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  • Efficient Home Design With Track Lighting


    Efficient Home Deigns With Track Lighting

    Track lighting belongs anywhere, even a modern style living room.

    Home design should always be fun, but most importantly it should create a functional space to live in. When it comes to efficient design, lighting is at the top of the list. And when it comes to lighting efficiency, track lighting is at the very top.

    It may not be the first thing you consider for the living room, but if you take a look at this space above, you'll see that modern track lighting makes a great contribution to the clean, modern aesthetic.

     Pro Track White Adjustable Three Light Low Voltage Track Kit

    Track Lighting In A Modern Home Office

    Track lighting is great for a modern home office.

    ProTrack Chrome Round Back 33 1/2-Inch-W Ceiling Fixture

    One of the rooms where you'll need the most space saving and lighting efficiency is the home office. Track lighting is perfect for helping you see what you're working on, while still maintaining a minimal aesthetic in the space design.

    However, don't underestimate the addition of a nice table lamp or two for the desk top.  

    Track Lighting In A Modern Kitchen

    Track lighting in a modern kitchen.

    George Kovacs Glass Bronze Patina Modern Pendant Rail Kit

    The kitchen is the most common place to consider track lighting, but make sure you look at all the options out there. You might want something different than you have in your office.

    There are track lights that resemble pendant lights, like the example above, which are perfect for a stylishly modern kitchen island.

    Track Lighting Works In Every Room

    You can apply track lighting to any type of room.

    There's honestly no limits to where you can use track lighting. It works for pantries, art studios and closets too!

    Images: Houzz

  • Boost Your Flower Power With Lamp Shades


    Boost Your Flower Power With Lamp Shades

    Floral patterns are one hot trend for the home.

    One of the many fashion trends that have been brought back from the '80's are floral patterns. Similar to fashion, this has happened big time for home design as well. We have the easiest way for you to enjoy this trend, and that's with floral patterned lamp shades! Easily keep the lamps you have and just switch out the shades for a boost of flower power...

    Here's some fun floral home design inspiration images to show you just how popular this trend is for the home. Also, they provide some fun ideas if you want to get a little more serious about this fun trend.

    Flower Decor For A Modern Home

    Every room in the house could use a little floral pattern.

    With this resurgence, lots of fun floral patterns have developed, so luckily there is a large selection of floral patterned lamp shades available to choose from. Make sure to play with pattern scale and colors because that's the best part about this type of pattern. 

    Whether you're dressing up your bedroom, living room or office, a quick modern lamp shade change will take your room from boring to wow. 

    Here's a few of our favorite floral lamp shades....

    Patterned Lamp Shades

    A. Plum Floral Silhouette Drum 13 1/2-Inches-W Lamp Shade

    B. Harvest Flowers Cone 11 1/2-Inch-H Lamp Shade

    C. Pea and Teal Floral Pattern Drum 11-Inches-H Lamp Shade

    D. Multicolor Flowers Drum 13-Inches-H Lamp Shade

    E. Persimmon Floral Cone 11 1/2-Inch-H Lamp Shade

    F. Drum 11-Inches-H Black Velvet and Floral Print Lamp Shade

    Images: Top: Designers Guild, House & Garden, Aston Design Studio, 79 Ideas / Bottom: House & Garden, Designers Guild, Queensland Homes

  • Small Space Dining + Kitchen Lighting Ideas


    Small Space Dining And Kitchen Lighting Ideas

    Image from Svermeri

    Combine your kitchen and dining with great lighting.

    With so many of us seemingly moving toward smaller space living, we find ourselves trying to make full use of each space... Efficiency matters when you have a certain amount of design elements you want to fit in a limited amount of space.

    Combining the kitchen and dining room is a great example of efficient space saving. If you have a dining room, but would rather use it for an office, try creating a small dining room in the kitchen. Or, if your home is small enough you may not have any other option than to combine the kitchen and dining spaces.

    Whichever your reason for combining these two rooms, here's some fabulous modern design ideas....

    Possini Euro Arlo Chrome 18-Inch-H Pendant Light

    Possini Euro Arlo Chrome 18-Inch-H Pendant Light

    In all cases, I cannot emphasize the importance of modern pendant lighting! It helps to define a space within a space. Otherwise, it might just look like you have a misplaced table and chairs floating in your kitchen.

    Also, white is a great choice when it comes to lighting, wall color, etc. It helps the space look more open.

    Small Space Design Ideas

    Image from Blood & Champagne

    Small spaces mean efficient use of space and lighting options.

    This dining nook above has beautiful wood furniture and hardwood floors, but does a great job opening up the small space by using white pendant lighting.

    Ivory Cardiogram Ivory Fabric Shade Chandelier

    Ivory Cardiogram Ivory Fabric Shade Chandelier

    When the hanging kitchen lighting is white and the walls and/or cabinets are also white, it creates a seamless design aesthetic, while still providing lighting and function to the space.

    Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting

    Image from Unfinished Home

    White is a great color option in small spaces.

    This design above does a great job mixing and matching different materials and hues. The black, bold chairs look great with the natural/white table and dark green cabinets. But again, the white subway tiles, white walls and white lighting open up the space perfectly.

    White Bowl Shade Downlite 15 3/4-Inch-W Pendant Light

    White Bowl Shade Downlite 15 3/4-Inch-W Pendant Light

    Do you rent an apartment maybe and don't want to hassle with any electrical work? A really great solution for this, which also looks smart, is a floor lamp. 

    Kitchen Lighting Ideas

    Image from Nordic Days

    Have you ever thought of a floor lamp for your dining nook?

    Maybe you're just not sure where you want to establish your dining area yet and want temporary lighting in the meantime... Either way, a floor lamp is a great option that is not often considered. Just make sure to situate it out of the way, against the wall like this space above.

    Adjustable White Robert Abbey Boom Floor Lamp

    Adjustable White Robert Abbey Boom Floor Lamp

    I hope these ideas help! Head to Euro Style Lighting for great kitchen lighting and lots of other modern lighting options!

    Images: Svermeri, Blood & Champagne, Unfinished Home, Nordic Days

  • Modern Mix of Patterns


    Modern Mix Of Patterns For The Home

    Most of the time, a home doesn't need an expensive interior designer to create beautiful spaces. Often times, something as simple as mixing up patterns can create the wow factor you're looking for.

    The key to mixing patterns is sticking to a color palette and making sure to mix different scales. This living room above sticks with coral, blue and gray while mixing large and small scale patterns. It's beautifully designed.

    Also, formal lighting is a great way to upgrade your space and illuminate your fun pattern mixing.

    Living Room Design

    An easy way to infuse pattern and personality into your space is with fun textiles, area rugs and patterned lamp shades. Just make sure you mix up the scales and keep a consistent color palette throughout.

    Colorful Table Lamps For Kids Rooms

    Kids rooms are really fun for mixing up patterns and colors. This room above sticks with an orange, fuschia and white palette while mixing patterns with solids. The painted ceiling is also pretty great.

    Colorful table lamps are a great way to highlight your favorite hue from the room's palette.

    Images: Meredith Heron Design, Caitlin Wilson, Artthaus

  • Falling for Fall Home Colors


    Fall Home Colors

    Image from Hyper Allergic

    Ok, so I'm admittedly not a creature of home color habit. With the autumn equinox a little over a week away (September 21 to be exact), I decided to search for something other than orange, brown and maroon to incorporate in the house. 

    I looked everywhere. Home blogs. Fashion blogs. Colorists. Futurists. And what I found was almost every color combination under the late summer sun. Which led to an obvious conclusion: "new fall colors" can be anything you want them to be, as long as you pick a palette and stick to it. So with that, here are a few interesting palettes I found:

    Mid Century Colors

    Robert Sonneman Modern Unoluci Yellow Floor LampKimlyn Rio Taupe Mid-Century Modern Armchair

    Above is this late summer/early fall palette, inspired by the Emily Mast art installation pictured at the top of this post. The colors work well with mid-century furnishings.

    Nail Color Trends

    Nail polish images from Elle

    Color Plus Ovo Raindrop Glass with Oatmeal Shade Table LampFired Brick Red Brown Double Gourd 29 1/2-Inch-H Table LampModern Narrow Zig Zag Art Shade Rose Ovo Table Lamp

    Then there's the playful vibe above, inspired by Elle's fall nail polish predictions. There are tons of unique table lamps on the market to help you get this look in a snap.

    Fashion Fall Colors

    Dress and sunglasses images from Refinery 29

    Possini Euro Double Shade Bronze 20 Inch Wide Pendant LightHoward Elliott 2-Piece Cobalt Blue Ceramic Jar Set

    And lastly, here's a take on late autumn up to the holidays inspired by simple yet sophisticated lines and colors found on Refinery 29. As you can see, fall colors can be virtually anything you want, as long as you keep things consistent.

    Images: Hyper Allergic, Elle, Refinery 29 

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