Contemporary coastal elements and modern beach home

If you have ever longed for the coastal aesthetic in your home because of its casual sensibility and natural energy, but you were afraid that your modern heart may get hurt, you should know that you can have both and create a modern beach home. No matter what decor style you may want or even a combination of more than one, there are certain steps you need to follow and guidelines to work with. Once you have a simple understanding of these, you can achieve any look you want for you home, even coastal-chic.

Notice in the "mood" board above, not only are the furniture and accessory items important, but there is also a color theme. The color palette is pastel: blue, pink, mint, yellow and gray. Whether you are redesigning your home or creating your look from scratch, your first step should be colors. From your color concept you can begin to select furniture and accessories.

Contemporary coastal furniture

Start with the larger pieces of the room and work around them, so try to select the sofa and main seating area first. Coastal furniture is typically fresh, oversized and comfortable. The fabrics are usually simple, seen mostly in pale colors, all-white or stripes. Slip covers are also a big trend in coastal design. Typically, modern furniture is not oversized and is usually not comfy. When combining styles like modern and coastal, all you need to do is strike a balance between the two. Make sure the structure of the furniture is modern so try to shop for a comfortable sofa, but one that has straighter lines in the arms, back and feet.

Coastal chic wall decor and window treatment

Now, onto windows and accessories. When selecting your window treatment, make sure to keep it light and easy. The last thing you want is heavy drapery covering up a spectacular seaside view. Also notice the wall accessory in the image above. This beautiful mirror is fresh, modern and even resembles the sun. It's perfect for maintaining a style goal without making this home too thematic. Selecting both colors and natural materials that mimic the environment will help you create your beach home.

Contemporary coastal accessories

This buffet is whitewashed and antiqued, but notice the lines of the furniture are what keep it modern. The soft gray tone works perfectly with the wood paneling throughout this house. Keep you accessories fresh, like the white vase and delicate light fixture. Similar to most modern homes, minimal and open will help you achieve the coastal look you want.

Contemporary coastal accessories and window treatments

This bedroom is simple and comfortable with modern furniture selections as well as typical beachy accessories. Stripe is a popular beach home pattern so try to incorporate it either in the furniture or area rugs. The window covering is just enough to block out some of the light so you can sleep, but not too much so you forget where you are. Lastly, the pale blue walls and fluffy white bedding resemble the ocean.

Contemporary coastal colors

This room does a great job of tying it all together. Modern, yet comfortable furniture featured in pastel colors set against natural wood tones. The accessories and window treatments are light and simple. This space is perfect for lounging and taking in the seaside views.

Don't be afraid to try a combination of styles in your home, there are never any set rules keeping you from enjoying more than one at a time. So follow your modern heart to the beach and create your own personal oasis.

Images: House Beautiful