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  • Fancy Halloween Entertaining Style


     Fancy Halloween Entertaining Style

    It's finally October! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I love sweaters, leggings, but most of all Halloween. When it comes to October entertaining, especially for you design lovers out there, keep in mind you don't have to get too thematic to throw a great Halloween party!

    Is there anything more dramatic than crystal chandeliers? So why not incorporate one into your Halloween decor? 

    I also suggest trying a color palette other than black and orange. Try aubergine, silver and black to change things up a bit. It's a chic way to get into a spooky party mood, without being too thematic.

    Halloween Entertaining Ideas

    1. If you don't have a stylish, bold mirror how else will you see the ghosts?

    2. I can't think of a better combination for gothic, chic style than a black nickel crystal chandelier.

    3. Tall, dramatic dining chairs in deep purple will help you and your guests feel fabulous.

    4. Try adding some branches in this tall, aubergine bottle vase.

    5. Don't be fooled by this cool star-shaped decor, it's also an accent table lamp.

    6. This hammered top and laced iron base dining table can't get any more perfect for a spooky dinner party, but would look great year round.

    Images: Top to bottom - Mother of Pearl, Style Me Pretty, This Is The Thyme, A White Carousel, Life Inspired, Style Me Pretty

  • Modern Country Style Living Room


    Modern Country Style Living Room

    Modern design can range from extreme to moderate. You can go ultra-modern and design with all hard edges, black and white. Or, you could go with a softer modern look. This living room is a perfect example of successfully finding that balance. 

    While the living room design is modern, there's a certain level of ease and comfort, the kind you would find in a Summer home, but not your typical urban loft.

    We think you can have it all when it comes to home design. The key to achieving a combination of styles is in the materials. Selecting a modern ceramic lamp, for example, will contribute to the softer design aesthetic because of the material. However, the modern form of the lamp will maintain the contemporary design of the overall room. 

    Country Modern Home Furnishings

    The seagrass pendant is a perfect idea for adding texture.

    This 3-seater sofa, while modern in form, features a warm upholstery that's easy to cuddle up on.

    You wouldn't want all of your furnishings to be heavy and textured, that's why this antiqued metal coffee table is perfect.

    This ceramic table lamp is the perfect combination of modern and rustic.

    Soften up any modern design with a comfy pouf in the room.

    This wood storage console makes a great contribution to a soft modern design.

    Image: Euro Style Lighting

  • Reflect Your Style With Wall Mirrors


    Reflect Your Style With Wall Mirrors

    Image from Domaine

    Mirrors reflect your home style.

    As much as I love art for decorating modern homes, I love wall mirrors equally. There's one large (pun intended) benefits to using mirrors in your home and that's to make your space look larger.

    But they do more than that, with all the styles currently out there, you can help define or redefine your home style with modern wall mirrors, depending on the frame, shape and application of your mirrors.

     Enderson Antique Gold Tall Wall Mirror

    Enderson Antique Gold Tall Wall Mirror

    This antique gold rectangular mirror can hang vertically or lean on a mantel horizontally like the modern living room above.

    Modern Wall Mirror In A Stylish Bathroom

    Image from Kokkenskaberne

    Modern bathrooms are the most common place for wall mirrors.

    The bathroom, which is the most likely place to find a wall mirror, doesn't have to follow the typical pattern of medicine cabinet or heavy frame.

    Try something like this stylish space above, try over sized and frameless.

     Round Beveled 42-Inch Frameless Wall Mirror

    Round Beveled 42-Inch Frameless Wall Mirror

    Creative Ways To Use Modern Mirrors

    Images from Architectural Digest, Remodelista, Inspired by This, Stylizmo Blog

    Alternative ways to design with mirrors.

    Don't limit yourself, there's tons of creative ways to incorporate mirrors in your modern home. Check out these awesome spaces above... You can design your kitchen with mirrored tile or place a super over sized mirror that extends two floors.

    Images: DomaineKokkenskaberne Set of 4 - Architectural DigestRemodelistaInspired by ThisStylizmo Blog

  • Art Glass Lamps For Modern Elegance


    Art Glass Lamps For Modern Elegance

    Image from Euro Style Lighting

    Art glass lamps can provide modern elegance for any room in your home.

    Whether you want to add a little color or keep things simple, art glass lamps are an easy way to add modern elegance to your home.

    The antique style mercury glass lamp, with its three gourd shape and white linen shade provides the perfect amount of light exposure in this whimsical bedroom. Modern art glass lamps are great for providing stylish lighting of course, bu their glass bases also play with daylight in a pretty way as well.

     Mercury Glass 26 1/2-Inch-H Triple Gourd Table Lamp

    Mercury Glass 26 1/2-Inch-H Triple Gourd Table Lamp

    If you want a casual home design that includes lots of light, both natural and artificial, but also a little color then you should definitely try a soft color glass lamp. This living room below is a perfect example of this.

    Casual Living Room Design

    Image from Euro Style Lighting

    You can provide your living room with casual elegance by using a glass-based table lamp.

    This glass table lamp provides both a calming hue and natural texture for the living room above.

    Recycled Aqua Glass with Natural Burlap Table Lamp

    Recycled Aqua Glass with Natural Burlap Table Lamp

    You don't have to limit your use of art glass to soft and calming room designs. You can also find bold styles for brave modern spaces, like this office space below.

    Modern Office Space Design

    Between the art work and the glass lamp, this clean office has just the right amount of color. The clean white surface of that modern desk contributes to organization and productivity.

     Possini Euro Marlin Blue Art Glass 26-Inch-H Table Lamp

    Possini Euro Marlin Blue Art Glass 26-Inch-H Table Lamp

    Images: Euro Style Lighting

  • Fall Style Details For Your Home


    Fall Style Details For Your Home

    Image from the Happy Housie

    Fall style details for your home can be as simple or complex as you want.

    Want to make your home Fall-ready in five minutes or less? And do it without smothering the house in flaccid browns and tepid oranges? 

    The leaves are changing shades and so can your floor and table lamps. A new lamp shade can immediately impact the vibe of your home, as in the photo at the top of this post. A fresh palette and playful patterned lamp shades can change a room.

    Another option is to keep things pristine this Autumn:

    Simple Design For Your Home In The Fall

    Image from BuzzFeed

    Simple designs, without a lot of color, can also work well for your home in the Fall.

    Look for simple juxtapositions with white pumpkins, black accents and try covering the lamp in a white lamp shade.

    Or if you absolutely must give the harvest season its due props, then just go au naturale:

    Textures And Natural Decor For Fall

    Image from Nuevo Estilo

    Lots of texture and natural colors are great for Fall decor.

    Don't have the time or budget to collect antique baskets and mid-century furniture like in the photo above? Pop a few burlap lamp shades on your fixtures and you're good instead. It's autumn after all. Fall-ify your home in five minutes and start enjoying it! 

    Images: The Happy Housie, BuzzFeed, Nuevo Estilo

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