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  • PreFab: Montana Ranch Style


    Pre-fab home

    Pre-fab is often thought of as modern and in modern locations such as Malibu, but not often associated with great Western landscapes, ranch-style. Well, this family did it with the help of some great designers and architects.

    Jeanne and Paul Moseley’s pre-fab house opens wide to the great Western landscape of Ruby Valley and five surrounding mountain ranges in Montana. Like any ranch-dwelling family, they camp and fish on a regular basis. 

    “We love this valley and wanted a place that would be playful, with great flow, but in no way fancy,” says Jeanne.

    Modern Deck Design

    The home boasts almost 2,400 square feet of deck, which is obviously used for things like bathing and no doubt lots of entertaining. They added industrial wheels to everything, from sofas to the steel bathtub.

    Modern Kitchen

    The living room’s “sun visor” is not fixed but dynamic. Its slatted wood screen was fitted with a system of exposed tractor parts and hydraulic cylinders from a Caterpillar excavator, which lets it be raised from a vertical mode to a horizontal canopy to temper the sun’s rays.

    Because of the property’s remoteness, transporting construction crews and materials to the site day after day would have taken a heavy financial, not to mention environmental, toll. So the Moseleys chose this awesome prefab approach. We think they did a pretty awesome job!

    Where's your dream home location??

    Images: Sunset

  • Color Crush: Plum


    Modern Living Room

    One of my favorite colors for Fall is plum. It’s so rich and warm and royal. Also, it’s one of the only more feminine color that guys tend to be ok with too! So good news ladies! I love watching interior design television shows when they use a little plum in the space because you’ll notice two things. It’s pretty easy to match with other plums and a little goes a long way! So more good news, you don’t need to re-do your whole space to make it new. Just introduce a little plum here and there and you’ll have a brand new (to you) room in no time!

    This room above is a great example of how just a little bit of pretty plum can make the space pop. Plum goes great with gray. Just so you know. 

    Home Decor

    Swanky Gray - Satin Purple Ovo Lamp with Color Finial, Ashbury 42" High Royal Purple Wall Mirror, Brunetta Purple Modern 19 1/2-Inch-H Accent Table

    I am really loving these little plum accents. The lamp is a great gray color with the super plum shade. I love how shiny and pretty the shade is. It adds some texture to the lamp and the room without adding too much.

    The mirror is amazing. I really, really want that mirror. I love the shape. That Victorian era shape to the mirror without all the frilly flowers and naked baby angels that we can all do without. It’s fantastic! The color would really pop on the wall next to some of your favorite art too.

    And the accent table is exactly that. A great accent of color to the room. It’s the perfect size to hold a few favorite knick-knacks or some coasters for guests to use for their drinks. I love the minimal style of the table. It adds color and style without taking away from anything else in the room.

    Awesome, right?

    Image: Lush Home

  • Paint Color Ideas: Adding Charcoal To Your Modern Kitchen


    Paint Color Ideas

    With Fall here I’m craving darker hues in my wardrobe and interiors. I've been thinking about different paint color ideas... Enter my addiction to charcoal gray kitchens.

    Charcoal gray may be a neutral, but it's also a statement. I’ve been lusting after them for quite some time. I think adding a pop of charcoal to your cabinets, walls or backsplash makes for quite a statement in a modern kitchen.

    Not in the market to do a major remodel? Don’t worry, there are ways you can add a pop of charcoal to your own kitchen without breaking the bank. Add in gray furniture – barstools, chairs in your nook or even lighting. It’s an easy way to update your home for fall and winter.

    Gray Kitchen Design

    Are you in the mood to do some updating around your house this fall? Tell us what you’re in the mood to do!

    If you have any kitchen design questions or want a post centered on a certain kitchen style please don’t hesitate to ask. We want to know what you want to see around here. Just leave a comment below!

    Home Furnishings

    1. Troy Toledo Silver 14 3/4-Inch-H Small Outdoor Wall Light 2. Marius Antique Black Metal Set of 2 Zuo Counter Chairs 3. Zuo Modern Charcoal Gray 28 3/4-Inch-W Armchair 4. Troy Troy Toledo Silver 14 3/4-InchChessa Gray Fabric 18 1/2-Inch-W Set of 4 Side ChairsH Small Outdoor Wall Light

    Images: Apartment Therapy, Archtectural Digest, Marie Claire Maison, Elle Déco

  • Architecture on Ice: Living with Seasonal Affective Disorder Lights


    architecture on ice

    Admittedly, it's been really warm around here for the better part of the week...which has us daydreaming of places oh so cold and far away.

    Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

    Architect Magazine recently wrote a piece titled Architecture on Ice (which included these awesome images), chronicling the buildings of Antarctica and, well, we've been ogling these pictures ever since.

    Hailley VI Antarctica

    These various cold-weather structures gave us a chance to daydream about cooler temperatures, but they also got us thinking of the long winter days their occupants are suffering through as we speak. In particular, we thought about Seasonal Affective Disorder, or better known as the winter blues. To combat the winter blues, Seasonal Affective Disorder lights help to replace the natural light that most of us lose during the shortest days of the year.

    seasonal affective disorder lightVerilux HappyLight Deluxe Sunshine Light System

    The Verilux HappyLight above is something to consider if the winter (or long days in window-less offices) ever gets you down. Not that anyone needs to worry just yet...but despite the hot weather outside, longer, cooler days aren't all that far away.

    Images: Architect Magazine

  • From Outfit to Interior: Artsy + Expressive


    Outfit to Interior

    Modern Studio

    Ms. Artsy & Expressive brings a dose of her massive personality to every aspect of life, from her wardrobe to her decor and everywhere in between! Shape and color are of the utmost importance to her style and no detail or corner goes unnoticed. This artsy dress is from Shoptiques and can easily translate into an expressive interior like in this home office image from Milk Magazine.

    Modern Table Lamp

    Our lady knows that dark colors pack quite the punch The Nova Convergence Accent Contemporary Table Lamp is a piece of functional modern art that is a beautiful stand-alone piece on an end table or desk.

    A few George Kovacs Brushed Nickel Mini Pendant Lights take the form of a small art installation when grouped or lined up in a row over a countertop, down a hallway, or in an entry.

    Modern Pendant Light

    Talk about art! This Customizable Squares Possini Euro Pendant Light is all that and then some. The glass squares are a kaleidoscope of color that can be arranged just as you like.

    Inspired by the atom and illuminated by an Edison bulb, a pair of these Modern Bronze Atom Franklin Iron Works Wall Sconces bring an industrial touch of design to the bathroom.

    Modern Floor Lamp

    Gathering around the dining table should be fun, and Ms. Artsy & Expressive thinks that should involve interesting seating. This Modern Beta White and Black Club Chair is both stylish and comfortable with its wide seat and sleek lines.

    Multi-functionality is its own kind of creativity, like with this Antique Brass Floor Lamp with Glass Tray Table. Not only a great space saver in a small living room bedroom, but also a sculpture in its own right!

    Images: Shoptiques, Milk Magazine

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