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  • EURO EDGE: Introducing Our Newest Design Resource


    Euro Edge

    We have a really fun announcement! Today we are launching an exciting new design resource called Euro Edge!

    Euro Edge will be an on-going design resource for all of you. Our favorite design industry influencers pick their favorite products to share with you. If you're moving, re-designing your home or just shopping for a couple items, these gals can help you decide which style direction you want to go!

    Home Decor

    1. Troy Toledo Silver 14 3/4-Inch-H Small Outdoor Wall Light 2. 15-Inch- H Jonathan Adler Parker Nickel Wall Sconce 3. Arteriors Home Vintage Brass with Beige Jenson Floor Lamp 4. Possini Euro Zuri Chrome 10-Inch-W Mini Pendant 5. Antique Brass 65-Inch-H Floor Lamp with Glass Tray Table 6. Lights Up! Flight Dark Yellow White Contemporary Table Lamp 7. Troy Menlo Park Old Silver 5 3/4-Inch-W Wall Sconce

    Don't wait! Head over to this fabulous new resource to see what these stylish gals selected..... Euro Edge!

    Be sure to get your Euro Style Lighting coupon code for savings on lighting, furniture and home décor!

  • Glamorous Home Design: Black + Gold


    Gold and Black Decor

    I don’t consider myself a glamorous girl, but every now and then some glam comes out and I love it! My favorite way to dress up a room with serious glamour style is by using black and gold.

    This combination is dark, bright, chic and fun all at the same time! This room captures what I am talking about pretty well.

    The black and gold accents all over the room make it look modern, but classic and oh, glamorous. We can’t forget that! It’s really easy to find black and gold items in stores these days. The trick is to put these together and watch what happens to your space.

    Home Furnishings

    1. Corbett Bangle Gold Tone 12-Inch-W Pendant 2. Anson Gold Leaf with Black 15-Inch-W Side Table 3. Possini Gold Leaf with Black Shade Obelisk Table Lamp

    Let’s put some of these amazing and chic items to use in a room, shall we?

    First this side table. I think I need this side table! It’s beautiful and it incorporates the black and gold together perfectly. It would look great in any space, even if you aren’t planning on making the whole room gold and black. The table might be enough.

    But why stop there? This golden pendant light would be so beautiful hanging above an entry way, don’t you think?

    Now for this table lamp. Man oh man do I love this lamp! The black and gold go perfectly together. So lovely. I really think I can’t do without it. Unique living room table lamps are a great way to achieve any style you're going for.

    If you are thinking of going the glamorous gold and black route, I suggest you try it. You’ll love it!

    Image: Style Edition

  • Landscaped Structure: Melbourne Hill House


    Hill House in Melbourne

    When we study eco-friendly architecture and landscape, it's not often that we come across a landscaped structure. Architect Andrew Maynard designed "Hill House" in Melbourne, Australia to be the exception. This once single structure residence has been turned into, not only a much larger home, but a study on combining architecture and building.

    Melbourne is predominantly flat. This could be why Melbourne’s architecture is ambitious. There's no landscape to confine structure design, therefore buildings are free to become landscape.

    architecture diagrams

    The design goal was for a family of five to have a long-term residence, which could meet the requirements of three small children and their transformation into young adulthood. Above is the evolution of design toward that goal, starting with the just original building (white).

    Fundamental issues offered Maynard a starting point and he noticed that the original structure faced North which relegated the backyard, where the family spent much of their time, to shadow throughout the year. This was not ideal.

    modern window wall

    The proposal was to build a new structure on the rear boundary, which was once the back yard.

    multi-structure home

    The new structure now faces the sun and the pure cantilevered box above acts as the passive solar eave, cutting out summer sun, while letting winter sun flood in.

    Upon entry, you can see (below) how the structure effects the interior, creating a lowered dining area. The change in floor level creates a bench seat for the Maynard designed "Zero Waste Table".

    modern great room

    Despite structural efforts outside, there are ways for any interior to circulate aire and keep cool in the summer. There are some great modern ceiling fans the accomplish this without detracting from the decor. This fan below is our suggestion for achieving Maynard's design aesthetic.

    Turbina Oil-Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

    multi-color dining chairs

    Much of the color in Maynard's design comes from the landscape outside, but he had a little fun with the dining room. Multi-colored modern dining chairs is a great way to add personality to a minimally designed space. We suggest this red Eames-style dining chair.

    Zuo Spire Red Dining Chair

    modern playground

    Wouldn't it be fun to have a well designed attractive home that is also your playground? Apparently, Maynard is the go-to architect for innovative, fun and smart design. "Environmental issues and responsible, intelligent solutions are trademarks of his work, utilising clever concepts for a dynamic output. Clients come to Maynard when they’re seeking a unique and challenging solution..." Alaana Fitzpatrick, DQ magazine.

    Images: Maynard Architects

  • Plan Check: Industrial Restaurant Design


     handwritten restaurant menu

    Plan Check Kitchen + Bar is a quaint little restaurant located in West LA's Little Osaka. Many of you might be familiar with this area for the sushi, but maybe you've frequented the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety on a regular basis to have your plans reviewed for permitting. The concept behind this restaurant design embodies the creative lifestyle of architects, designers, and developers that flock here on a regular basis.  

     modern restaurant patio

    The minimal industrial warehouse vibe of this gastropub has the laid back feeling of a corner general store or corner bar in any small town.The outside patio is very welcoming with its warm, minimal lighting aesthetic. Modern outdoor lighting paired with industrial awnings makes for a perfect L.A. evening hang out.  

     industrial interior

    The long communal tables are centrally located with an open bar on the left and sculptural wood booths to the right. The natural wood and metal tables do a great job of warming up the space. Poured concrete floors and industrial modern lighting fixtures consistently create a warehouse style interior.

    These gunmetal barstools paired with this bronze wall sconce are perfect for giving your space that feeling of an industrial warehouse.  

    industrial barstool

    Set of 4 Zuo Modern Marius Gunmetal Counter Stools

    industrial wall light

    Robert Abbey Iris Bronze Plug-In Swing Arm Wall Lamp

    menu design

    Even the menus look like a set of plans!  How great is that?  But really, what's so great about this place is the menu.  

     gourmet hamburger

    Umami Burger's, Chef Ernesto Uchimura, has created a menu of comfort food topped with things like bacon candy and ketchup leather and stuffed with things like bone marrow and swiss cheese fondue. You can't go wrong with anything on this menu.  

    Now you've got something to look forward to next time you're visiting the Department of Building and Safety!

    Images: Plan CheckGDX

  • Sailing Style: Modern Yacht Interiors


    modern yacht designs

    High style on the high seas is not just a fiction one finds in Bond movies. The following rundown of the best in modern yacht interiors suggests that good design sense need not be shore bound.  

    When looking for a custom boat interiors pro, Art collector Dakis Joannou commissioned famed artist Jeff Koons and interior designer Ivana Porfiri to outfit Guilty (pictured above and below), a colorful 35 meter yacht that is a floating homage to contemporary art and design. 

    yacht interior design

    Clear chairs maintain an uncluttered aesthetic - perfect for the limited space of a yacht. Get a similar look with clear outdoor dining chairs. This set by Zuo Modern (below) are perfect for the job. 

    modern transparent chairs

    Set of 4 Zuo Allsorts Transparent Outdoor Dining Chairs

    The Antigone 80 meter yacht (below) is a sleek concept yacht by Pama Design. In looking for a style that would integrate well with the surroundings, the designers turned to an aesthetic perhaps most suited to the flat expanse of the sea: the classic Modernist look.

    Mid century yacht design

    Use floor lamps and modern seating to replicate the signature style.

    arc modernist floor lamp

    Possini Euro White Marble Base Arc Floor Lamp

    Modern white chaise lounge

    A high style sense is not just limited to custom yachts. Houseboats may not be built for the open sea, but they're excellent spaces to get creative within. This houseboat (below) berthed in Oldenberg, Germany, is designed with a minimalist look. Synthetic materials can be used when possible to save weight.  

    European house boat design

    White lounge chair

    There are those, of course, who prefer to never leave shore at all. This boathouse in Ontario, Canada (below) is a stunning reason to forgo time on the water entirely.

    Contemporary boathouse design

    Sustainable vacation home design

    Designed by GH3 Architects, this is an efficient model. The house is sited on a granite slab, an ideal thermal mass for the solar radiation that passively heats the space. Louvers, ventilation and the lake-front location keep things cool in Summer. With a space like this, keeping your land legs beneath you just might be the best idea of all.

    Images: Hok Life, Tuvie, Home Designing, Contemporist

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