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  • Blue LED Light Inventors Win Nobel Prize


    Blue LED Light

    Waterproof Color LED Tape Light Kit

    The inventors of the blue LED were recently awarded a 2014 Nobel Peace Prize in Physics. They are Dr. Shuji Nakamura, Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano.

    Here's why this invention matters:

    With light, red, green and blue combines to create white. While red and green LEDs have been around for decades, creating a blue one has been much more difficult for scientists.

    RGB Additive Light

    Image from Wikipedia

    Red, green and blue light combine to create white

    With the addition of blue (and thus white light) to the palette of available LED colors in the mid-90s, an entire new market for indoor and outdoor home lighting suddenly opened up. Explains Nakamura, "I hope that energy-efficient LED light bulbs will help reduce energy use and lower the cost of lighting worldwide." 

    This nifty graphic by Johan Jarnestad illustrates the increase in lumens-per-watt that LED enables:

    History Of Light

    Image from Interior Design

    LED is more energy-efficient than options from years past

    On the basis of this increased efficiency, LED is appearing everywhere these days, from stunning fixtures to everyday LED desk lamps and energy-efficient replacement bulbs:

    LED Lighting Types

    Gravy Oak with Matte White Koncept Desk Lamp, Warm White LED 2700K Dimmable Light Bulb, Klein Chrome Contemporary LED Possini Euro Pendant Light

    If recent trends are any indication, LED lighting is the wave of the future indeed. And for all the innovative and attractive light designs that it has enabled, the Blue LED is indeed an invention worth rewarding.

  • Upper East Side Townhouse With Stunning Lighting


    Upper East Side Townhouse With Stunning Lighting

    The highlight in this gorgeous NYC townhouse is the stunning lighting.

    Although this NYC townhouse is all-around amazing, I found the kitchen and bath designs to be my favorite. It's also a great example on how to use black and white design in a very upscale way. 

    In each and every room of the townhouse, there is beautiful modern lighting. The selection of contemporary chandeliers is done so well you can tell lighting was a priority for designers Rees Roberts + Partners.

    Modern Chandeliers

    Here's some great options from Euro Style Lighting to help you achieve this sleek style in your home:

    1. Meridian Collection Brushed Nickel Pendant Light 2. Kichler Everly Bronze Glass Pendant 3. Lacey Bronze Kichler Pendant Chandelier 4. Corlena Modern Bronze Pendant by Possini Euro 5. Feiss Fording Brushed Steel Pendant Light 6. Feiss Cadence Antique Brass Pendant Light

    Modern Bathroom Design With Stylish Lighting

    This fabulous bathroom features perfect lighting.

    In this bathroom, the lighting was a wonderful opportunity to introduce a handsome metal finish. Both the hanging pendant lighting and the bathroom wall lighting feature a classic bronze, warming up the black and white decor.

    Outdoor Lighting Style In NYC

    NYC townhouse patio with outdoor lighting.

    Even the patios have pretty outdoor lighting. Not to mention gorgeous greenery and outdoor seating.

    The home office looks out to the first floor patio, which is beyond dreamy if you ask me.

    Outdoor Wall Light

    Barn Wall Urban Bronze 11 1/4-Inch-H Outdoor Wall Sconce

    Images: One Kind Design

  • Design Trend: Industrial Homes + Contemporary Chandeliers


    Modern Industrial Living Room

    Industrial living room design with contemporary lighting.

    When you're designing an industrial style space, one of the most important factors is materials... Lots of raw woods, distressed metals and dirty brass. Contemporary lighting can play a large role in this design aesthetic and there's lot's of different materials you can choose from.

    Lighting should be one of the first stages of any home design because function is so important. Once you have the chandelier, floor lamp and table lamp that's right for lighting your space you can design the rest of the room around it.

    Orbital Weave Rust Metal 19 1/2-Inch-H Pendant Light

    Orbital Weave Rust Metal 19 1/2-Inch-H Pendant Light

    If you're not designing a room from scratch and you already have furniture, then you will need to consider those pieces when deciding on your lighting.

    For example, this space below had a lot of wood and brick, so a contemporary chandelier is a great choice.

    Industrial Dining Room Design With A Contemporary Chandelier

    Industrial style dining room with a contemporary chandelier.

    Metal Lattice Bronze Six-Light Pendant Light

    Metal Lattice Bronze Six-Light Pendant Light

    If you aren't interested in the rougher or darker finishes and you'd like something a little more sleek, don't worry. You can still feature a modern chandelier with a shiny finish in your industrial home.

    Modern Kitchen With Industrial Lighting

    Modern kitchen with industrial lighting.

    This industrial, professional style kitchen above is a perfect space for these chrome pendant lights.

    Possini Euro Summit Chrome 8-Inch-W Mini Pendant Light

    Possini Euro Summit Chrome 8-Inch-W Mini Pendant Light

  • Modern Design In Blue


    Modern Home Design Using Blue

    Image from Lotta Agaton

    Modern home design using blue doesn't have to be coastal.

    I am  here to tell you that blue home design does not have to be coastal in style. You can design an impressive modern space in blue, just look at all these inspiration images!

    The key is choosing the right shades of blue, the right materials and mixing it all up with stylish brass finishes, modern lighting and a mix of other hues.

    Home Inspiration Using The Color Blue

    Images from (from top left to bottom) Cocoon Home, House to Home, You Are The River

    Beautiful home inspiration using the color blue.

    There's no rule to how much blue it takes to design a beach home, but if you want to stay away from the coastal aesthetic, try using one large blue piece and then design around that with different materials and colors.

    This image above features a gorgeous blue armoire, but surrounding it is modern leather seating and brass lighting... All of it results in a modern space that so happens to be designed with the color blue.

    Modern Eclectic Design With Blue

    Image from Emily Henderson

    Modern eclectic design with blue.

    Emily Henderson did a wonderful job designing her bedroom above with a bold blue reading chair. Notice how many other colors and materials she incorporates into this space showcasing her ongoing love for blue.

    Here's a few tips to get you started with designing this look in your own home...

    Living Room Design Inspiration From Euro Style Lighting

    A classic brass floor lamp works in every room, no matter the design style. Art is a wonderful way to pull together the color palette of a room, like this blue/green canvas art. Don't be shy with your love for blue, make the largest piece in the room blue, like this royal blue armchair. Provide accent colors with smaller pieces, like a mustard yellow throw and colorful accent pillow.

    Lastly, a white accent table, white pouf and jute pouf are great neutral pieces. You wouldn't want everything in the room to feature a bold color.

  • Concrete Trend For The Modern Home


    Concrete Trend For The Modern Home

    Image from Remodelista

    Concrete trend is perfect for the modern home.

    We can't ignore the cool concrete design trend. It works in any area of the house and can be high-end or DIY. 

    Hang a decorative wall mirror above a concrete vanity and voila you've got a chic bathroom! Crystal chandeliers in the kitchen contrast perfectly with the raw concrete surroundings.

    Concrete Vanity In A Modern Bathroom

    Image from Heather Bullard

    Concrete vanity in a modern bathroom.

    If you're in the process of building a new home or investing in some more involved renovations, try creating an accent wall with concrete. This living room below maintains a sense of warmth with all the wood, but a little concrete helps modernizes the space.

    Concrete Wall In A Modern Living Room

    Image from Architectural Digest

    Concrete wall in a modern living room.

    Although we've seen them many times before, concrete counter tops in the kitchen always look great. Once sealed correctly, they're very durable as well as stylish.

    Bonus, grey-colored counter tops go with any color of cabinets, even bright yellow!

    Concrete Kitchen Counters For The Modern Home

    Image from Babble

    Concrete kitchen counters for the modern home.

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