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  • Organic Home Design With Sisal Rugs


    Home Design

    Image from Dust Jacket Attic 

    Currently I’m having a love affair with rugs, specifically one rag in particular. The sisal rug is the perfect home accessory for adding an organic look to your design. While it is true sisal rugs have been gracing the floors of homes since the mid 1900’s, there has never been more choices or ways to style a sisal rug than as of late.

    I’m loving the delicate round rugs for an entry way, like in the top images.  Pair this organic-style area rug with modern entryway chandelier and you will make a designer statement. A sisal runner with a greek key or plain banded border works on practically every staircase.  

    Entryway Design

    Image from BHG

    Laying one on your patio is easy and non-fussy way to step up your outdoor style. Or my personal favorite, the layering effect where you place a smaller and usually brighter toned rug on top of the traditional sisal. All effective, and chic ways to add sisal to your home.

    And did you know sisal rugs are produced from an actual plant, the Agave Sisalana. Fibre is extracted by a process known as decortication, where leaves are crushed and beaten by a rotating wheel set with blunt knives, so that only fibres remain. The fibre is then dried, brushed and baled for export and eventually weaved into the rugs we all know so well today.

    Images: Dust Jacket Attic, Better Homes & Gardens

  • Not Your Father's Chandeliers


    modern chandeliers and pendants

    Image from Design Milk

    Let's agree to agree: chandeliers aren't just for parents' homes, grandparents' homes and the Palace of Versailles anymore.

    For a modern take, look no further than the space-race-inspired Sputnik light at the top of this post. Or with their liberal, updated approach to form, brushed nickel chandeliers like the one below have the look of instant classics.

    Brushed Nickel Chandelier

    Image from Better Homes & Gardens

    And for those who aren't ready to let crystal go just yet, look for faceted droplets and bubbles in contemporary designs. Mini crystal chandeliers are perfect for small spaces and bathrooms while full-size designs become exclamation points in your home.

    Contemporary Crystal Chandelier

    Image from Gravity Gravity

    crystal bubble chandelier

    Glass Spheres Halogen Ceiling Light

    Modern Nickel Chandelier

    Robert Abbey Lucy Antique Nickel Pendant Chandelier

    brass sputnik chandelier

    Jonathan Adler Brass Sputnik Chandelier 

    Excessive ornament may be on the out of style in contemporary design, but the fundamentals are still there: namely an attention to intrigue, balance of form, and quality of materials. Combine those influences and you've got yourself a classic chandelier, modernized and magnificent.

    Images: Design Milk, Better Homes & Gardens, Gravity Gravity

  • Get the Look: Beautiful Bar from Kelly Wearstler


    Beautiful Bar

    Image from Kelly Wearstler

    Kelly Wearstler is the queen of glamorous, funky spaces. The famed interior designer particularly shines with her public spaces like hotels, bars and restaurants.

    Each one feels like an escape into a new world—just like how a night on the town should be. By looking at the way she designs public bars can help us learn how to create a sophisticated and unique bar for the home.

    Let’ see how....

    Bar Stool Ideas

    1. Pattern on pattern. Pattern on pattern is one way to really have fun with your bar space. It feels playful yet deliberate. The trick with mixing patterns is to contrast them in either color or scale. Here she used a blue and white stripe versus an oversized grey marble and it works so well! Ultramodern counter height swivel stools are bold and chic.

    2. This is one of my all-time favorite bar spaces. Nothing says glamorous more than emerald green and dramatic lighting. She contrasts the heavily patterned flooring with darker seats and then crisp white counter bar stools. It makes the two spaces feel distinct.

    3. The glamour in this bar space comes out in the metallic finishes and unique accessories. Try a counter bar stool that swivels for extra functionality.

    4. This bar space is a bit more subdued with the color palette but amped up in the millwork like on the counter and cupboards. The counter bar stools are simple so as not to distract. A beautiful starburst pendant tops the space.

    5. (top image) You don’t have to do too much to your home bar to make it pop. Try using a single color of paint, like this bright yellow at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs, and pair it with a simple white swivel barstool.

    Modern Barstools

    To achieve a similar look for your bar, try one of these counter bar stools and make sure to get it 24-26”. These bold and chic stools can work themselves into the most ultramodern to the most complex spaces.

    1. This comfortable white leatherette adjustable height barstool would be great in a dramatic bar space.
    2. This modern swivel bar stool can work perfectly in a more subdued color palette.
    3. This backless adjustable counter stool is perfect for a kitchen or a bar space (currently unavailable).
    4. This faux leather modern swivel barstool comes in a beautiful chrome and would be so versatile.

    Which is your favorite bar space?

    Images: Kelly Wearstler, Wall Street JournalHGTV, Kelly WearstlerA Thoughtful Eye

  • Nautical Home Style With Shades of Blue


    Home Style

    Image from Arcadian Home

    Living in a state that is on the coast, I am here to tell you that there is a way to achieve the nautical home style without being too thematic. There are a lot of nautical elements that I love, like antiqued finish mirrors, stripes, even rope! Whether you think you dig the nautical style or not, I hope that this little round up will show you there is a more stylish side than the nautical style you might be used to.

    Take this living room for example! It has a nautical, modern feel to it. The colors scream nautical with shades of blue, whites and reds. There's lots of fun elements like the rope ottomans and driftwood inspired coffee table.

    Please notice that not everything in the room screams nautical. To pull off this look, you just need a few elements and the right color scheme. You could even have less on-the-nose décor than this room and still pull it off. Maybe a pretty antiqued brass mirror? The more round the better! A sofa similar to this navy one above would be perfect and a great staple for any living room style.

    As for how you can create your own... Here are a few ideas!

    Nautical Home Furnishings

    Let’s start with the sconce lighting. The Franklin Iron Works Nautical Bronze Outdoor Wall Light definitely has that seaside town feel to it, don’t you think? It would look awesome lining a hallway, lighting up a living room or even on the back porch. I love the industrial feel to this light too. Very chic!

    The artwork is a favorite of mine. A classy sailboat blueprint design, like this Flat Bottom Blueprint Wall Art in a rustic frame. I love it! This would look amazing in a nautical chic space.

    And the chair... Well, let’s just say that I want this Horizontal Stripe Accent Chair with or without the nautical theme! The stripes bring in both the nautical look while adding some modern style to the room as well. You really can’t go wrong with stripes! This chair would be a great accent chair in a living room where you're trying to get a seaside feel to your home decor.

    So what do you think? Would you try the nautical look in your home?

    Image: Arcadian Home

  • Accents of Black For a Modern Home Style


     Modern Home Style

    Image from Simply Grove

    There are so many options when it comes to color palettes for your home. You can go bright and bold or serene and calm. Whatever you love, one color that fits right in to any modern home style is black. In fact, black is timeless and looks striking in any space.

    Whether paired with just a monochromatic palette or mixed in with color, you cannot go wrong with black.

    Minimal Living Room

    Image from Indoors Outdoors

    One big reason why I’m such an advocate for black is it hides stains and dirt. In fact black tile is a great option for bathrooms and kitchens. And lets talk about the black ceiling in the top image. Amazing!

    This minimalist space above has a few details that I can’t get enough of, including that simple black stove. Against the white wall, it looks like a perfect architectural detail. It also picks up on the black legs of the stool, black books and black speaker.

    White Kitchen

    Image from Fancy

    This kitchen has a few layers going on. We see wood, white, color and brass. The black on the wall seems to anchor the room and create a cohesive space. Who says that you can’t mix and match!?

    Modern Bedroom

    Image from Coco Lapine Design

    For a dramatic look, paint one wall in your space black. It will create a cozy feel with a bit of sophistication. And modern lighting always looks great against black!

    Images:  Simply Grove,  Indoors Outdoors, FancyCoco Lapine Design

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