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  • Modern prefab home design for the architecturally minded


    Prefab Home

    Image Juan Baraja

    Here are two stunning examples of architecturally designed modular homes that pack a great punch in just 290 square feet. Ever wonder what a prefab home would look like that could be assembled in a day?

    First up is a house by Spanish architecture studio Abaton, the portable ÁPH80 home.

    This house measures 290 square feet in total. Packs in a full bathroom, bedroom and a living/kitchen room combined. The eleven foot gabled ceiling keeps the space feeling open and airy.

    Prefab Home Interior

     Image Juan Baraja

    Large pendant lighting with innovative styling compliments the eclectic mix of modern and rustic furniture. Floor to ceiling sliding glass doors bring the outdoors in.

    Prefab Home Exterior

    Image Juan Baraja 

    Externally the home is clad entirely in gray cement board panels, providing a solid look to the house. The house can be assembled in a day and transported to almost any location on a back of a truck. Manufacture lead time is only four to six weeks.

    Modular Home

     Image Leonardo Finotti

    Next up is a prefabricated modular home built by the architecture collective MAPA of Brazil and Uruguay. Also coming in at 290 square feet, this home comprises of four modules for sleeping, lounging, dining and bathing.

    Modular Home Bedroom

     Image Leonardo Finotti

    The two end walls are entirely glazed creating the potential for stunning vistas from the sleep area. Chic and stylish modern light fixtures sit on either side of the bed. The shower area, on the opposite end of the sleep area, has the option to be turned into an indoor outdoor space.

    Modular Home Bathroom

     Image Leonardo Finotti

    Large sliding glass doors open up to create a stunning indoor/outdoor living area. This house was built as a prototype for Minimod, a business creating bespoke modular structures.

    Images: Abaton, MAPA

  • Stylish Seating For Your Modern Kitchen


    Modern Kitchen

    Image from Lingered Upon

    The kitchen might be considered the most practical room in the house. Basically everything exists to serve a function from the fridge to the choice of flooring to the lighting. I’m a firm believer in making every space absolutely beautiful yet functional and stylish seating in the modern kitchen is no exception.

    Kitchen Seating

    Images from The Zhush / NY Times

    In the last 60 years the kitchen has become a more central gathering spot to the home, making it even more important in creating that functional space. One way to achieve this is through adequate and comfortable seating. Kitchen countertops inevitably become a location for doing homework, snacking, and lounging so you might as well design for it, right?

    My favorite kitchens typically feature an island or central table that are important for both the chef as well as other guests in the home. By pulling in some bold and chic counter height swivel stools you can create that important eye level seating.

    Modern Vintage Style

    Image from made in Persbo

    Another way to add functionality to the seating arrangement is by going with material options that are food and kid friendly like faux leather. This allows for easy clean ups, which are important for such a high-trafficked area.
    Here are some of my favorite ultramodern faux leather barstools that would act beautifully in any style of kitchen.

    Modern Barstools

    1.    This white stainless counter stool is beautiful for a minimal look.
    2.    This stainless steel back bar stool is great for a more sophisticated look.
    3.    This handsome faux leather bar stool with natural bamboo would work well with any style of kitchen. 
    4.    This adjustable walnut bar faux leather barstool is great for comfort and great for kids.
    5.    Lastly, this faux leather bar stool with a polished chrome base is lovely and functional with its foot rest.

    Have you thought about adding seating to your kitchen?

    Images: Lingered Upon, The Zhush, NY Times, Made in Persbo

  • Mod Squad at Palm Springs Modernism Week


    Mod Squad

    The mid-century modern style informs so much of what we call 'modern' today. That's why when I was given the opportunity to be part of this year's 'Mod Squad' at the Palm Springs Modernism week, I jumped at the chance to see what's new in the world of vintage, modern style.

    Modern Lighting

    George Kovacs Alecia's Necklace Opal Glass Wall Sconce / Splash Coral Curved Ceramic 26-Inch-H Table Lamp

    I was pleasantly surprised when so many of the lighting pieces I saw at both the hotels and the vintage expos were clean and modern, but also had some of that quirky character that I love to incorporate in my own designs.

    Starburst Mirrors

    Modern Lights Up! Meridian Nickel with White Table LampJana Brass with Marble 26-Inch-H Arteriors Desk LampEleganza Starburst Gold Leaf 22-Inch-H Wall Mirror

    All of the stained glass at the Saguaro Hotel was perfectly complimented by the simple wall sconces, the arc-desk lamps at the Hilton were a playful version of Castiglioni's famous "Arco".

    The Palm Springs sun was perfectly represented by a host of bright starburst mirrors--always a chic way to bring a little bit of modern sunshine into the home. 


    Hope you enjoy these snaps form my weekend in the desert, and my interpretations of how to bring the vintage/modern look into your own home. 

    Images: Justina Blakeney

  • Vaulted Ceilings in Modern Spaces


    Modern Spaces

    Have you ever walked into a modern space that immediately took your breath away? Maybe it was the decor that impressed you. Or maybe it was the architectural details. Whatever it was, have you ever wanted guests to feel the same when they walk in your space?

    I know that I get pretty excited when people compliment my home. It makes me feel accomplished and happy. One way to give your space a dramatic look is by adding beams to your high ceilings and specifically in your living room. This alone takes your home from average to ultra cool.

    Above, we see a room designed in such a way that your eyes are drawn immediately up. the ceiling also compliments the built-in shelving at the end of the room. 

    Vaulted Ceilings

    I love the look of dark wood beams against a white ceiling. There is something rustic and romantic about it. It’s like you’ve been transported to the country side of Italy or Venice. You can achieve this look by simply adding beams to your existing ceiling and lots of cool modern furniture. No need for demo.

    Modern Loft

    Who hasn’t dreamed at one time or another of living in an urban loft in the middle of the city. Talk about crazy cool! This particular loft has a warehouse approach with giant ceilings and deep rustic beams that have been painted all white. The square footage may be average but with these high ceilings, it feels grand.

    Also, nothing would accent any vaulted ceiling more than distinctive chandeliers hanging overhead.

    Modern Living Room

    This clean space has beams that look seamless and minimalist. They give off enough texture to make a statement but not look overwhelming. This look is for the homeowner that needs some dimension in their space without going overboard. Pretty!

    Images: Arch Daily, FVF, ELLEAle Besso

  • Postcard from Palm Springs Modernism Week


    palm springs modernism

    Image from Christopher Kennedy

    Every February, design fans descend upon the mid-century Mecca of Palm Springs for Modernism Week. Euro Style Lighting has put together a snapshot of the state of Modernism...its past, present and seen through the lens of this week-long series of parties, exhibits, lectures and tours.

    prefab showcase at modernism

    Image from Modernism Week

    The Prefab Showcase and Modern Living Expo (pictured above) gives a snapshot of where mod design is headed. This "village" of prefab homes highlighted the intersection of modern living, affordable architecture, green design and lighting efficiency. Here was a chance to see products and designers on the cutting edge of residential Modernism.

    Meanwhile, the Vintage Travel Trailer Show, featuring classic trailers and campers from collectors across the country, offers a kitschy nod to Modernism's past.

    vintage trailer show

    Image from Modernism Week

    Perhaps, nothing captures the spirit of the region's post-war design scene better than the Christopher Kennedy Compound: Modernism Week Palm Springs Show House 2014 presented by Luxe Interior+Design. This mid-century-inspired home has been decorated lavishly for Modernism Week 2014 by some of the design community's brightest stars. Photos are unfortunately not permitted in the space (a rendering of the space can be seen at the top of this post), but we can promise you from experience, it is indeed exceptional. Of note is the playful pool decor by Trina Turk, a fabulous living room by Woodson and Rummerfield's House of Design, and a chic-noir bedroom by Thomas Lavin. 

    modernism show and sale

    Image from the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

    At the Palm Springs Convention Center, the Palm Springs Modernism Show and Sale showcases more than 80 exhibitors of modern furniture, collectibles, and memorabilia.

    Next door (but officially unrelated to Modernism Week), the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair showcased post-war and contemporary art over Presidents Day weekend. British Artist Andy Burgess' paintings (pictured below and exhibited by Cynthia Corbett Gallery) were in lock step with theme of the week.

    post-war art

    All in all, Modernism Week has something in store for every fan of modern design. Add nightly parties, receptions and the inevitable downtime by the pool and this is a day, week or weekend worth to remember. Modernism Week events continue officially until February 23, 2014.

    Images: Christopher Kennedy, Modernism Week, Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

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