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  • Have a Merry Christmas!


    Merry Christmas From Euro Style Lighting

    Image from Boxwood Clippings

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    We hope you're gathered around the tree with loved ones, opening beautifully wrapped gifts (which we can only hope is awesome modern lighting)!

    -Euro Style Lighting team

  • It's Christmas Eve!


    Merry Christmas Eve From Euro Style Lighting

    Image from Tonje Boganes

    Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

    Hopefully you're done shopping the perfect lighting for loved ones (wink, wink), and just hanging out in your kitchen baking lots of cookies with family and friends... 

    -Euro Style Lighting team

  • Best Interior Design In A Christmas Movie


    Christmas Movie With Great Interior Design

    Image from

    This Christmas movie happened to have some of the best interior design.

    If you're like me, you've been watching all the classic Christmas movies... One of my favorites is The Holiday and it's not for the genius film work, but rather the incredible interior design. Of course there's other movies that top my list for this time of year, but I always watch this one for the fabulous Los Angeles home.

    This image above shows the downstairs hallway, the sitting area in the kitchen and a bit of the entryway, all of which are perfect. The home is modern, yet comfortably livable. The modern lantern pendant lighting throughout is consistent, as you can see with the kitchen design below...

    Modern Kitchen Design In A Movie

    Image from

    Modern kitchen design from Hollywood.

    This modern kitchen is no doubt a dream space, whether you like to cook or not. And with the holidays this week, can you imagine how wonderful it would be to entertain family and friends here, before moving on to the dining room...

    The modern bar seating makes this kitchen a cool hang out as well as a place to make a yummy Christmas meal.

    Modern Bedroom Design For A Christmas Movie

    Image from

    This modern bedroom belonged to Cameron Diaz in The Holiday.

    If you've seen the movie, then you know the best part about the master bedroom... The remote control window shades! The extra large table lamps flank a beautiful bed, while the oversized area rug just makes this room even more comfortable.

    There's no better place to relax from all the cooking and reminiscing done in that beautiful kitchen downstairs...

  • Prepare Your Powder Room for the Holidays


    Prepare Your Powder Room for the Holidays

    Image from Mix & Chic

    Easy ways to add style to your powder room for the holidays.

    The dining room and sitting areas are of course important during the holidays, since that's where you'll be spending all your time with family and friends. But there's one other room that is really important and often overlooked... the powder room. 

    It's a room that gets heavy traffic and therefore, we think, should have just as much style as the rest of your home. Since there's a shortage of time, we have a few easy ideas for preparing your powder room.

    1. Paint

    East and economical, you could always add interest with paint. We suggest stripes like this image above, but even just painting all the walls the same color will create big change.

    Hang A New Pendant Light In The Powder Room

    Image from Hearth Studio

    One simple pendant light can create big change for your powder room.

    2. Lighting

    Something as simple as a hanging pendant light can change the aesthetic of the room and help it look complete.

    Create A Gallery Wall In Your Powder Room

    Image from Curbly

    Gallery walls are easy and provide lots of personality.

    3. Gallery Wall

    If you don't know this yet, gallery walls look great in any room. Why not add a little art and maybe even a colorful area rug to your powder room for high impact?!

    *NOTE: Today is the last day to order in time for Express shipping - order by 1pm PST.

  • Holiday Lights from Space


    Holiday Lights From Space

    Images from City Lab

    Satellite photos show an increase in evening light during the holidays.

    It appears that all those holiday lights we put up have a measurable effect on the nighttime sky, according to measurements taken from NASA's Suomi satellite. In the photos above and below, green represents an increase in average evening light output during the holidays. 

    Urban Lights From Satellite

    All told, American cities and suburbs can be as much as 50% brighter than normal between Thanksgiving and New Year's. That's a lot of holiday cheer. And it means a lot of extra electricity flows through the grid during the holidays.

    So how can we offset that with energy savings the rest of the year? Simple. Use outdoor LED security lights (preferrably ones with motion sensors) to keep your property secure at night:

    LED Security Lights

    Hedley White 7 1/4-Inch High Security Light, Wynnsboro Black Aluminum LED Outdoor Up and Downlight

    And to offset light pollution, so our cities don't look like radioactive blobs when viewed from above? Try dark sky lighting around your property:

    Modern Dark Sky Lighting

    Hatteras Bay Bronze 9-Inch Wide Kichler Outdoor Wall Light, Modern Atlantis Titanium 24-Inch High Hinkley Outdoor Light

    And while we're at it, now is a great time to replace your current Christmas lights with a colorful string of LEDs. We promise you won't miss the annual bulb replacing that accompanies those old incandescent strings.

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