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  • How to Choose the Best Contemporary Lighting For Each Room


    Are you ready for an update? Whether you’re hoping to spruce up a room, or design a whole home, contemporary lighting is an easy way to get a face lift for your home!

    Lighting is key to creating a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home. Choose new ceiling lights, wall lights, lamps, or even a chandelier! If you are new to contemporary lighting, read on for more information!

    Modern lighting comes in a variety of styles, perfect for any living space. Some designs are more understated, while others are bold and dramatic. What type of contemporary lighting you choose depends entirely on you!

    Choose to match your home décor, or make a statement with a fun new choice! No matter what kind of contemporary lighting you choose, it will sure to impress your family and your guests.

    Bathroom Lighting

    Contemporary lighting in a bathroom

    Contemporary lighting in the bathroom may seem difficult. Specific bathroom lighting is necessary to provide enough light for applying makeup and other grooming activities.

    The vanity area should have very bright above mirror fixtures, wall sconces, or other types of vanity lighting. Providing even lighting is also something to consider to keep shadows on the face at a minimum.

    Living Room Lighting

    Modern living room design with close to ceiling crystal chandelier

    Living rooms are the gathering space for the home and require versatile lighting for whatever type of activity you are hosting.

    Ambient lighting is perfect for an array of activities, including conversation, watching TV, reading, playing board games and using a laptop.

    Modern ceiling lights are a great option when outfitted with a dimmer – perfect for movie nights! Adding table or floor lamps, as well as wall sconces can create the perfect light for reading. And if there is an art piece or fireplace you wish to showcase, track lighting can provide the necessary focus.

    Bedroom Lighting

    Bedroom with table lamps and a close to ceiling light fixture

    Dark bedrooms are great for sleeping, but the lack of light hinders other activities taking place.

    Consider the size of the bedroom and the ceiling height when choosing lighting. Dimmers and soft light bulbs are key for creating ambiance and adjusting the light to different activity.

    Choosing the proper reading light is important, and lights with swing arms can allow you to adjust the angle appropriately.

    With these tips, you can choose the perfect contemporary lighting for each room in your home. Whether you choose bold contemporary lighting, or a more understated design, prepare for the compliments you will receive on your new lighting fixtures!

    Image source: Euro Style Lighting

  • Carbon Positive Prefab Design


    Exterior of 800 sq ft prefab home in Australia

    Smart, prefab design in Australia

    This prefab home in Australia produces more energy than it consumes. It's smart and pretty! The small 800 square foot structure is sealed tight to keep the heat out and the cold inside.

    It's the solar panel top that enables it to produce more energy than it consumes.

    Minimally decorated room with modern sconces and floor to ceiling windows

    Modern interior design with large windows

    The Carbon Positive House prototype is on display in Melbourne's City Square. 

    Minimally furnished, each decision stands out, like the stylish built-in bench and modern sconces.

    Modern kitchen with sustainably sourced wood cabinets and industrial style pendant lighting

    Open plan kitchen design

    Considering the small space, the home is designed with a large kitchen. The light wood finish makes it feel open and fresh.

    The prefab design includes wood paneling throughout the home, which is sustainably sourced. The home also includes non-toxic materials and the home's appliances are energy-efficient and make use of rain water recycling.

    All images from Inhabitat

  • Gallery Wall Inspiration


    Contemporary living room with bright white walls and gallery wall of black and white art

    Black and white gallery wall

    Happy Friday everyone. Here are some really cool gallery wall ideas in all different styles. They can either be general design inspiration or a guide for your weekend project. Enjoy!

    Never underestimate the power of white and black. The gallery above is chaotic, yet in sync. It's also fluid, so art can be added at any time and it somehow all fits together. Never mind perfection, this is a pretty mess.

    Lastly, notice how modern wall sconces can be great for accessorizing the art.

    Home office with colorful gallery wall

    Colorful office with gallery wall

    From no color to lots of color... This office embraces a bold color palette. While the walls are far from white, the frames are so that the colorful art can pop agains that amazing blue green wall.

    Beautiful interior architecture and interesting office chairs are icing on the cake for this cool office.

    Neutral modern living room with traditional architectural molding and white painted floors

    Neutral palette home with a gallery wall

    No so much for bold black and white or tons of color?... Keep it neutral and soft like this home above. The gallery design makes great use of the linear space.

    Art walls can be simple, they don't have to be cluttered to be considered a gallery.

    Also, notice how the frames accentuate the interior architecture of the amazing fireplace. Always pay attention to the authentic style of the home.

    Images from Bodie & Fou, BHG, Love Nordic

  • 3 Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Ideas


    (A member of the Euro Style Lighting team recently wrote this about his adventures in remodeling his bathroom and what he learned along the way -- we hope you enjoy it!)

    "Before" image of a bathroom

    For years, my wife has been complaining about the master bathroom. She said it felt like a dimly lit yellow cave, and joked that I kept it that way to hide "mistakes" I made when relieving myself late at night.

    Besides tearing out the sunflower-spotted linoleum tiles and 1970's mustard colored walls, I had to find contemporary bathroom lighting we could both agree on.

    During my trial-by-fire lighting education, I discovered three main elements of bathroom lighting design, which I'll kindly lay out for you.

    The Art of Accent Lighting

    After some hardware store browsing, I learned pretty quickly what makes a stylish washroom shine.

    To accentuate the curves of the washbasin, shower fixtures and tiles, you will need well-placed accent lighting. These can be in addition to a main ambient lighting fixture, but I chose to use all three elements as my primary light source.

    1. Bathroom Wall Sconces

    (L) Minka Etched Opal Glass Wall Sconce with a Satin Nickel Finish

    (R) Natalya Bubble Glass Tube LED Contemporary Wall Sconce

    Get a few decorative bathroom wall sconces to accentuate the tiles and fill in the shadows caused by your ambient bathroom light fixture. Sconces come as single lamps that shine light up, down, or both.

    2. Vanity Lights

    Wave Etched Opal Glass Bath Fixture in Satin Nickel

    A flawless vanity mirror over a fine porcelain washbasin is nothing without a little vanity lighting. These are the bathroom light fixtures that go over top of the mirror or on either side.

    Choosing a diffused white light is essential for these applications -- unless you like the look of yellow teeth and deep wrinkles staring back at you!

    3. Bath Bar Lights

    (L) Vienna Full Spectrum Cesenna Chrome Bath Light

    (R) Possini Euro Modern Lilypad Etched Glass Bath Fixture

    If your bathroom has a bathtub separate from the shower, invest in some intimate bath bar lighting.

    These fixtures consist of tiny sconces mounted along a track that is affixed to the wall. The effect is similar to candles, and provides an intimate, subdued illumination while you're soaking in the tub.

    These work best on a low voltage dimmer, allowing you to enhance the mood in your bathroom and further simulate the candlelight effect

    Other Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Considerations

    Some obstacles and happy accidents I learned during this DIY bathroom project:

    • If you have artwork in the bathroom or don't want your white tiles (or teeth) to look yellow, go with LED bathroom lighting.
    • To add "oomph" to your main ambient light, consider cove lighting with simple  LED rope lights around the molded ceiling perimeter.
    • Make sure your electrical outlets include ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), which are required by law and help prevent electrocution.
    • Ensure fixtures placed less than 6 feet from a bathtub or shower are wet location rated (not to be confused with the less-stringent damp location rating).

    To match the aesthetic of our new white and grey toned bathroom, my wife and I chose futuristic looking, all LED contemporary bathroom lighting with all-chrome finish.

    What's the color scheme or aesthetic in your bathroom? And how does that affect the bathroom fixtures you chose? We'd love to hear your thoughts, and maybe give you some pointers along the way!


    Top Photo Courtesy of ldavis62

  • Universal Language of Scandinavian Design


    Exterior of home in Germany with Swedish influences

    German home with Swedish influences

    Much like love and music, design is a universal language. This German home features Scandinavian design with a modern twist.

    Modern outdoor wall light fixtures greet you as you climb the stairs to the unique entrance. Once inside there's no shortage of design to absorb...

    Loft-like interiors with exposed brick wall and bright white interiors

    Modern home featuring recycled materials

    The brick wall is recycled from an old barn that used to be on the same lot. The owners cleaned each brick with a brush!

    The main entrance and living area are upstairs, while the bedrooms are downstairs. 

    Scandinavian design in living room with bright white walls and furnishings

    Scandinavian design in a German home

    The unique layout and Scandinavian style is charming to say the least. There's no shortage of personality when you reuse and repurpose both materials and furnishings.

    Kitchen with exposed reclaimed wood beams and contemporary pendant lighting

    Upstairs kitchen style

    The adorable kitchen features gorgeous wood floors, a handsome wood ceiling and contemporary pendant lighting

    Most importantly, this German home features lots of natural light and even more style.

    All images from Hus & Hem

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