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  • Winter Weekend: Palm Springs Architecture and Design Center


    Architecture And Design Center
    Photo by Daniel Chavkin; All Photos from Architect Magazine

    A modernist classic makes the perfect home for a design museum addition.

    Home to the world's largest assemblage of mid-century modern architecture, Palm Springs has long been a modern design lover's paradise. With winter averages in the sunny 70s, it has always long been a snowbird's seasonal haven. 

    Now Palm Springs has yet another reason to be a favorite. The Palm Springs Art Museum recently expanded with the opening of an Architecture & Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion

    Modern Interior

    Photo by Julius Shulman

    Classic modernism abounds throughout this space.

    This beautiful space dedicated to modern design is a modernist exhibit in itself. The E. Stewart Williams designed former bank building has been meticulously renovated by designer Marmol Radziner to retain elements of historical significance.

    modern ceiling lighting

    CSL Aluminum Outdoor Ceiling Light, Elan Minn White LED Pendant

    Classic mid-century lighting is seen throughout the space. Today, contemporary pendant lighting in particular and modern lighting in general still exhibit that desert-inspired penchant for minimalism. 

    Meanwhile, decorative louvres surrounding the building are also indicative of the desert landscape outside. 

    Palm Springs Modernism

    Photo by Julius Shulman

    Inside and out, the architecture and design center exudes mid-century modernism.

    This new space is reason alone to escape the cold for a weekend this winter and head to Palm Springs for a modern design retreat. With exhibitions devoted to modern design, what more can any lover of mid-century ask from a weekend? 

  • Modernist Dream Home For Sale


    Mid Century Modern Architecture

    Image from Curbly

    Mid-century modern dream home for sale in Los Angeles.

    What do you do when you love modern design and the perfect home goes on the market for $1.4M? Well, you dream design it of course...

    The A-frame architecture and ceiling-high windows create the perfect opportunity to not only design a beautiful living room, but showcase it!

    There's a few elements that should always be present in a mid-century modern home and they are the following: modern pendant lightingcontemporary floor lamp and a sunburst mirror. With these three elements, built-in shelving and lots of windows, you now have yourself a coveted home for all design enthusiasts.

    Modern Lighting And Furnishings From Euro Style Lighting

    Here's what we would want to see through those huge windows as you drive up...

    1. This white pendant light will look perfect hanging from the A-frame ceiling.

    2. The delicate nature of this sunburst mirror allows it to make a statement without dominating the design.

    3. Every mid-century home needs an arc floor lamp. The marble base on this one makes it even more special.

    4. Clean lines, tufting and a pale blue hue make this contemporary sofa a knock out.

    5. Classic designs in new materials, like this modern accent chair, rounds up a perfect seating area.

    6. To complete an awesome living room design, this block style white coffee table is the perfect choice. The simplicity won't detract from the beautiful seating.

  • Modern Bathroom Lighting


    Modern Bathroom Lighting

    Image from Smitten Studio

    Stylish modern bathroom lighting.

    Since there's not much furniture in a bathroom, maybe a stool or bench, the opportunity for a 'wow' factor is much more limited than other rooms. It's true, different wall treatments, fixtures, cabinetry and plumbing plays a large role in the design. But since they all require a certain amount of function, the fun element in design becomes the lighting.

    Mini pendant lighting is not your typical choice in a bathroom, but as you can see above, it plays a large role in the aesthetic of the room, while the rest of the design choices are relatively basic.

    Domain Home featured several bathroom re-designs and these two were our favorite. Remember to notice the modern bathroom lighting!

    Modern Bathroom Design

    Image from Domaine Home

    Wall lighting helps dress up this bathroom design.

    There was a lot of work done to this bathroom above. To put it simply, it was made simple. And when it comes to modern design, simple is good.

    The stylish wall lights against the cool wood paneled wall really add something to this design.

    Glamorous Modern Lighting For A Bathroom Design

    Image from Domaine Home

    Crystal lighting makes a statement above a free-standing bathtub.

    Crystal lighting isn't just for the dining room and entryway. You can make a statement with your bathroom design by including one above the tub. 

    If you don't have a free-standing tub or huge space like the image above, don't worry. You can always include a smaller crystal chandelier above the center of the room.

  • Interior Design Color Blocking


    Interior Design Color Blocking

    Image from Gipa & Frith

    Color blocking interior doors will add lots of personality to your home.

    Color blocking isn't just for the runway, it looks great in the home too! And one really easy way to apply it is with interior doors.

    So, if you're a lover of white walls like we are, but want to add some color with paint, the door is a great option. We love how this door above even has a yellow knob! A fun addition to this stylish room would be some colorful hanging pendants in front of all that cool art.

    Doors Are A Fun Opportunity For Colorful Interior Design

    Image from Design Sponge

    Interior doors are a fun opportunity for color in the home.

    You can color block with white or try it with a a pair of colors. If the door is the only color in the room, that's ok!

    Painted Doors Are Great For Kids Rooms

    Image from Handmade Charlotte

    Painted doors are a great idea for kids rooms.

    We can't express it enough how perfect colorful doors, and color in general, are for kids room design. The color blocking in this room above isn't just with one door, it's carried out through the storage as well.

    Don't forget, home decor, like rugs and wall art, are a great way to tie your color blocking palette together.

  • How to Create a Photo Wall for the Holidays


    Photo Wall

    Image from Plastolux

    A photo wall makes a great conversation piece for holiday guests.

    About six months ago, we talked about how to create a gallery wall at home. You know, that meticulously curated cluster of objects, art, photos and mementos that speaks to who you are (stylishly of course).

    Well, with the holidays (and visiting friends and family) around the corner, we're refining the concept to talk about how to create a photo wall. Luckily, devoting a wall entirely to photographs is even easier than devoting it to an entire gallery of objects:

    Step 1:

    Find an empty wall, preferably in the entry or entertaining areas of the house.

    Photo Wall With Lighting

    Image from California Home & Design

    A mix of new and old family pictures adds layers of interest.

    Step 2:

    Print 10-20 of the best photos you have clogging up your phone or sim card. By minimizing the selection of photos to only photos from the past year, you give returning guests something new to return to year in and year out.

    Mixed Picture Frames

    Image from It's Two AM

    An eclectic mix of colors and frames creates a layered look on the photo wall.

    Step 3:

    Choose a variety of different modern picture frames. Remember to not get too matchy matchy. A combination of new modern picture frames and vintage or thrift store finds does the trick.

    Stairwell Photo Wall

    Image from Blog Lovin

    Photos can add interest to spaces that otherwise go unnoticed.  

    Step 4:

    Frame your photos and then hang them in a cluster. To save time (and headaches), work out your arrangement on the floor before taking nails to the wall. Or install shelves so you can rearrange at will.

    Photo Shelves

    Image from Decoration Arch

    Shelves allow you to arrange and re-arrange photos without having fuss with mounting hardware.

    Step 5:

    Light the wall so your friends and family can oggle your year's worth of artfully framed memories. Without a doubt, we recommend LED picture lights. They're energy-efficient and because they produce much less heat than traditional bulbs, they're gentler on any old photo paper in your display.

    Family and friends often only arrive on special occasions. What could possibly make them feel more welcome this season than a photo wall that includes pictures of theirs truly? 

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