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  • Modern Reading Corner


    Modern Reading Corner

    Whenever it starts raining outside, I immediately crave a cozy corner, a cup of coffee and a good book. Usually when that happens, I plant myself on our couch with a comfy blanket. Now what I really want is a to cuddle up in a reading corner, created specifically for these moments.

    My kids would also embrace a reading corner!

    There are specific details that make these corners a success. The first is a cool light fixture that lets off good lighting in the space. Have fun with your lighting choice. This is a corner that can feel unconventional.

    Modern Home Design

    Make sure that you have a modern accent table in arms length to set drinks, books and either items on. It’s also a great option to display those favorite books.

    Wall Gallery

    If you want to take your corner up a notch, get a chaise lounge. Although, you may never want to get up!

    Modern Design

    Another idea that you will want to include is setting up your corner near a window. How else would you be able to watch the rain fall or the sun shine or the birds chirp? However you choose to decorate your corner, enjoy those lovely quiet moments.

    Images: Home Life,  Sfgirlbybay, Bolig Magazine, Design Milk.

  • Eclectic Decorating at the Palihouse Hotel


    eclectic decorating at the palihouse hotel

    Image from Est Magazine

    That oddball mix of furnishings and decor dotting your house isn't's curated. And that very mindset is the key to eclectic decorating. The Palihouse Hotel in West Hollywood has elevated mismatching to an art form, creating an inviting atmosphere that feels simultaneously rich with history and on the cutting edge of culture.

    west hollywood eclectic hotel

    Image from Est Magazine

    It's easier than you might think to master this look at home. Draw disparate decor elements together by creating a sense of formal symmetry. Use matching LED floor lamps or modern wall lights to frame and bring order to your eclectic look (see image below and at the top of this post). 

    modern eclectic bedroom

    Image from Est Magazine

    When you have more books, albums and knick-knacks than you know what to do with, create a library wall. You'll be surprised how unified -- precisely because they were all collected by you --  these seemingly disconnected objects will look when tightly displayed together.

    library wall decor

    Image from Est Magazine

    To finish off your eclectic decor scheme, sprinkle in modern lighting and furnishings liberally to freshen up the older and dustier finds that dot your space:

    Wilco Glossy Gray Modern Zuo Side Table, 18-Inch Infinity Wine Red Multilines Throw Pillow, Kinetic Antique Brass Robert Abbey Floor LampBarrister Crystal Blue Velvet 38-Inch-Wide Chair

    I'll be doing more research on the Palihouse Hotel in a few weeks when I head there for a best friend's 40th. However, I somehow suspect I'll be laser-focused on the menu at that time, so for more images and inspiration from the space, check out this recent design expose by the fabulous Est Magazine.

    Images: Est

  • Dutch Architecture + Efficient Design


    Dutch Architecture

    Image from Dwell

    In Holland, being green is not a choice, it's a governmentally enforced obligation. The government requires a certain level of energy efficiency in all new construction. These condos, designed by architects Han van Zweiten and Gregory Kissare, are a beautiful example.

    These condos are located in IJsselstein, a small town in Holland just a short drive from Amsterdam. American architect Gregory Kiss of New York–based firm Kiss + Cathcart, collaborated with van Zwieten on this housing project.

    Modern Architecture

    Image from Dwell

    Kiss discussed the Dutch efficient design philosophy... “General building practices in the Netherlands are well in advance of our own, “The baseline requires much more efficient buildings than we are used to, on all levels, from the choice of materials to the amount of insulation in the building envelope to the durability of the building system.”

    This attractive multilevel solarium of condos might be efficient, but we can't help but fall in love with the modern design as well. It's all-around a brilliant project and we give kudos to the designers.

    If we were given the opportunity to design the interior of one of the units, it would no doubt include modern light fixtures and may look something like this....!

    Modern Furniture

    Zana White 20 1/2-Inch-W Pendant Light309 Troika Black Bonded Leather 87-Inch-W SofaUno Black Square Down 18-Inch Throw PillowUno Black Cotton Decorative Owl 18-Inch Throw Pillow

    Lunar Landing Oak Veneer 44-Inch-H Coffee TableRobert Abbey Flip Patina Nickel Modern Pharmacy Floor LampRanger Mod Walnut 27 3/4-Inch-H Accent Chair

    Images: Dwell

  • Tropical Style Interior Design Ideas


    Interior Design Ideas

    As a native Southern Californian, I grew up spoiled with beautiful and impeccable weather. As I’ve moved from cold climate to colder climate in my adult years, I find myself constantly seeking out interior design styles and elements that provide a warmer weather aesthetic inside. Tropical themed rooms are a beautiful and exotic way to achieve this feel.

    Tropical Style Design Tips

    1. Tropical linens in a bedroom is a great start so go full throttle with the tropical theme by applying it to your sheets and pillows. Try it in different yet complementing patterns for a fun mix.

    2. Use one tropical element and keep the rest plain. Tropical style can be a bit overwhelming, but if you pare everything else down in decoration, it shouldn't be too distracting to your space and should keep you feeling serene.

    3. If you want a touch of the tropics start out with accents like a plant in a stylish vase.

    4. Keep your accents simple. If you want an homage to tropical but don’t want your decor to be too thematic, keep the tropical accent décor simple in color like these shell lamps.

    Tropical Decor

    5. One of my favorite ways to bring the tropics inside is with beautiful wallpaper. Keep the rest of the décor solid, rather than patterns, so the wallpaper can be the star.

    6. Saturated colors play up the color volume. Use solid colors like peacock blues and greens to bring in the feel of the style.

    Bedroom Design

    Eclectic Decor

    7. Decorate in layers for a more eclectic feel. Cover your tropical wallpaper with frames. It will have the same feel of the tropics without being too obvious.

    8. Lastly, plants (top image)! Go all out and bring the tropics inside with actual trees. You can’t get more tropical than that!

    How would you bring the tropics inside?

    Images: Along Came Ollie, Green Like Bath Water, Anglian Home, Interior Junkie, Decoist, Sarah Sarna, Nine MSN, Design is Mine

  • Upgrade Modern Design With Chrystal Chandeliers


    Crystal Chandeliers

    It's pretty well known that modern design makes us swoon over here. This kitchen design above is one example, with its clean lines and handsome materials.

    What you may not know is that beautiful modern design can get even better with the addition of crystal chandelier, or two.

    Drum Crystal Chandelier

    Rainfall Glass Drum Crystal Chandelier

    Modern Living Room

    Adding crystal chandeliers in unpredictable places, like this living room above, always makes for a fun design decision.

    While a stylish floor lamp might work best in a living room, we think you can replace any predictable choice with a sparkling chandelier and achieve a designer aesthetic.

    Chrome Crystal Chandelier

    Chrome and Crystal 16-Inch-H Vienna Full Spectrum Chandelier

    Bathroom Design

    One of the most unpredictable places you can add a chandelier is the bathroom and we are here to tell you, it's a great choice.

    While many ignore the design of the bathroom, we recommend beautifying that room, since it is where you prepare yourself to begin each day.

    Mini Chandelier

    Belle of the Ball Crystal Chrome Three-Light Mini Chandelier

    Images: Euro Style Lighting

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