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  • 5 Favorite Drum Shades


    Drum Shades

    With a variety of lighting options to choose from, it can be hard to decide on one style. From crystal chandeliers, to rod iron, brass and chrome, drum shades, pendants, sconces, table lamps, and floor lamps, there are literally thousands of fixtures to aid you in brightening up your home.

    Drum shades are both casual and elegant, easily one of my favorite options.

    With clean lines and simple aesthetic, a drum shade will allow you light your dining room, entry, bedroom, or living room in style, while not going over-the-top.

    Breakfast Nook Design

    Gray is one of the hottest colors to decorate with, so these gray drum shades are on-trend and will pull together other soft gray elements in your space.

    The white drum shade with the chrome chain detailing would be the perfect fit for a casual, cool loft.

    The black drum shade would be well-suited over an industrial table, set in a modern dining room.

    Place the small white and chrome drum shade pendant in a contemporary bathroom, kitchen island, or hang two over a small breakfast nook.

    Lamps Shades

    Modern Gray Textured Silk Drum Shade Pendant ChandelierCream with Brushed Steel 21-Inch-H Mini Pendant LightWhite and Chrome Finish Swag Style Plug-In ChandelierElk Couture Polished Chrome with Black Pendant LightContemporary Smoke Lattice 20-Inch-W Pendant Light

    Images: Evars + Anderson, Homedit

  • Floor Lamps + Functional Style


    Functional Style

    It might seem like a strange thing to be excited about, but I really love floor lamps! A great floor lamp can be functional and fashionable at the same time, which is a huge win in my book.

    That being said, floor lamps can get kind of a negative reputation for smaller spaces. Taking up precious floor space being the main problem most people have with them. But if used correctly and placed in the right spot, a floor lamp can add so much to a room without taking up too much of that oh so valuable floor space.

    Take this living room above for example. It’s not a large living room, but the floor lamp adds so much to it! It’s placed just behind the plants to add a sculptural look and the base of the lamp takes up so little space.

    Here's a couple ideas for where to place a floor lamp:

    1. Place a tall floor lamp just behind a reading chair or sofa, so that it hangs over the seating area perfectly. It takes up space that is usually otherwise unused and it’s useful having some light above you!

    2. Place your floor lamp between two other pieces, like a chair and a tv stand for example. That small space would most likely remain empty and more often than not, looks so much better when utilized by a fantastic floor lamp!

    Floor Lamps

    I'm loving these three options for a cool modern floor lamp:

    The cage floor lamp is a great one if you are like me and love the industrial chic look. Even if nothing else in the space is industrial, the lamp would still look amazing.

    The white faceted floor lamp has got to be my favorite. Just look at it! The facets are so pretty and unique. You could even switch out the lamp shade to add a splash of color if you want.

    And of course the silver floor lamp. This is a great one that will fit in with most style aesthetics and pretty much any color combination.

    So feel free to switch things up in your space, the lamp will still look great!

    Image: Home My Design

  • Get the Look: Retro-Modern Chic at The Parker


    Retro Chic Decor

    There are few places on earth that feel as retro-tastic chic as The Parker Palm Springs designed by Jonathan Adler. It's my favorite hotel in the desert.

    Eclectic Interiors

    Reading Corner

    It has a combination of mid-century modern pieces with Moroccan accents, pops of color and a general playfulness that makes it so dang cool. But why let jet-setters have all the fun?

    Hotel Lobby Design

    Bringing in a little Parker flavor into the home is the perfect way to keep your place looking fresh.

    Here's how to get the look! 

    Get The Look

    Use sleek back accents with mid-century lines like the Draper Desk Lamp.

    Hang retro-style statement pieces overhead, like the Opal Glass Pendant, the Chrome Mini Pendant or the Hinkley Chandelier.

    Create a chic sitting area with the Annabelle Chair... The coral color combined with the iconic peg legs create an instantly modern vibe.

    Use an accent lamp with a contrasting lamp shade to make the space feel eclectic and collected.

    Create mood with a floor lamp like the Orthos Bronze Floor Lamp.

    Throw a vintage suzani blanket over the sofa, add a few colorful throw pillows, a bright accent chair and you'll start to see the look come together.

    Enjoy bringing a little bit of that weekend getaway feeling to your home!

    Images: Old Brand New, XXOOPP on FlickrJustina Blakeney

  • Modern Reading Corner


    Modern Reading Corner

    Whenever it starts raining outside, I immediately crave a cozy corner, a cup of coffee and a good book. Usually when that happens, I plant myself on our couch with a comfy blanket. Now what I really want is a to cuddle up in a reading corner, created specifically for these moments.

    My kids would also embrace a reading corner!

    There are specific details that make these corners a success. The first is a cool light fixture that lets off good lighting in the space. Have fun with your lighting choice. This is a corner that can feel unconventional.

    Modern Home Design

    Make sure that you have a modern accent table in arms length to set drinks, books and either items on. It’s also a great option to display those favorite books.

    Wall Gallery

    If you want to take your corner up a notch, get a chaise lounge. Although, you may never want to get up!

    Modern Design

    Another idea that you will want to include is setting up your corner near a window. How else would you be able to watch the rain fall or the sun shine or the birds chirp? However you choose to decorate your corner, enjoy those lovely quiet moments.

    Images: Home Life,  Sfgirlbybay, Bolig Magazine, Design Milk.

  • Eclectic Decorating at the Palihouse Hotel


    eclectic decorating at the palihouse hotel

    Image from Est Magazine

    That oddball mix of furnishings and decor dotting your house isn't's curated. And that very mindset is the key to eclectic decorating. The Palihouse Hotel in West Hollywood has elevated mismatching to an art form, creating an inviting atmosphere that feels simultaneously rich with history and on the cutting edge of culture.

    west hollywood eclectic hotel

    Image from Est Magazine

    It's easier than you might think to master this look at home. Draw disparate decor elements together by creating a sense of formal symmetry. Use matching LED floor lamps or modern wall lights to frame and bring order to your eclectic look (see image below and at the top of this post). 

    modern eclectic bedroom

    Image from Est Magazine

    When you have more books, albums and knick-knacks than you know what to do with, create a library wall. You'll be surprised how unified -- precisely because they were all collected by you --  these seemingly disconnected objects will look when tightly displayed together.

    library wall decor

    Image from Est Magazine

    To finish off your eclectic decor scheme, sprinkle in modern lighting and furnishings liberally to freshen up the older and dustier finds that dot your space:

    Wilco Glossy Gray Modern Zuo Side Table, 18-Inch Infinity Wine Red Multilines Throw Pillow, Kinetic Antique Brass Robert Abbey Floor LampBarrister Crystal Blue Velvet 38-Inch-Wide Chair

    I'll be doing more research on the Palihouse Hotel in a few weeks when I head there for a best friend's 40th. However, I somehow suspect I'll be laser-focused on the menu at that time, so for more images and inspiration from the space, check out this recent design expose by the fabulous Est Magazine.

    Images: Est

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