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  • Modern Office Blueprint


    Modern Office

    You've probably heard it a million times, but the way you design your office space really does have an impact on how you work. You decide whether it's a positive or negative impact by how functional and how much the style agrees with your personality.

    We decided to help you out and feature one office that we think is pretty cool, and in case you agree, we're providing a little blueprint so you can get a similar look at your home.

    The designer used space very well, while at the same time keeping the design minimal, and uncluttered. For example, instead of using up desk space for a task lamp, hanging pendant lights are a great option. Consequently, the modern desk has a good amount of surface space, plus storage!

    Office Furnishings

    This white pendant light is the perfect addition to any modern space where you want to save surface area.

    Flowers brighten the vibe in any room, and bonus these are faux so no stress involved!

    This desk is sturdy, modern and best of all, it has lots of storage so the surface can stay clean.

    You don't need to choose an office chair if you want something a little more stylish, this dining room chair would work perfectly and look great too.

    Remember to keep a picture frame with the ones you love nearby to help motivate your work.

    Image: Est Magazine

  • Modern Dining Rooms With Arc Lamps


    Dining Room Style

    Arc lamps look great in modern living rooms, there's no question about that. However, the dining room is an unexpected room where designer floor lamps, specifically arc lamps look great!

    This cool loft home above features an arc lamp which functions as great lighting of course, but also contributes to the mid-century style of the dining room.

    Modern Dining Room

    While this space above is a bit more contemporary than the first image, there is still an undertone of mid-century style, which makes this marble-base arc lamp a perfect choice.

    Kitchen Design

    Floor lamps are great in the dining room for when you don't want to disturb your ceiling. If you have gorgeous wood ceilings like this space above, no need to drill a hole and install an electrical system, just plug in a handsome floor lamp!

    Arc Lamps

    Polished Chrome George Kovacs Arc Floor LampRobert Abbey Archer Marble Arc Floor LampNova Arc Chrome Floor Lamp

    Here's a few ideas for stylish arc floor lamps from Euro Style Lighting, but there's lots more where those came from!

    Images: Ana Donohue Interiors, Fougeron Architecture, Ed Ritger, Wakako Tokunaga Architecture, Concrete Collaborative

  • An Innovative New York Apartment Under 500 Square Feet


    Innovative Design

    If you think living in New York means tight spaces and high rents, you're right. But this innovative apartment takes it to another level. Somehow, the builders were able to fit a kitchen, bathroom, loft bedroom, home office and storage in this 500 sq ft space!

    Modern Loft Living

    The key to this smart design is using vertical space. There is a built-in wooden core that holds the kitchen and bedroom spaces. 

    Modern wall sconces and clean modern furniture help conserve space. The stairs leading up to the loft bedroom contain a storage drawer in each stair. No space was left unused. 

    Micro Living

    This innovative interior design allows the small apartment to function like a much larger space in a very small footprint.

    Images: Toxel

  • Modern Architecture: Tree Houses


    Modern Architecture

    Do you have a fascination for modern tree houses? We do! So we've rounded up a few of our favorites. This is where we wish we could spend our weekend...

    These tree houses, from around the world, aren't for kids, they're real modern architecture, in trees!

    Sometimes when life gets a little challenging, I think we would all love to escape to deep in the forest and hide in a tree house.

    These tiny homes add a whole new meaning to 'bringing the outdoors in', are we right?!

    Images: Yatzer, Fresh Home, Links & Things, Cush Design Studio, Free Spirit Spheres, Apartment Therapy

  • Cool Small Homes


    Cool Small Home

    Image from Apartment Therapy

    A few months back, Apartment Therapy handed out awards for Small Cool 2014, their 10th annual awards for small homes. With dorm room season just around the corner, we thought it'd be worth looking at the smallest of these nominees (500 sq. ft. or less) for some tips on student living. 

    Vertical Expression

    Tall furnishings, drapes and architectural features can appear to "raise" ceilings, effectively enlarging the room such as this look in Tiffany and Allan's entry (also pictured at the top of this post).

    Small Room Big Drapes

    Image from Apartment Therapy

    Pick a Color and Stick to It

    Matte, monochromatic walls and matching furnishings have a tendency to recede into the background, opening the room up. It's also worth mentioning that sofas, like the one pictured in Laura's place above double, as a bed in a snap.

    Monochromatic Small Space

    Image from Apartment Therapy

    Modern Sofa BedReggae Lugano Anthrocite Sofa Bed

    Layer Your Lighting

    In small rooms just as in large, layered lighting is fundamental. Unfortunately when space is minimal, there isn't that freedom to place a table lamp here, floor lamp there. 

    Hanging pendant lights however allow you to brighten particular areas in layers, as Amandine has done in the photo above. We also love to use modern wall sconces, which can provide a small dose of task lighting for the kitchen or bedside.

    Hanging Pendant Lights

    Image from Apartment Therapy

    Lastly, whether it's windows mirrored furniture or a simple coffee table, glass is indispensable in small spaces. Transparent glass allows for longer sight-lines across spaces, while mirrored furnishings, by their reflective quality, can actually double the appearance of sight-lines across a space. When possible, use glass well and use it often! 

    Images: Apartment Therapy

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