organic light fixture

DAVID TRUBRIDGE, Tipu II (Grass) (2012)

Woven is an exhibition of organic light fixtures using textures and light. The exhibition features three new abstract forms by the internationally acclaimed furniture designer David Trubridge.  Each piece in this collection is a sculptural scale abstract form as well as a delicate and mesmerizing organic light fixture. This collection is called "Tipu", which means swelling or lump and each piece within the collection is then named according to the natural material that creates the design in each piece - bush, grass, spiral.  Each piece is made using a sustainable process from plant material and New Zealand flax fibre.  

organic texture

Each piece expresses the organic flow of these natural elements and really magnifies the beauty of the overlays and lattice character of these elements. The role played by the light and shadow as the elements intertwine and spin together creates a depth and so much visual interest that you can get lost in the work for hours!

Woven and organic lighting, whether it be in the shade of a pendant light or the base of a table lamp,  will always add a sculptural element to your space.  

modern pendant light

Alita Collection Mini Pendant Chandelier

modern table lamp

Ennis Antique Brass Web Sphere Table Lamp

Bush fixture

DAVID TRUBRIDGE, Tipu I (Bush) (2012)

The natural elements in the Bush fixture are flowing softly, almost as if they are blowing in the wind.

organic elements

As the fibres overlap they continue to create a play with light and shadow. The translucent effect creates layer upon layer of visual stimulation.

Natural woven elements in your fixtures can cast incredible shadows and light patterns.

modern sconce

Corbett Shoji Collection 18-3/4" High Wall Sconce

modern floor lamp


David Trubridge's entire collection of furniture and lighting are works of art! It is thoughtful and innovative design that will continue to inspire.

Images: David Trubridge