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  • Spring Clean: New Designs for a Tidy New Look


    spring clean designs

    Image from Est Magazine

    When we speak of clean design, we often talk about a minimalist, fuss-free sense of style. When we speak of spring and clean, we think of an all-day, knock-em-down and drag-em-out cleaning spree. Put them together and what do  you have? A two-step approach to a fresh new look at home. 

    Step One: Clean House

    To keep you house always clean, exercise the "3 thing rule" of putting away or cleaning three things the minute you walk through the door after work. Mail, shoes, remote controls...whatever it is that's out of place. It's so effortless it'll become second nature and it produces 


    Image from Lonny

    Additionally, find a place for everything, as we recently mentioned in our post about how to keep the closet organized. Don't let clutter sit around, no matter how pretty it is. If it doesn't have a dedicated place, get rid of it. It's that simple.

    Step Two: Clean Design

    Now that your pad is sparkling, it's time to add a few clean looks. Sure, "clean" is about aesthetics, but it can also be about the environment. So for the most energy-saving, landfill de-cluttering design options available today - from modern LED desk lamp designs to versatile and stylish pendant lights - LED lighting is the new look of "clean." 


    Cerno Silva Baltic Birch Desk Lamp, Casa Metro Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan, Drake Mini Pendant Light, Holtkoetter Bernie Turbo Nickel Energy Efficient Wall LampAlessiLux Lumiere Silver and White Accent Light

    Less clutter in the home. Fewer light bulbs in our landfills. Less energy used. Now that sounds like a spring cleaning plan.

    Images: Est, Lonny

  • Add Yellow to Your Home Design For Sunshine + Style


    Home Design

    Yellow is the color of happiness and this is true for home design as well. Though it conjures up images of sunshine and daffodils, yellow can be drowning and cause exhaustion to the eye when used too much so be careful.

    When used sparingly however, it can be refreshing, unexpected, and joyful. Like lemon juice, try focusing the yellow in a small concentrated dose. Using yellow in such small amounts is especially successful when the other colors in the room are muted or neutral so that the color pops. Some combinations to consider are whites, blacks, greys and navys.

    Here are some additional ways to freshen up your home with the color yellow.

    Yellow Decor

    1. Paint just the panes of your windows. By doing so, you’re focusing the attention on the beautiful outdoors while also creating an unexpected focal point.

    2. Upholster matching armchairs in solid yellow, like this angelo:HOME Lily Saffron Zig Zag 30-Inch-H Accent Chair. Notice, that everything else in the room is neutral but flows well because of additional brightening colors like the gold accents.

    Yellow Arm Chair

    3. A yellow sofa, like the Ennis Modern Golden Yellow Groove Sofa. The biggest way to add an impact to any room is to upholster a sofa in a bright, solid color like yellow. It instantly becomes the focal point to the room and draws the attention to the full space so that the room appears large. Combine the yellow with graphic pops of blacks and whites for a modern, young look.

    Yellow Sofa

    4. A painted staircase. Nothing says unexpected like a colorful staircase. This industrial piece all of a sudden becomes whimsical and refreshing.

    5. Yellow fridge. If you’re lucky enough to go with a fun fridge, try a yellow one. The color yellow increases the appetite so it’s the perfect use of the color.

    6. Speaking of yellow in a kitchen, this more green/yellow applied to the kitchen cabinets is one that doesn’t scream out so much and fits well with the neutral décor.

    Are you a fan of using the color yellow?

    Images: Designspiration, Mark D. Sikes, Apartment Therapy, Sunnys Blog, The House That Lars Built, Moss Eclectic

  • Decorate Your Bedroom in the Style of Love


    Bedroom Sstyle

    Let's talk about your bedroom style. Whether it's the month of February (Valentine's Day) or any other month of the year, you want your bedroom to be a space filled with love and feature a design that supports that love. Right? Ok, here's some tips...

    1. Center Your bed. Beds that are crammed into one corner make it hard to get in and out with ease. If you want two to tango–you gotta let the energy flow!

    2. Romantic lighting in the bedroom is key: Soft, flattering and romantic light creates mood. Be sure to have mood lighting in the bedroom that can be adjusted from the bed. Whether it’s modern wall lights with sophisticated style, a bed-side lamp with dimmable lights or a modern floor lamp. Just be sure that the light is soft, flattering and romantic. Edison-Style light bulbs give an old-timey feel and have an amber glow that are warm and flattering. And colored lamps, like this red, glass pendant lamp or this wire pendant--can create an instant racy and romantic vibe.

    Modern Bedroom Furnishings

    Geo Damask White Solid Wood Queen Nailhead Wingback Bed / Jayne Oat Beige Glazed Ceramic Robert Abbey Table Lamp / Sonneman Lina Black Brass 57-Inch-H Floor Lamp / Tesler Edison Style Candelabra Base 60W Light Bulb / Possini Euro Darby Black with Red Glass Pendant Light / Caycee Red 1-Light 14-Inch-W Modern Pendant

    3. Candles are a must. Candles emanate heat, the perfect amber light and flicker, and they smell good. Be smart about candle placement (for obvious reasons) but use candles abundantly. My favorite sexy scents are gardenia and citrus.

    4. Bring in Fresh Florals: Pinpoint the kind of romance you want to bring into the space when picking out the flowers. Want to have a sweet night? Go with roses. Want to have a spicy night? How about Birds of Paradise? Looking for a cuddly night? Try Irises. In the mood for adventure? Try red poppies.

    5. Good music can make or break a romantic mood. My vote goes for a little Brazilian jazz!

    Images: Direkt Press Goteborg, Terrys Fabrics Blog

  • Bright Accents In Modern Living Rooms


    Bright Home Accents

    I am all for designing a space that is neutral friendly and classic to the core. But usually I need to add some layer of color somewhere in the space. Most likely I will try and add it in the rug, but you could add color with chic and stylish light fixtures, furniture or even just a few colorful home accessories.

    My fave are rugs, they're a rooms best friend, didn’t you know? They add warmth, personality, color and texture. If you get tired of the rug, swap it to a new room. I’m constantly rearranging my rugs and placing them everywhere.

    Above is a living space that is dripping with cool and calm. With one decision to place a bright, southwest inspired rug, the space comes alive. And it doesn’t clash with anything else going on in the room.

    Modern Living Room

    This rug isn’t overly colorful. It has just enough pattern and color to add some texture to this room. It also compliments the pillows and wood tones, bringing the entire room together.

    Sitting Room Design

    White spaces are showing up everywhere. If you like this trend but still need some color, take advice from this room and add some primary colors in your rug.

    Also because they added colorful books to the shelves, the rug pops that much more!

    Modern Bedroom

    For a classic approach to this trend, use a traditional rug with more muted colors. It still adds personality in a very calm way.

    Images: Fanciful Number 2, Jelanie, Miluccia, French By Design

  • Romantic Hotel for Retro Modern Design Lovers


    retro modern design

    All images from Wythe Hotel

    A week ago, we found the perfect secluded modern getaway for Valentine's Day. Today we find seclusion and solace in the big city with Brooklyn NY's Wythe Hotel. From the lobby on, this retro modern design is a lesson in how to tastefully overlay contemporary looks onto time-worn structures.

    We love the eclectic look of the dining room at Reynard, the in-house eatery by local restaurateur Andrew Tarlow. We also love how wall lights with modern retro styling can freshen any space in a historically sensitive manner.

    reynard restaurant

    Guestroom views look out over the East River onto Manhattan. Furnishings are minimal, classy and classic.

    Wythe Hotel Guestroom

    Clad in white tile with a black and white color scheme, the bathroom is gentlemanly in its appeal. The trick to bathrooms? Start with clean, large modern mirrors. Line them with a pair of sconces for nice, even fill lighting.

    Vintage bathroom design

    And of course the best thing about not staying in Manhattan? Putting back a night cap in the 6th floor Ides bar with an honest view of the skyline in the distance.

    ides bar view

    The price of a weekend in New York is bound to set you back a bit. Alternatively, you can take a few tricks from the hotel's book and spend that vacation-earmarked cash renovating your own home. Think sconces...for the bathroom, bedside, bar or anywhere.

    modern wall sconces

    Holtkoetter Old Bronze Bernie Turbo Wall Lamp, Hinkley Abbie Chrome Wall Sconce, Faux Alabaster Modern Rectangle Wall Sconce

    Blending new and vintage is the key to retro modern design. If you have an older home or are just working with existing, older furnishings, have fun finding a eclectic look that works for you. 

    Images: Wythe Hotel

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