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  • Shades of Grey in a Modern Home


    Modern living room in shades of grey including grey wood-paneled walls, sofa and area rug

    Modern living room in shades of grey.

    Shades of grey isn't just some book-turned-move, it's also a beautiful color palette for any modern home. It's especially neat when the grey palette is consistent throughout the entire home...

    Something else to envy from this grey living room is the sculptural lighting... Try using chic pendant lighting for more than just light, make art out of a few different pieces.

    Contemporary kitchen with streamlined grey cabinetry and greyish wood herringbone floor

    Modern grey kitchen design.

    Even the wood floor finish has a grey tone in this kitchen. The design is serious about the grey palette, right up to the bold rectangular pendant light.

    Modern black bar stools pair perfectly with the linear, grey kitchen island.

    Sleek modern bedroom with gray fabric-covered platform bed and dark gray wood-paneled walls

    Herringbone floors in a grey bedroom.

    The platform style bed keeps the space open, while the bold shelving grounds the design in shades of grey.

    Simple recessed ceiling lighting and beautiful herringbone flooring are thoughtful details that go a long way.

    All images from Behance

  • Interior Design for Small Spaces


    Small space design idea: separate your bed from the rest of the room with a curtain

    Interior design for small spaces can be tricky, but not impossible.

    With rents going up, and then up again, many people are forced to live in places the size of a postage stamp.

    Have no fear, there are ways to make a diminutive space work for you. Here are five of our favorite ideas for how to maximize your small space:

    1. Maximize Natural Light

    Living room with cream-colored sofa, wood coffee table and black and white chevron rug and modern wall mirror above the sofa

    Natural light is important in any space, but especially in a smaller apartment. Natural light brightens up the space and keeps it from looking too dark and depressing. Modern wall mirrors are perfect for bouncing light around the apartment, it helps maximize natural light and gives the illusion that your space is bigger than it is.

    2. Divide Your Space into Zones

    Open bookcase in studio apartment separates sleeping area from the rest of the room

    Establish different zones for the different things you do in your apartment, like eating, relaxing, sleeping, working, etc. Marking off these areas can make a space feel larger.

    Bookcases are ideal for this purpose.  In the bedroom above, the bookcase separates the living area from the sleeping area that feels more like a bedroom.

    You can also use changes in flooring to indicate different zones.

    But beware, too many zones can make your space feel maze-like. 

    3. Storage is Key

    Built-in shelves occupy a "dead" corner of an entry

    One thing you can never have enough of, especially in small spaces, is storage. One idea is to take a dead corner in a room and make some built-ins. You can also use furniture that does double duty like storage benches.

    4. Conceal What You Can

    Small studio apartment with high platform bed with lots of storage

    Clutter is the bane of a small space's existence. Use things like storage boxes with lids, under bed storage, and the aforementioned storage benches to keep clutter out of sight.

    The platform bed above integrates storage into the base and is perfect for items you need regular access to.

    5. Think Vertical

    Small studio apartment with 3/4 height wall creating a bedroom and floating shelves to the ceiling for storage

    When there is a shortage of floor space, think up. Things like floating shelves draw the eye up and make your studio/small apartment seem roomier than it really is. Plus, more shelves = more storage!

    These are just a few ideas for interior design for small spaces. What techniques do you use when designing for a small space? Share in the comments below!

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  • Colorful Small Kitchen Design


    Contemporary small kitchen with green, gray, yellow and gray patterned backsplash

    Small kitchen with lots of personality.

    What's the best way to make any space a little more fun?.... Color of course! It's also great for adding a lot of personality in small spaces. Here's a few inspiring kitchen designs that ignore space and use color well.

    A fun backsplash paired with a colorful rug makes the small kitchen above look huge when it comes to style.

    Narrow shelving in a modern kitchen incorporates a chalkboard wall for personality and visual interest

    Small kitchen with chalk wall shelving.

    While this tiny kitchen doesn't have a colorful backsplash or bold walls, it does incorporate colorful green bar stools to keep the design interesting and provide extra seating. The narrow chalk wall with built-in shelving also makes for a fun detail while adding storage space.

    Small doesn't have to mean boring!

    Small kitchen uses a colorful backsplash and typographic wall art and pendant lighting to visually expand the space

    High ceilings and pendant lighting in a tiny kitchen.

    If you're not afraid of bold colors, take a cue from this narrow kitchen above.... Color is the way to go! The typographic art is also a fun way to add personality and use vertical space.

    The high ceilings help the space feel bigger and allow perfect space for stylish pendant lighting.

    Images from My Paradissi, Lush Home, AD Magazine

  • Backyard Water Fountains


    Backyard Water Fountains Set the Mood

    Backyard Water Fountains Set the Mood


    Today backyard water fountains are available in many variations and styles. 

    Here are a few that we think you might like, and some features to look for when selecting the perfect outdoor water fountains.

    Tall Backyard Water Fountains

    Gardenfall Contemporary Dark Copper Fountain: Style EUF8982

    Consider Height 

    If you have a small backyard, or patio, consider tall water fountains. They will allow you to take advantage of vertical space.

    Have a large backyard? Then consider multiple backyard water fountains. Make sure to stagger the heights and keep to an odd number to create more visual interest.

    Backyard Water Fountain Focal Point

    Graceful Form Carved Stone Fountain: Style EUM5791

    Establish a Focal Point

    Let your fountain make a dramatic statement that draws attentions and creates conversation.

    Select a design that reflects you and your family's personal style.

     Backyard Water Fountains with a Light

    Stone Three Bowl Cascading Fountain: Style EUR5944

    Light Up the Night

    Select outdoor fountains that come equipped with a light.

    Fountains with a light feature will allow you to continue enjoying the look, as well as the sound, as day turns night.

    It also serves as the perfect accent light.

    We hope you found these tips on  backyard water fountains useful.

    Thanks for reading!


  • 3 Bathroom Vanity Lighting Tips


    A contemporary bathroom with the same floor and wall treatment

    People often leave designing their bathroom vanity lighting for last, if at all. Often they'll just install a recessed light directly over the sink and call it a day. BIG mistake!

    A recessed light directly over the sink will cast horrific shadows, making your daily grooming routine difficult.

    Here are three options to properly light your bathroom vanity:

    A modern wall-mounted bath vanity with sconce lighting

    1. Sconces

    Sconces mounted on either side of the mirror are best for casting an even light across your face. Ideally, sconces should be hung close to eye-level or about 65-70" above the floor and equidistant from the center of the mirror or the area you are lighting.

    Mosaic tiles cover the walls of this bathroom featuring a bath bar over the mirror

    2. Bath Bar

    If hanging sconces is not an option or the look you're after, the next option is a bath bar, a horizontal fixture mounted above the mirror (or, in some cases, on the mirror). They come in varying widths so make sure to choose one that is to scale with the size of your mirror. Bath bars should be hung approximately 75-80" above the floor.

    Bathroom vanity lighting in this modern bathroom is provided by a series of pendants

    3. Pendant Lighting

    Another bathroom vanity lighting option is pendant lighting, which is getting more and more popular, especially in contemporary bathrooms. The same rules for hanging sconces apply to pendants -- keep'em eye-level.

    With pendants you want to make sure they are hung between 10" and 12" from the wall so the light hits the center of the countertop and the light is spread evenly across your face.

    Sconces, bath bars or pendants shouldn't be the only source of light in a bathroom. Layer them in with recessed lights or pretty close-to-ceiling fixtures or a combination of the two, depending on your needs.

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