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  • 5 Necessities for Great Outdoor Living Spaces


     5 Necessities for Great Outdoor Living Spaces

    Beautiful summer days are on our doorstep, so it’s time to start thinking about what makes for great outdoor living spaces!

    Here are five ideas to make a great place to sit outside and enjoy those lazy, hazy days of summer:

    A Space to Relax:

    An Outdoor Pavilion with Chandelier
    Whether it’s a lounge chair or an outdoor sectional, a place to kick back is a necessity during those lovely summer days. We love this outdoor pavilion with an outdoor chandelier nestled among a sea of planters.


    Planter Boxes Provide Texture to Your Outdoor Living Spaces
    You layer fabrics and finishes to create texture indoors, so why wouldn’t you want to do the same outdoors?

    Line up several planters along the edge of the patio or create built-in planter boxes and use the flowers and other greenery to create some visual texture.

    Bonus? It creates another line of defense against those nosy neighbors.

    Outdoor Lighting

     Outdoor Living Room with Wall and Deck Lights
    Good outdoor lighting is necessary to continue your outdoor patio activities from day into night.

    Choose modern outdoor lighting like pendants or wall lights (or both) to light your outdoor living space.

    Party lights look great strung between trees, wrapped around tree trunks or railings or woven through the eaves of a pergola.

    Have Fun with Color

     Outdoor Seating Area with Lavender Flowers and Matching Pillows
    Do you have planters of brightly colored flowers? Choose some outdoor decorative pillows in the same shades of the blooms to draw out the colors naturally present.

    Have Your Own Land Grab

     Bistro Table and Chairs Under a Large Tree
    Don’t be afraid of extending your outdoor living beyond the limits of the patio! Place a small table and chairs on the grass for a perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee and newspaper (or on a satellite deck, like in the picture above.)

    Use some, or all, of these ideas to create outdoor living spaces that will make you never want to go back inside!

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  • Modern Backyard Pool Style


     Modern backyard pool style

    Residential pool in a modern backyard

    There's nothing that says Summer more than a backyard pool. 

    Keep in mind that photo inspirations, like the one above, are for you to learn from and pull ideas from. You don't need to build a pool above your patio to achieve outdoor style.

    Pay attention to the elements that you can achieve, such as the overall minimal style and cool modern outdoor chairs.

    Backyard pool with modern outdoor light fixtures

    Modern pool style with outdoor light fixtures

    If you don't have room to set up an outdoor living space, try providing just a small seating area.

    Add some modern pool decor like outdoor pillows,  contemporary outdoor light fixtures and voila you have outdoor pool style.

     Modern pool-side style with outdoor furniture and lighting

    Modern pool-side style with outdoor furniture and lighting.

    The most important of all modern backyard style tips is to make sure your pool area functions well. 

    If you plan on keeping it private just for family, you probably won't need as much as if you plan on lots of pool parties.

    Images from Design Milk, My Paradissi, Unique Fabrics

  • Decorating With Wallpaper


     Decorating With Wallpaper in a Modern Room

    Decorating with wallpaper in a modern home.

    Are you looking for a way to add interest to your home design? One of the easiest ways to entirely change a room is with wallpaper. Here are some fun inspirations...

    Go big, like the living room above, and create a wanderlust aesthetic. This will no doubt be a topic of conversation when entertaining.

    Try using monochromatic furniture and accessories so you don't take away from the wall, but go big with your modern lighting to add another wow factor.

     Camouflage Your TV with Wallpaper

    Make a TV wall more interesting with wallpaper and colorful furniture.

    If you hate the look of televisions, but don't want a big clunky cabinet hiding it, try making it disappear by installing a bold, black wallpaper behind it. 

    If you capture some of the color palette in furniture and/or accessories, you'll help pull together the overall look. And voilà, no tv unless you want to see it.

     A Powder Room is the Perfect Place to Experiment with Bold Wallpaper

    Dress up a modern bathroom with modern wall paper and wall lights.

    Is there a wallpaper pattern you love, but think it might be too much for a large wall? Then try it in the powder room where a small dose might just work perfectly.

    Accent your powder room wallpaper with wall lights that stand out for extra style bonus.

     Stair Risers Decorated with Floral Wallpaper


    Like the idea of wallpaper, but prefer clean white walls? Want to try something fun and different? Then try adding an interesting design detail with wallpaper, like the stairs above.

    You can use one pattern or all of your faves...

    When decorating with wallpaper, so many options exist, so there is a design out there for all interior design styles.

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  • Outdoor Kitchen Lighting


     Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

    Outdoor kitchens have been gaining in popularity as outdoor spaces evolve beyond your basic BBQ, table and chairs. Outdoor kitchen lighting is a key component of an outdoor kitchen’s design – you need to be able to see the fabulous recipe you’re preparing, right?

    How many times have you had to walk inside to check and see if your meat is ready? We’ve even heard of people wearing head lamps while grilling outside when outdoor lighting isn’t sufficient!

    First thing is the lighting above the grill. Task lighting is the perfect choice in this instance.

     Outdoor Kitchen with Adjoining Dining Area

    If your outdoor kitchen isn’t covered, consider installing wall lights on a backsplash or wall.

    Outdoor Kitchen with Wall Lights as Task Lighting

    If you have a backsplash that’s on the short side, try using deck or step lights to light your food prep area.

     Deck or Step Lights in Backsplash Used to Light Work Area in Outdoor Kitchen

    Install outdoor pendant lighting over the bar and serving areas. This serves a functional purpose, but also allows you to bring in some style and ambiance.

     Hang Pendant Lighting Over an Island and Work Area for Function and Ambiance

    Lastly, while entertaining outdoors, you need to think beyond outdoor kitchen lighting if your kitchen isn’t attached to the house. Don’t forget to light the pathways around your outdoor cooking/dining area, it’s all fun and games until someone rolls an ankle or tromps through your flower beds.

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  • Style Ideas For Small Balconies


    Small Balcony Style Ideas

    Inspiration for small balcony style

    Wishing you had more space for entertaining or peaceful personal time this Summer? You don't need more space, just style! Here's some fun style ideas for small balconies...

    Load up on fun textiles (suitable for outdoors)

    Adding textiles will add personality to even the smallest spaces. Also, exterior light fixtures are great for providing small design details, as well as functionality.

    Party Lights For Small Balconies

    Try adding style to your balcony with party lights

    This place above also does a great job with textiles, including a fun outdoor rug, but don't forget the power of party lights. A simple string of lights can transform your small balcony into a party space.

    Small Balcony Style With Color

    Color is the solution to every design problem

    Try using whatever space you do have for a little outdoor furniture. It will go a long way in adding a living space aesthetic to your small balcony.

    When all else fails, turn to color... Lots of color is the solution to every design problem, even small spaces.

    I hope these style ideas have inspired you to create stylish small balconies in your own home -- just because they are small doesn't mean that they can't be loaded with style!

    Images from Stylish Eve, Soffa Magazine, Home My Design

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