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  • Replicating Daylight with LEDs


    LED Light

    Image from CoeLux

    This year's 14th Venice Architecture Biennale saw an exhibition used LED lighting to replicate daylight.

    Perhaps the most successful approximation to natural light yet created, this CoeLux optical system (developed by Italian physicist Paolo Di Trapani) uses LEDs and light-scattering nanoparticles to mimic the appearance of the sun moving across a daytime sky.

    fake daylight

    Image from Digital Trends

    The potential applications of this technology are enormous. Subways, offices, hospital rooms, homes--every room suddenly with a view. And most impressive of all, the system boasts the ability to replicate the color temperatures from Nordic, Mediterranean and tropical suns.

    You may remember our guide to lumens and color temperature as it applies to LED lighting? Daylight color temperatures can reach up to 10,000K and beyond, making them much warmer than the type of modern lighting used in the home today. 

    Koncept Gen 3 LightingKoncept Gen 3 Z-Bar Silver Slim Daylight LED Wall Lamp, Koncept Gen 3 Z-Bar Slim Silver Daylight Modern Desk Lamp

    Regardless, there are a handful of daylight-mimicking products currently on the market. Take Koncept Lighting's Gen 3 series of LED lamps. They mimic daylight at an interior-friendly 4,250K-4,750K color temperature, giving you all the brightness of daylight you'll ever need indoors!

    Images: CoeLuxDigital Trends

  • Modern Pool Party Ideas


    Pool Party Ideas

    Image from Design Milk

    Hosting the best pool party isn't just about having the best pool, although we vote for this one above, it's also about the best design.

    Yeah, we said it. While you're planning what to eat and who to invite, make sure you keep you modern design aesthetic in mind. Don't forget modern outdoor seating, fun dinnerware, and something gorgeous to put all the guacamole in...

    Entertaining Ideas

    This fun assorted plate set from Rachael Ray is sure to add personality to whatever food you serve.

    Take care of any unwanted trash flying around by using this metal napkin holder.

    Sure guacamole and salsa is everyone's favorite, but why not make it look good too?! This metal server bowl will also help keep it cool just a little longer.

    Give your guests somewhere stylish to sit and mingle while they're not in the pool with these white wire chairs.

    Image: Design Milk

  • White Lighting: Add A Dollop On Top


    White Lighting

    Image from The Paper Mulberry

    We hear a lot about all-white decor lately, but what does this mean exactly? What's involved? Well, a great place to start is with the larger pieces of furniture and the lighting. 

    Gorgeous white lighting is like adding a dollop of whip cream on top of beautifully, clean design. 

    Loft Home

    Image from Compost Rules

    Both the top image and this loft-style home above feature modern white lighting, mixed with warm wood finishes and/or bold black finishes. All of which work together to create a seamless and well-curated living space.

    Handing pendant lights are the best way to include great lighting without taking too much floor space. You can play a little more with scale this way...

    Living Room Style

    Image from Bodie & Fou

    If you already have great lighting, but want to add a dollop of style, then try replacing your existing lamp shade with a white lamp shade. It's easy and economical. Small changes can amount to big results when it comes to home design.

    Bedroom Style

    Image from My Scandinavian Home

    Don't forget the bedroom, white lights are great for smaller spaces, because they tend to blend in, especially with white walls.

    This bedroom above features a bit more contrast than the one below, but they both evoke clean, modern design with great lighting!

    White Bedroom

    Image from Blog Baesil

    Images: The Paper Mulberry, Compost Rules, Bodie & Fou, My Scandinavian Home, Blog Baesil

  • Drought Tolerant Plant Idea: DIY Succulent Art


    Succulent Art

    If you're in Southern California then you know we're currently in a drought. This means we have to conserve water wherever and whenever we can, including gardening with drought tolerant plants. What this doesn't mean, is that we're not able to have beautiful plant-life to decorate our outdoor areas.

    We have an awesome DIY idea for you, from Better Homes & Gardens! You've probably seen lots of pretty succulent wall art around... Well, today we're sharing the perfect step-by-step tutorial so you can have your own.


    Before you head over to the tutorial, here's what you'll need:

    Picture frame with back and glass panel removed
    Shadow box made of redwood or cedar 1x3s, cut to fit the back of the frame
    1/2-inch hardware cloth, cut to fit the inside dimensions of the frame
    Staple gun
    1/4-inch plywood backing, cut to fit the back of the shadow box
    Clean cloth
    All-purpose potting soil
    Succulent cuttings


    Images: Better Homes & Gardens

  • Fourth of July Style


    Fourth Of July

    Images from Camille Styles

    Ok, so we can't all look this great in patriotic colors, but guess what?....  Your modern home can!

    Check out this super chic living room design, with a dark moody blue wall. The red table lamp is a perfect accent against the wall. And we love how the abstract artwork pulls it all together.

    Patriotic Home

    Image from The Decorista

    The bold red sofa doesn't shy away from anyone, and there's just enough neutrals to keep this design grounded.

    Pops of white work well no matter which color palette  you're working with. 

    Have a wonderful 4th of July everyone!!

    Images: Camille Styles, The Decorista

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