White modern staircase

The most beautiful thing about design is turning something purely functional into something artistic, like the cutting-edge staircase. The challenge of course is maintaining the functionality and brilliant architects make a hobby out of this task.

The modern staircase is something so fascinating and unique, like this organic design (above). It features natural-finish wood steps and no rise, resulting in a see-through look that is both fresh and open.

Reclaimed wood stairs

This staircase (above) is not only architecturally beautiful, but the use of reclaimed wood creates an industrial-chic statement piece. The use of wood as an architectural material or even as home decor is always a wonderful way to bring nature indoors.

Stainless steel stairs

The floating stair is so elegant, especially when designed in stainless steel. Selecting the right finish, whether it's architectural materials, modern lighting or furniture is so important.

These are just three beautiful staircase designs. If you have the time and especially if you are currently designing your home, take a look around, research local architects.... You are sure to be inspired by how they merge function and design.

Images: Eestairs, Trendir, Marvel Building