrambling to enter the space, and only one thing is clear: no one is quite sure what "smart home" will really mean 10 years from now.

    At the recent Dwell on Design event, a number of speaker panels addressed the idea. New high-tech products are being introduced all the time (such as the LED light bulb above singled out for it's excellent quality of light). But with appliances like crock pots and coffee machines now being operated remotely via an app, in its early stages, this smart home revolution can often seem like it's doing nothing more than replacing the Clapper with a mobile phone. 

    Smart Home IdeasImages from Joseph Enterprises and Republic Mortgage

    And this common belief among consumers is something that smart home advocates are quick to acknowledge. In a Dwell on Design panel titled "Today's Smart Home," Jeremy Warren (Vice President of Innovation at Vivint) acknowledged that his company is still very much in the exploratory phase, working with early smart home adopters to see what, how and why they use new technologies in an effort to bring relevant products to market in the years ahead.

    In the same panel, Peter Taylor (Senior Product Marketing Manager at Belkin WeMo) touted new technologies that allow a homeowner to monitor and remotely control electricity usage habits, with the ultimate goal of helping them to conserve more and therefore save more. 

    Dwell On Design 2014

    Image from Dwell on Design

    There are, of course, plenty of energy-saving products on the market already such as energy efficient lighting and LED light bulbs. But it's not hard to see where all this smart home talk leads: homes that learn our habits, track weather and our whereabouts can also adjust their environments (and consequently energy consumption) accordingly. Looking further, these data models could be fed into the power grid, allowing for more efficient production of electricity. 

    And in a world where billions of people (yes, billions) are fortunately beginning to experience a higher standard of living and requiring more energy to do so, we can all agree that every little bit of conservation helps.

    Images: Joseph Enterprises, Republic Mortgage, Dwell on Design

  • Micro Living at Dwell on Design


    Dwell On Design

    As you may already know, our team attended the 2014 Dwell on Design event last weekend. You can find two other recap blog posts here, Dwell on Design: Ideas for Better Living and here Modern Family at Dwell on Design.

    There were several wonderful panels to attend, impossible to catch them all. One of the more notable panels, in our opinion, was the one discussing micro living. 

    The Panoramic

    Living spaces are shrinking in size, but they're becoming smarter. The Dwell panel of architects and designers are hugely responsible.

    The needs of society as a whole have changed, which raises four major factors to discuss.

    1. Delayed Household Formation: Men and women are starting a family much later, therefore needing less space.

    2. Home Purchase is Harder and/or Less Desirable: Even those ready to start a family and invest in a home might not be doing so due to the housing market and/or their economic status. Also, currently a large portion of our population (between the ages of 18 and 36) prefer to live in the city, versus the suburbs.

    Compact Interior Design

    Interior Design of The Panoramic.

    Each image on the right is a different version than the same angle on the left image, showing either with a bed down or not, illustrating how to fit a lot into a small space.

    3. Cars Not Required: Because of this greater desire for urban living, many don't need a car and/or don't want the extra expense of a car.

    4. Less is Enough: With technology creating a much more compact lifestyle for us (i.e. iPhones instead of CD's), people have less stuff and need less space to hold that stuff.

    How do you live? Do you own a home or do you prefer smaller, smarter spaces in the city? We'd love to hear from you, just comment below.

    Images: Cori Magee, Smart Space

  • Modern Family At Dwell on Design



    This past weekend, the Euro Style Lighting team attended the annual Dwell on Design event located in downtown Los Angeles. Brent provided an overall recap earlier this week, Dwell on Design: Ideas for Better Living if you're interested in reading more about the event.

    Like past years, this modern design event lived up to the hype. The 2014 Dwell on Design offered continuous content from more than 200 top minds of design, distinctive exhibitions by more than 400 exhibitors, and thousands of products. Trade and consumer were equally inspired.

    Design Pavillions

    This year, Dwell Pavilions were introduced to the show floor for the first time, curated by Dwell editors in the following categories:  Design for Humankind, Modern Family, Scandinavian, Energy 360/Technology. Each pavilion included an exhibition of photographs and article excerpts from the Dwell archives alongside products that truly brought the pages of the magazine to life. 

    The Pavilion we found most fun was the Modern Family exhibit. If you love modern design, have children or are thinking about having children, this was the place to be. So many fun products and talented exhibitors.

    Ideas for the Modern Family

    Casa Kids builds contemporary children's furniture: loft beds, bunk beds, desks, storage units and entire custom rooms. Their furniture is long-lasting and sustainable and their modular approach allows their furniture to grow with your kids.

    Parents eagerly spoke to the representatives about purchasing off the floor, which is one of the most exciting opportunities available at Dwell on Design.

    Casa Kids

    Lille Huset proves that kids toys don't have to be tacky. The collection of designs are inspired by little modern houses all over the world that people live in and love.

    This small but growing design business creates a new kind of dollhouse for a new kind of kid.

    Lille Huset

    Aika Trading makes you rethink parenting. You don't have to give up certain things you love for the functional lifestyle of a parent.

    They combine stylish Gazelle bikes with Yepp child seats, providing the flexibility to add a front and rear kids seat, but also function as a cool, solo bike. And don't forget the cool kids helmets, which can be customized with stickers, including one that resembles a mohawk!

    Aika Trading

    If you didn't make it this year, we urge you to attend next year. Dwell on Design is truly a wonderful experience for design professionals and enthusiasts alike.

    Images: Cori Magee

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